Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I am pretty certain that any minute, my little guy is going to start calling himself Jack Torrence.  I can't get him out of the house.  Hubs can't get him out of the house.  It's very, very unusual for him to spend this much time INSIDE.
No snowmen.  No snowball fights.  No sledding.  No forts.  He won't move out the door.
These past two weeks he has become completely introverted, not even texting or talking to his friends.  He's crawled inside himself and decided he likes it there and he's not coming out.
Case in point:  I arrived home yesterday from a business trip around 4:00 pm to find him sprawled out in the middle of the living room in his underpants.  JUST his underpants. 
Yep.  He's losing it.
Of course within an hour of me coming home he was complaining how cold he was.  Did that create a solution to the pants?  Nope, sure didn't.  He just froze.
His response?  Why do I need pants, I'm not going anywhere?
Touche, young friend.  Touche.
This is the same little guy that won't reverse his basketball shorts in public from black to white even though he's wearing sports shorts underneath.  Yep, same kid.
But the underwear is the least of our problems.  He's dancing around the house endlessly, singing songs (often made up) and generally causing chaos.  Not in a "aw, isn't that cute?" kind of way but more in a "my God if he doesn't stop making that noise I'm gonna cut him" kind of way.  I start out asking him politely to be quiet but then escalate to complete crazy momma.
"For the love of God, will you PLEASE put on some pants and shut your trap!  GO OUTSIDE!!"
He giggles triumphantly and runs away, shooting me with his laser gun.
I love season changes and endure them all as best I can but whoever is praying for snow, please stop.  We've had enough.  I can't endure much more of this or I might lose him forever.
Thanks friends.  Have a great Wednesday - be SAFE!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snowmaggedon Part Two

Well, unless you live under a rock it's obvious the Midwest has been slammed by the Snow Gods. Now twice.

The first storm rolled through last week leaving the majority of Kansas City under about 10 inches of snow.

This second round looks to be about the same, maybe a few more inches.

Let panic ensue. Our friends to the North are laughing at us, I'm sure. We are rendered practically useless when this happens.

Forget an actual terror act. This'll do it.

Being from the Midwest (and loving drama), we act as though the end of the world is coming when it snows. We slam the stores for essentials, forcing them to run low or out of bread, milk, eggs. A friend of mine saw a run on chicken stock. Go figure.

Then everything closes. As it should. The harsh reality is that Kansas Citians cannot maneuver the roads. We slide into each other, off into medians and ditches and cause hundreds of accidents..... Just when it rains. When the rain turns to snow- we are screwed.

Employers seem to get frustrated. Thus controversy begins.

Do we close? Do we ask people to try to get in? Do we have any liability if an employee crashes on the way to work? What should we do?

I have a good rule of thumb, although its not going to be popular. Follow the schools.

Okay, before screaming at the screen- pause one second. The majority of urban and suburban schools close for two reasons: inclement weather (snow/ice, driving conditions not acceptable) and severe cold (can't have kids standing at bus stops). The latter we could avoid... Since all our cars now come equipped with hot blowing air. The first? CLOSE.

Stating the obvious first..... If you employee 100 employees chances are at least 80% of them are parents. At least 75% of that group has school aged kids or younger.

Remove the 20% of employees of the remaining group that have 1) stay at home spouses or 2) live in nannies.

Now you are down to the rest. Still the majority. Their kids schools are closed. Their daycare is closed. And the back up sitters? Well, add another hour and a half on the roads (at least) for employees to get there before starting their 2 (or 3) hour commute to work (see above- Kc drivers cannot drive). Maybe, just maybe they will get to work by 10 or 11. Then start their 4 hour journey back home.

I have to believe liability plays in here somewhere. What happens when an employee gets in a wreck on their way? I'm sure nothing... But BAD PR.

Unless you are in the medical field, most organizations would be safer to just close. Give their employees a sense you care. Show them their safety is more important. Wait the 24 hours or so for it to clear. Then it's business as usual.

It's the right thing to do.

Instead many of my friends will trek to work. They feel threatened, forced to use their sacred vacation days.

The real issue? They aren't productive anyway. Employers have to know this. Employees are scattered, nervous and worried. They won't get much of anything done even if they make it in.

As I sit in my dark hotel 2 1/2 hours away from home that is also snow covered and has lost power due to transformer blow, I can't help but wonder what we would really do in case of true emergency.

But the good news is we will have plenty of bread. Hallelujah!

