Friday, February 22, 2013


Oh friend how I've missed you!  Even hubs is asking me if I'm in an argument with my blog.  I promise it's nothing serious, just a momentary lapse in priorities.

It's FRIDAY, second snow day this week and we are surrounded by a foot of snow.  I truly can't remember this much snow... oh wait, close second a couple of years after we moved in here.  Needless to say I obviously repressed those memories or otherwise I wouldn't have been outside moving all this white crap yesterday.


Today?  REST.  My back is absolutely screaming at me.  I'm genuinely concerned that I truly hurt something.  I can't sit, I can't lay, I can't bend.  I can stand, only if perfectly still with perfect posture. Ah crap.  Just what I need to manage right now!

So in my incapacity I can blog.  I can read my book club book.  I can watch tv.  I can snuggle with my man child and watch movies.

Yep, I guess that's about it.  So much for being proactive and trying to shovel the three car driveway (which by the way has blown over and accumulated even more snow for a great 2-3 inches on it anyway).

That's okay.  I can't drive right now anyway!

Enough whining.  I'll buck up and deal with it.  I promise.  For you?  Fabulous Friday Faves!!  I hope you enjoy my pics this week!


I crave change.  It's in my DNA.  I hate status quo, even by my own creation.  It's important to change the way you think from time to time without altering your core values.  Yep, I love this reminder.


I am the queen of comfy.  I absolutely love this and would wear it every single day if allowed.  Someday. :)


Although I have slacked incredibly this week, I did find a fantastic fellow blogger this week that I love. The first entry of hers that I read related to becoming a new runner.  If you are considering running (or starting back up again), give her a read.  She'll give you some great beginner tips and motivation!  Enjoy!  See Jen Roe Run


I am totally addicted to fish tacos.  Just like the passion I have for everything else in my life, food is no different.  When I find something I absolutely love, I eat it every single chance I get until I get burned out.  Then I change :).  My fave honestly is from a local mexican restaurant, go figure.  But I could give this recipe a try.  You should too!   Click here for the recipe----->  Fish Tacos


I have been furiously reading our book club selection this month trying to comprehend it's controversial topic.  What a perfect reminder to me that we need to continue to nourish our minds as much as our bodies!


I love doors.  I'm always admiring different front doors or uniquely placed doors in houses.  I have posted something to this effect before after hubs and I ran away last year to our secluded cabin as our closet had this type of door.  LOVE it!  I think I need this for my bathroom entry from the master as I hate that anyone can walk in while I'm getting ready.  Of course we are gonna sell so probably not a great idea at the moment.  That's okay, I'll hold onto it for future....


I love firepits.  I mean REALLY love them.  The friendship that is bonded around a fire is incredible.  And if I get my way and we downsize incredibly, an outdoor kitchen and hangout area will be a must.  Which is really where I'd rather be anyway.  This is perfect for me.


I love the Irish.  And I love little old men.  No, get your heads out of the gutter - I just love grandpa's.... they are so fantastic.  This is a perfect reminder how simply life can be lived.  Sleep and laugh can fix anything!


Of my 15 years of travel all over the US, I unfortunately have never stepped foot in San Francisco.  Such a shame, really... especially considering I have a tremendous friend that lives there that would welcome me at anytime!  In researching many flights to see the west coast kids I have found a few with layover options in SF.  Maybe now I can grab my opportunity to go see my dear friend.  Along with these stairs, of course.


In honor of the Oscars, I have to post at least one fashion forward pic.  I am in love, love, love with these heels!  How fantastic are they? Not really Oscar worthy but I would snag them up in a heartbeat if I saw them on the shelves.

Have a fantastic Friday, friends!


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