Friday, June 28, 2013


Last week of June.  Ahem.  It makes me sad that this summer is flying by us so quickly!  July brings the best gift ever.... the 20th anniversary.  Yep, Hubs and I made it.  Well... almost.  I guess there is still time to file for that annulment.

This weekend is our first as long as I can remember with absolutely NOTHING to do. Well, there is a race. And I need to clean house.  And the landscaping that Hubs put in on Memorial Day still needs plants.

Ah hell... never mind.

Below are my faves from around the interweb this week.  Enjoy!


I absolutely LOVE these beauties and I'm pretty sure I could rock them with my tiny ankles.  Thank god something on my body is still tiny!  These are awesome!


Nugget must absolutely, positively have a big brother bag for when little Lentil arrives!  I'm gonna start working on this right now!


I've technically never really conquered the trifle although I really, really want to!  Maybe I should give this one a shot?  Sure looks good!


Have I mentioned lately how much I love our military!  I stumbled across this picture this week and absolutely melted.  Boys to men, men to boys.  My oldest is definitely a man but I can see the little boy in him every time I see him smile.  Man I miss him.  Every day.


Um... YES.  I'll hire that contractor TOMORROW.  What an awesome, awesome room just for wine!


I think I might be able to do this project.  Black and white photos modge podged on a letter... how hard can that be?  I'm thinking Nugget needs one of these for his room, only red and distressed to match his new big boy bed. :)


Wowzers... we love shrimps in my house.  I'm thinking Hubs, little guy and I can throw down 3 lbs in a single setting easily.  One of our fave go to's is simple and amazing and incredible.  Can you tell I like it?  This seems to be pretty similar to what we love.  Click here for the recipe ---->  Garlic Shrimp


I don't know what it is about these gentle giants but I am in love with them.  Their expressions just resonate somewhere in my soul.  This guy is saying "It's FRIDAY, let's PARTY!!"


Okay, why wouldn't this be cute for a summer party?  Of course I don't live in Kansas but I could maybe use a different kind of flower.  Or just suck it up and use Sunflowers.  Either way, I love hanging items!


I've flown in and out of San Diego a bunch and swear I've never seen this. I'm on a mission on my next trip to find it!  HA!

Have a fantastic, relaxing weekend friends!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Parenting 101

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
     Your works are wonderful,
      I know that full well.

David seemed pretty confident about himself.  I bet he didn't have to get his kids out the door in the morning.

I rushed down the stairs this morning in a panic.  Like most mornings, I was afraid of being late.  No friends, I didn't sleep in.  Quite the contrary.  I was up early, tending to Jackson and Bella, unloading and reloading the dishwasher, moving laundry, packing little guy's lunch.  And like most days lately, I was having trouble getting it all done.

Little guy likes ham and cheese for lunch.  I ran out of cheese yesterday.
I usually pack fresh grapes in his bag.  I ran out of grapes on Friday and didn't shop this weekend.

And of course, I couldn't get him outta bed.  Oh, I tried... trust me.  I asked nicely.  Hubs reminded on his way past his room.  Sure, he moved.... to the couch.  By the time I finished getting myself ready, he was back to sleep.

As I rounded the corner of the entryway I could see his legs hanging off the sofa.  I was instantly mad at him.  He had wasted all the time he had to dress, eat, brush his teeth, get his shoes on and pack ready to go by sleeping.

Not taken this morning... no time for cameras!

So of course, I yelled at him.  Channeling Pattie Taylor, I threw a tantrum.

"Why do you always do this to me?  Why must you disobey and move so slowly in the morning?  Don't you understand that I have a meeting and now I'm going to be LATE??"

He stared at me silently.  His lack of response fueled my insanity.  I didn't stop there.

"And now... we have no time to make breakfast.  So son, find what you can and get in my car.  You have three minutes.  GO."

I filled my coffee as he dressed in silence.  I gathered my things as he searched through the pantry and fridge.  I walked to the garage without him and got in my car, fuming.  I just knew I was going to be late.

He entered the car without word.  I threw the car into reverse and backed out as he was putting on his shoes.  It wasn't until a few blocks from our house that I noticed a Sonic cup sitting in the cup holder.