Be careful today, Midwesterners. Be smart. And enjoy Gods gift of beauty.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Love on the Run

Hubs and I made a commitment to running this year.  Not that we haven't in the past - this spring will mark officially my 4th year of running.  I can't even believe it's been that long. And I can't even begin to express how much I despised running before I finally figured it all out.  I'm so glad I tried it (with the urging of my neighb friends) and stuck with it.

Don't get me wrong - I still have good runs and not so great runs for sure.  There are times I take out and just turn back around knowing I can't push through whatever it is that is bothering me at the moment.  But more times than not, I fall into my groove, listening to tunes that inspire me, and I finish feeling that fantastic runner's high.

For February, Hubs and I selected a race neither of us had run before.  The SweetHeart Run was held at the Downtown Kansas City Airport last weekend, a fast and flat 4 mile run (which are typically hard to find).  I was a tad bit worried about our weather in that Saturday was pretty chilly with a strong wind chill.  Luckily though the weather shifted and we awoke to 26 degrees and climbing on Sunday morning.

It was awesome to run around the airport and see all of the airplanes taking off and landing.  Although around mile 3 Hubs did catch glimpse of a plane coming in hot and slamming on its brakes (I'm sure it was fine, but it looked like it was going to crash).  After reading last month's book club selection as well as watching Flight (Denzel... I love you), I'm about over the whole airplane crashing concept!

Cool A10 at the Airport

The run felt amazing.  No creaks, no pains, no side stitches.  Just perfect.  And in my ever need to receive recognition, the medals proved to be awesome as well.  HEAVY but awesome!

With our snowmaggedon in Kansas City, I've had time to sign us up for four more races.  Gotta love Spring in Kansas City... it's racin' time!

Hope you enjoy your Saturday, friends!


Friday, February 22, 2013


Oh friend how I've missed you!  Even hubs is asking me if I'm in an argument with my blog.  I promise it's nothing serious, just a momentary lapse in priorities.

It's FRIDAY, second snow day this week and we are surrounded by a foot of snow.  I truly can't remember this much snow... oh wait, close second a couple of years after we moved in here.  Needless to say I obviously repressed those memories or otherwise I wouldn't have been outside moving all this white crap yesterday.


Today?  REST.  My back is absolutely screaming at me.  I'm genuinely concerned that I truly hurt something.  I can't sit, I can't lay, I can't bend.  I can stand, only if perfectly still with perfect posture. Ah crap.  Just what I need to manage right now!

So in my incapacity I can blog.  I can read my book club book.  I can watch tv.  I can snuggle with my man child and watch movies.

Yep, I guess that's about it.  So much for being proactive and trying to shovel the three car driveway (which by the way has blown over and accumulated even more snow for a great 2-3 inches on it anyway).

That's okay.  I can't drive right now anyway!

Enough whining.  I'll buck up and deal with it.  I promise.  For you?  Fabulous Friday Faves!!  I hope you enjoy my pics this week!


I crave change.  It's in my DNA.  I hate status quo, even by my own creation.  It's important to change the way you think from time to time without altering your core values.  Yep, I love this reminder.


I am the queen of comfy.  I absolutely love this and would wear it every single day if allowed.  Someday. :)


Although I have slacked incredibly this week, I did find a fantastic fellow blogger this week that I love. The first entry of hers that I read related to becoming a new runner.  If you are considering running (or starting back up again), give her a read.  She'll give you some great beginner tips and motivation!  Enjoy!  See Jen Roe Run


I am totally addicted to fish tacos.  Just like the passion I have for everything else in my life, food is no different.  When I find something I absolutely love, I eat it every single chance I get until I get burned out.  Then I change :).  My fave honestly is from a local mexican restaurant, go figure.  But I could give this recipe a try.  You should too!   Click here for the recipe----->  Fish Tacos


I have been furiously reading our book club selection this month trying to comprehend it's controversial topic.  What a perfect reminder to me that we need to continue to nourish our minds as much as our bodies!


I love doors.  I'm always admiring different front doors or uniquely placed doors in houses.  I have posted something to this effect before after hubs and I ran away last year to our secluded cabin as our closet had this type of door.  LOVE it!  I think I need this for my bathroom entry from the master as I hate that anyone can walk in while I'm getting ready.  Of course we are gonna sell so probably not a great idea at the moment.  That's okay, I'll hold onto it for future....


I love firepits.  I mean REALLY love them.  The friendship that is bonded around a fire is incredible.  And if I get my way and we downsize incredibly, an outdoor kitchen and hangout area will be a must.  Which is really where I'd rather be anyway.  This is perfect for me.


