Thursday, February 07, 2013

Pure Excitement

It's almost TIME!  Tomorrow I will be boarding a plane and heading out west.  I am so totally psyched.

And from the 80's, obviously.

I so need this trip.  I need to see the kids.  I desperately need to squeeze nugget super tight.  Heck, I even need to snuggle with Hank.

It seems like an eternity since I've seen the kids.  2 1/2 months is a LONG time to wait for something you want.

Of course I'm not so excited about this:

I'm seriously hoping that is wrong.  It's that warm HERE!  I want WARM!!

Oh well.  I don't care.  We will still go to the park.  We will still play outside.  We will still go for walks.  And love every single moment.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.  I know I will!


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