Yes friends, my son ate a leftover Blizzard for breakfast.

It wasn't until we were a few miles away from the house that he finally broke our silence.

"Mom, I'm sorry I didn't wake up enough this morning.  I'll try harder tomorrow.  I promise."

It took every ounce of my being not to break into tears.  Yes, he needed to get his ass out of bed.  Yes, he needed to get ready for camp.  Yes, he needed to move a bit faster.

But somewhere in all this hurried life, I forget that he is my child.  He deserves more respect than I give him at times.

He deserves breakfast.

He didn't give me his normal half lean hug at drop off, either to embarrassed to be seen with me or keeping his distance from my ever changing rants of late.  I felt immense guilt as I drove to work hurriedly.  I arrived 10 minutes before my first meeting of the day to learn it had been canceled.

I wish I was fearfully and wonderfully made but I realize that I am filled with faults.  Most are apparent to me as a mother as I have daily reminders when I am not perfect... which is most days.

Tomorrow will be a better day.  I will get up earlier, finish my morning chores fast and snuggle with my buddy until his eyes are open.  We will make breakfast together and chat about our upcoming day of events. I will not scream at him about taking his time because I will ensure we have enough.

Thank God we get a fresh start each morning.  What better blessing could we have than that?

Have a great evening, friends.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

In the Moment

It's been a rough few weeks at the Davis household.  It seems as though life has collided a bit on us which certainly happens from time to time.

As I sit back and reflect, it's not surprising to me that I have fallen into familiar coping mechanisms.  I think about this a lot, actually.  Not as a "blaming technique" but more as an understanding of how I react.

I often hear the quote "it isn't what happens to us, it's how we react to it" as if we consciously choose our reactions.  Sure, we can temper ourselves.  But when fight or flight reactions start to begin, we revert back to learned coping mechanisms which are created early and are quite concrete within us.

I wonder how we would change that as adults.   If we need to that is.

I listened to little guy watching television in his room the other night and couldn't help but envy him a bit.  He was laughing hysterically at what I'm sure was some totally inappropriate late night adult swim cartoon.  He was totally and completely in that moment.  Not thinking about the next day and what he would need to accomplish.  Not worried about next month and the money he would need to save up to buy something important.  Not thinking about his final year of elementary school and next transition to middle school.

Nope.  None of that.  Just totally in the moment.

I rarely live in the moment anymore.  And it really, really bothers me that I don't.

I've tried to change it, be spontaneous, leave time unplanned.  But when I do I find myself worrying and feeling guilty that I'm "wasting time".

How did I come to be this way?  Is every adult designed this way or is it just my neurosis? 

I'm pretty sure whatever the answers that it is the backbone to my future choices.  As technology becomes more advanced, I find I want to run away from it and hide.  I don't want to be on call 24/7.  I don't want to be "available".

I want to go off the grid, live quietly and simply and enjoy every moment before the inevitable termination of life happens.  This will work.

James Gandolfini died Thursday at the age of 51.  Sudden heart attack.  Didn't see it coming, apparently.  As I listened to the news Friday morning, I leaned over to hubs and murmured "that's the way I wanna go".  He stared at me, I'm sure thinking I was nuts.  But it's the truth.  Fast with no prolonged sadness.

But when I do, I want to be able to know that I spent my life living and not worrying.  Enjoying moments and not dwelling on anything.  Laughing, dancing and singing spontaneously.

I feel a kitchen dance party coming on.  I so wish Sassy was here to dance with me.

Once again...

Have a great Saturday, friends.  Try to find the spontaneous moment today!

Friday, June 21, 2013


Ah hell, I did it again.  Another whole week without blogging.  It's been one hot mess of a week and I'm not talking about the weather.  Oh, and throw in our ever new normal struggles with Jackson (oldest fur kid) and we may need to just fumigate the entire house.

Hmmm, I'll check into that.

So here you go, friends.  I have managed to find some stuff I fell in love with this week (imagine that).  It's a good thing I get a new week each week to fall in love all over again.