I love the Irish.  And I love little old men.  No, get your heads out of the gutter - I just love grandpa's.... they are so fantastic.  This is a perfect reminder how simply life can be lived.  Sleep and laugh can fix anything!


Of my 15 years of travel all over the US, I unfortunately have never stepped foot in San Francisco.  Such a shame, really... especially considering I have a tremendous friend that lives there that would welcome me at anytime!  In researching many flights to see the west coast kids I have found a few with layover options in SF.  Maybe now I can grab my opportunity to go see my dear friend.  Along with these stairs, of course.


In honor of the Oscars, I have to post at least one fashion forward pic.  I am in love, love, love with these heels!  How fantastic are they? Not really Oscar worthy but I would snag them up in a heartbeat if I saw them on the shelves.

Have a fantastic Friday, friends!


Friday, February 15, 2013


Blah.  I feel so gross lately.  I'm starting to run about 8-10 miles per week so already stuff is creaky and hurting a bit.  I haven't run enough to get it all stretched out, obviously.  My clothes still don't fit from my overindulgent winter.  Grrr.  My hair won't work the way I want it and my skin is still as dry as all get out.

Okay, I feel MUCH better now.  Thank god I got that off my chest.

What I am really pumped about is the Spring season, which is closer than we think.  I cannot wait to get rid of my long sleeves, soak up some Vitamin D in the sun's rays, open my windows at home and let in the breezes.  I'm so over this locked down hibernation.

Plus I tend to blog a lot more in the summer, for some reason.  Life is just a bit slower, a bit more relaxed (at home) and overall more enjoyable.

Yep, hurry up. I can hardly wait.

Here are my faves from the web this week.  Totally random, just like me.  Enjoy!


Yep, found another one for the Tiny House.  Love this style.  Love, love, love.  Someday.


I am totally addicted to avocados right now.  It's strange.  I used to HATE them with every fiber of my being less than 5 years ago.  Now?  Can't get enough.  So this one needs to be in my fridge when I get home tonight!  Click here for the recipe ----->  Avocado Salsa


I need this in my house.  Preferably right above my computer.  Gentle reminders to all those who know me.... although I highly doubt they need reminding.


BFF has some beautiful doors in her home.  This pic reminds me a bit of them.  I totally want black doors in the next house, big or small.  Just something about them that makes me happy.


Sometimes I truly have to say this out loud.  It's not unusual for me to get down from time to time, especially when around someone that tends to be fairly negative.  My momma was hard - she could be extremely cynical at times.  But when she wasn't, she was terrific. :)  I'll have to remember this!


Yes please.  Thank you.  I just want to interview him about being an actor.  That's all.  And ask him how his mom named him Jude.


It's been 8 years since hubs and I jet off to Hawaii and I so want to go back.  So beautiful there.  Incredible.  I'm thinking this would be just perfect for us.

Polihale Beach, Hawaii

This is one thing I will NOT miss when we sell our house!  Our stupid smoke alarm closest to the kitchen has some weird censor thing that is WAY awry.  It goes off if you turn on the burners!  We are constantly throwing towels to each other to fan it off.  It's really a heat thing, not a smoke thing.  Won't miss it!

FAVE HOBBY (other than running)

I love to read, and I love my book club girls.  They are fantastic.  This month's selection is proving to be pretty cool so far.  In case you are looking for a new book, here ya go.


Okay, not exactly.  But I do love cocktails, especially fancy ones.  How exciting to find a Valentines Martini!  I know, it's over... but I still like this one. :)  It could be dessert!  Click here for the recipe        ---->  Valentine Martini

Have a great Friday, friends!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Want You... to want me.

It's the love day, finally!  Cupid is in the air.  Everyone is a bit kinder, hugging and and loving on each other.  Facebook is flooded with pictures of couples kissing, balloons, flowers and heart treats of all kinds (as a matter of fact I DO want red velvet heart shaped pancakes, thank you very much). 

Couples have scrambled midweek to buy each other tokens of love and appreciation.  Media has encouraged us all to give, give, give (aka buy, buy, buy).  Pinterest has dedicated entire boards to Valentines Day showing us gals what we need to be crafting, cooking and wearing.

Yep.... me too.  I've done it all as well.  See - even changed my profile pic:

But what is this holiday really all about?  Shouldn't we show love every day to those we care about?  Just as church sometimes is to the EC group (Easter and Christmas), is this one of those holidays where the DEED is required (oh, you know the one).  Birthday, anniversary and Valentines Day.  That should cover it, right?

