Monday, September 06, 2010


The 12 week journey has begun!  I'm on the countdown to the Gobbler Grind 1/2 marathon in November and I'm totally pumped.  This week was easy - total of 11 miles.  Not to shabby for a grandma! 

On day three this week I was striding along on a nice 2 mile run and only about a half mile from home when I tried to run up a curb and totally slid on the side of my foot.  For a brief moment I had a glimpse of an injury that wouldn't allow me to run.  That would be absolutely devastating given the work I have put in this last year!

At Eli's baptism this weekend I had an opportunity to talk to my prior sister-in-law (sounds SO much better than saying "ex".  She had just completed a triathalon and had a blast.  She encouraged me to go to the site and check it out - the next one is a women's only event and would be perfect for a first timer.  Really?  I have never run that far - I think it's a tad bit out of my league.  But who knows - maybe instead of the full marathon for my big 4-0 next year I'll just do the triathalon instead?  Can you say midlife crisis?  At least it's a healthy one!  Until next weekend....