Uh... NO.  Not me, anyway.

Yes, we are gonna talk about SEX.  Click the big X in the corner right now if you need to get away fast.  No worries, I'm keeping it PG13.

A fellow blogger had some awesome perspective on this topic today, so I have to share it.  She is incredible - if you are interested in another great blog I encourage you to follow her.  I can relate to almost everything she writes, which is rare for me.  Here is a link to her blog ----->  We are THAT Family.

In a nutshell girls, sex is NOT all that men want.  Okay, sure they want it.... but it's not ALL that they want.  We should give them a little more credit than that.  The official act may be fantastic but they are actually attempting to get a little bit more out of the experience than we may think.  Here... maybe these will shed some light on the topic.

“Women, this might surprise you, but even more than your husband wants to have sex with you for his own sexual relief, the truth is, he wants to please you even more than he wants to be pleasured. It might seem like it’s all about him, but what he really wants, emotionally, is to see how much you enjoy the pleasure he can give you. If he fails to do that, for any reason, he’ll end up feeling inadequate, lonely, and unloved.” -Dr. Kevin Lehman, Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

“And believe it or not, getting enough sex isn’t the point. Nearly all the men surveyed – 97 per cent – said that even if their wives agreed to have sex every time husbands wanted, sex would still be empty if their wives didn’t seem to desire them.
When we say no to sex, we’re usually saying we don’t want sex at that moment. But he hears the much more painful message that we don’t want him. One man said, “When she says no, I feel rejected. ‘No’ is not no to sex; it’s no to me as I am.” By contrast, making the first move once in a while sends a powerful and affirming message to your man.” -Shaunti Feldhahn, For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of Men

Or my version, which is much easier to comprehend quickly.  Cheap Trick nailed it a LONG time ago. 

I want you to want me. 
I need you to need me. 
I'd love you to love me. 
I'd beg of you to beg me.

For your listening pleasure, click here --->  I Want You to Want Me

Girls - our men want respect.  They want us to love them unconditionally.  They want us to listen to them.  And they want to feel wanted, both in and out of the bedroom.

I'm certainly not the perfect woman, nor am I the perfect wife.  Heck, I'm not a perfect person in any realm of my life!  But I do strive to remember the simplicity of a relationship....  Give and you shall receive.  It truly is that simple if you tear away all the other stuff that knits it together.  Care for one another and make sure your partner knows exactly what you want and need.  Only then can you achieve a perfect balance.

Tonight somewhere between basketball practice, homework, housework and Grey's Anatomy, I'm going to work on that.  If I'm not to tired.  Or bloated from eating my beautiful Christopher Elbow chocolates hubs left for me this morning.  Damn I'm spoiled!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!  I love ya!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Heart You...

It's almost here - heart holiday.  Love everywhere.  Kisses, ribbons and chocolate.  LOVE this holiday.  No pun intended.

I found some cute heart cookie cutters so I drug them out west with me last weekend to make cookies with the kids.  Nugget was totally into it - he helped me mix the dough, roll it out, cut out the cookies (eating some raw dough along the way.... why not?) and taste test them when they came out.  Fave part?  The sprinkles.  Who doesn't love sprinkles?  Even I love sprinkles!

Dumping nearly the entire bottle on two cookies, I watched him in awe.  He was so proud, so excited to be helping.  Repeating the colors out loud as he poured each one.  Reminding all of us that they were hearts, in case we forgot.

I was totally at ease.  Completely different than when I cook with little guy.  I'm usually up on the wheel, telling him what to do (and what not to do), trying to make everything perfect.  I'm not sure why I do that.  And I'm really not sure what makes it so different with nugget.

I've said before that there is just a special relationship a parent has with their grandchildren.  It's so hard to define but so different than being a parent.  There is a certain ease to it, a comfortability, a pure unconditional love.  It's awesome. 

I love the fact that I have a grandson with my own child still at home.  Nugget reminds me to chill out and not be so hard on my little guy.  Sure I have massive expectations of him still but I don't ALWAYS have to be riding him to do the right thing.  Maybe if I try to apply some of my uninterrupted attention to little guy as much as I do with E I could connect more with him.

Maybe we'll even bake cookies.  And I won't get on his case about doing something incorrectly.  Seemed to work perfectly with nugget.

Ah... motherhood.  Hardest thing EVER.  Golden parachute?  Grandkids.  Best reward of all.

Have a great Wednesday, friends! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Of COURSE she's my sister!

Back to the Midwest.  Grey skies.  Cold weather.  And one happy, sleepy Nana.

I've returned safely from the West Coast only to find that everything I had left undone is still waiting for me.


Sometimes I wish I could wave a magic wand and have my life organized, tasks completed and nothing but time to plan my true desires.  Wake me up when that happens, please.

I had the best weekend.  I can't stop smiling (in between tears of missing the kids).  Nugget is getting so big and he is changing monumentally at this age.  He has such an amazing personality and of course he is brilliant.  I can already see both of the kids in his gestures, his words and his stubbornness. 

It must be said that there is nothing... and I mean NOTHING.... better than having your grandchild climb into your lap.  Hold your face.  Say "too" when you tell them you love them.  Wrap their little arms around your neck and squeeze.  Snuggle in to watch Lala. 

Nope.  Nothing.

I love that I am just as completely comfortable with Sassy as I am with Bubba.  Sometimes I blur the lines between which of them is mine.  Because they both are. 

We had the chance to steal some girl time this weekend.  We drove all over in search of fish tacos (shouldn't be hard in Cali, right?) to land at a Mexican restaurant (where we had fish tacos).  After four u-turns, we found a pedicure place.  As we sank into the big leather chairs, she smiled at me. 

She so deserved this.  She works so hard as a mother, a wife, a student, a friend and a daughter.  She is always looking out for others, especially my son.  The least we could do is get a pedicure.

Before the gals started to scrape off our junk, I mentioned to my lady that I was a runner.  All spa places understand that is code for "leave the callouses or I'll cut you".  Okay, I don't mean that really.
Well.... maybe a little bit.

So my lady complied and was gentle with me.  Sassy's?  She didn't get the memo.  I think she thought she was in a deer skinning contest.  This on the sweet girl's feet that never see concrete, are rarely barefoot even inside and in perfectly soft and smooth condition.

With perfectly manicured (and skinless) feet, we sat awaiting our polish of choice.  Sassy's lady looks over at me.

"Are you two sisters?"

God LOVE this woman.  I wanted to kiss her, even though she just skinned my sweet girl.  Then I wanted to say yes.  But I didn't.

"Nope.  Hardly!  I am her mother in law."

My lady pipes up:  "I thought you were best friends.  The way you talk to each other."

Yep, now that I get.  We don't look a thing alike.  I would have had to birth her at 15 for her to be my kid.  But we do tend to laugh and carry on like good friends would.

Because we are.

I tell hubs all the time that we are the luckiest people in the world to have our daughter in law.  She is fantastic.  I try to tell her that often but sometimes in my haste I forget.  She is by far the best thing that could have ever happened to my son.

Along with Nugget, of course.

The best part of new toes?  Nugget chasing us around the house, pointing at our toes.  PINK! (me)  PURPLE! (Kate)  FLESH (those would be Daddy's).

Have a fantastic Tuesday, friends!


Friday, February 08, 2013


The Friday before V-Day!  Love is in the air and I'm headed west to hug my kids.  Life is SWEET!

Below are some of faves from around the web this week.  Enjoy and love away!


Love grey.  Love pink.  Love this outfit.  And look... no scarf!  This is ALL me!


I never know what to send with little guy to school for his teach's V-Day gifts.  Just the bigger Valentine in the box?  Hmmm, that's dumb.  So what to do?  LOVE this idea.  And I think I know someone else who might too!  Don't steal this friends if in our same class or there will be a beat down!


Duh.  I'm a Scorpio.  Passion is my game.  'Nough said.


Please oh please put this on my plate on V day.  Oh wait... I guess I could put it on hubs plate!  This is fantastically yum, I'm just sure of it.  I think this makes the short list of what to make!  Click here for the recipe ----->  Red Velvet Crepes


Okay, so I'm not much of a girlie girl... but I do have an obsession with keeping my lips slathered.  How cute are THESE?  And in PERFECT time for kissing season! :)


Since that Groundhog guy Phil didn't see his shadow, apparently Spring is coming 6 weeks early.  Which means summer is coming 6 weeks earlier.  Which means I could tots be sporting this come June.  I LOVE THIS DRESS.


Please and thank you.  LOVE.  That is all.


Love the power of words.  HATE abbreviated texts.  "How r u?"  "K."  UGH!  For all you kids out there, learn this lesson!


I have one of these babies in green and absolutely LOVE it.  Of course we've totally worn it out and need a new one.  Pink is the way to go!  These suckers make the perfect protein shake, one size.  PLUS has a to go lid and you are OFF!  LOVE!  Oh, and did I mention they are CHEAP?  I think we nabbed ours for $19.99!


There is nothing better in the entire world (to me, anyway) than to feel WANTED.  Desired.  Loved.  Fulfilled.

As you near Valentines Day, I hope all of you feel this sense of desire.  Remember this:  what you give, you will get in return.  If you want it, give it out!

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!  Love you all!


Thursday, February 07, 2013

Pure Excitement

It's almost TIME!  Tomorrow I will be boarding a plane and heading out west.  I am so totally psyched.

And from the 80's, obviously.

I so need this trip.  I need to see the kids.  I desperately need to squeeze nugget super tight.  Heck, I even need to snuggle with Hank.

It seems like an eternity since I've seen the kids.  2 1/2 months is a LONG time to wait for something you want.

Of course I'm not so excited about this:

I'm seriously hoping that is wrong.  It's that warm HERE!  I want WARM!!

Oh well.  I don't care.  We will still go to the park.  We will still play outside.  We will still go for walks.  And love every single moment.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.  I know I will!


Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Plunge Away!

A couple of weekends ago I had an opportunity to participate in a great fundraiser, The Polar Plunge.

For those of you not aware, this event is held in honor of Special Olympians all over the country.  So basically, I should be doing it in California and NOT in Missouri.

In January.

As the name depicts, me (along with 1,300 of my closest crazy friends) all plunge into a lake.  In Missouri.  In January.

Yep, I'm crazy.  It's official.

This is my second year participating and I have to say that I am by far the craziest out there.  Some individuals have been doing this for 10+ years and are Super Plungers.  Instead of once in the water, they plunge 24 times in 24 hours! 

Now THAT'S crazy!

Not me though... I'm not nearly that brave.  Since the temps last year were hovering at 30 with 20 degree lake water, I decided to borrow a wet suit from a friend.  Yes, that's cheating.  But YOU try this!

Only problem?  It didn't fit.

SO... I plunged without it.  Ugh!

Just a small part of the crowd before

The energy was fantastic. I teamed up with a group of people from a private catholic high school to make the plunge (teachers and students). We laughed nervously awaiting our turn and screamed together when we hit the water. They were great!

Running In!

Coming out.. with a zombie. 

The day was pretty with full sunshine, but the water was still only 37 degrees.  Some day I'll find a warmer plunge! 

Someone asked me why in the world I would want to do this.  For starters, it raises money for Special Olympics.  Near and dear to me.  But as a 40+ year old woman, you gotta raise that adrenaline somehow!  I love the rush I get when I hit that water.  Oh, and firefighters are in the water with you. That doesn't suck.

Join me next year if you aren't afraid!

Have a great Wednesday, friends!


Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Kickin' It!

Last weeks hubs and I had the chance to see a rockin' awesome concert!  I've recently adopted a secret crush on Kip Moore's hotness music and I can't seem to get enough.  Seriously... do you blame me?

Okay, didn't think so.  Clearly I have significant crushes on boys in hats (especially turned around backwards) and scruffy faces.  My momma would laugh hysterically if she heard me say that.  I used to be SO anti-facial hair (and still have big aversions to the Zac Brown big ole shag).  Anyhow, I have had Kip's CD in my car for the past two months and listen to it from start to finish every single day.

Kip graced KC with another guy I had never heard of.  Yeah, I've been living under a rock, apparently.  And Kip was the opener.  Huh?  What?? 


Holy crap.  Hello, Mr. Bad Boy.  Let me know if you ever need ANYTHING?!?!  Again, ball cap, scruffy face.  Yep, must be it.

But here's what I didn't know.  This guy writes fantastic music.  So great that Jason Aldean nabbed him a few years back for three of his awesome songs:  The Best of Me, My Kinda Party and of course, Dirt Road Anthem.  Wowzers!

Which makes for a great concert, ya'll.  He sang all three of the Aldean hits along with singing his own music, which it turns out is pretty freakin' cool, too.

The show was awesome.  Great friends, great atmosphere and great music.  And some eye candy to go along with it.  Never a bad thing.

Click here to experience my fave Gilbert song:  Kick it in the Sticks, Brantley Gilbert.  It sits on repeat on my running list.  Yep.  Can't get enough. 

Giant thanks to our good friends for recommending this concert!  You kicked one outta the park!

Great times!

Happy Tuesday, friends!