Little Lentil is now over halfway done cooking and I cannot WAIT to get my hands on her!  More importantly... I sure hope she has legs like Big E did when he was a babe.  I absolutely LOVE baby legs!  Throw these puppies on her and I will be one happy Naan. :)


Ah... melt.  I love this.  Dads are such a giant part of who a child becomes.  And no, I'm not trying to be anti-equal rights so none of my lib friends need to jump my ass.  But you MUST admit the truth in two things:  A.  There cannot be a child without a man's DNA.  and 2.  A man has a different genetic makeup than a woman and therefore can illustrate to a child a different perspective that can't be duplicated by a woman.

There.  I said it.  Bite me.

I am so blessed to watch both of my sons idolize my Hubs.  One of the ways I knew I loved him was watching him with my oldest before we were married.  Always loving, always kind, always gently reassuring and encouraging.  They are lucky boys.


Big shout out to KB and her admittance repeatedly to LOVING spaghetti squash.  This one's for you, girlfriend!  Click here for the recipe --->  Spaghetti Squash


Despite the fact it isn't him, this picture made me cry when I found it.  Jack has had an extremely rough six weeks and along with him, we are all exhausted and a bit frustrated.  For 14 years he has blessed our family as a quiet protector, always on watch and fiercely independent (yep, he's a Davis).  Our family is praying hard for the strength to know when it's time.  We'd love your prayers, too.


I love this now that I'm a painting fiend inside my house.  I gotta have it!  Rubbermaid is the BOMB.  This Paint Buddy holds your leftover paint and you can use it to touch up spots later.  NEED!


Well... sometimes you just gotta own it.  Failure is a part of life and helps define who we are and how we can improve.  And some days, it's just accepting the fact that trying was the best you had.


Okay, one more for Hubs.  It is HARD for any parent to see their children as adults while they are still growing.  But men have very important jobs:  teaching boys how to become men.  Sure, mom's help but we aren't MEN.  More hate mail from the libs, I'm sure :).  Giant shout out to Hubs for teaching our boys how to become men.  You've done a fantastic job thus far!


Ah man... it has been since 2004 that Hubs and I hit an island this beautiful.  Hawaii is such an awesome state.  Maybe we could throw the tiny house there?


Girls... I don't know about you but I absolutely despise this!  Curse of having big ones, I suppose.  Do the little ones sweat, too?


I absolutely love me some naners.  Probably one of my fave fruits to be honest.  So why wouldn't this just absolutely ROCK?  Gotta try it!  Click here for the recipe ---->  Fried Honey Bananas

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!  Mine will be filled with baseball, baseball and more baseball.  Go Yankees!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Whatta Man, whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man....


a male parent.
a father-in-law, stepfather, or adoptive father.
any male ancestor, especially the founder of a racefamily, or lineprogenitor.
a man who exercises paternal care over other persons; paternal protector or provider: a father to the poor.
a person who has originated or established something: the father of modern psychology; the founding fathers.

If there is one thing that I have learned from Hubs in the over 20 years we've been together, it's this:  being a woman ain't that hard.

Yep girls, I said it.  Click close now if thy offend.

Since the birth age of the women's rights movement, we have blazoned our ways into society with fierce determination.  Women can do it ALL.  We can be that perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect professional, the perfect homemaker.... all we have to do is just do it.  All our options are available to us and we will be treated equally and fairly to men.


Well, with all our push to become the superior race, women have unveiled what men have known for centuries.  You want it all, you got it.  And all that comes with it.

Wait.... what comes with it??  I just wanted to make a lot of money and run my house.  I have to take on extra stuff?

Oh yes ma'am you do.

What feminists and activists don't quite understand is the physiology of actually BEING a man.  Sure, we can learn how to mow and weed eat, pay bills, wear suits and pitch to CEO's.  But inherently there is one small thing we have missed in our plight to take over the world.  It might not be as easy as we thought.

Hubs and I married when Bubba was 3.  It was a seriously easy transition for the two of them, mostly because of their easy going natures.  I knew even when I first met Hubs that the two of them would blend together quite well as they seemed to naturally have a lot in common in their personalities and approaches to things.

Hubs and Bubba, circa 1994

What I didn't know then and I do know now is that it takes a man to raise a boy.  Yes, girls with our "do it all by ourselves mantras", you CAN do it all.  But you CAN'T teach a boy to be a man unless you are a man.


Women instinctively nurture, particularly mothers.  It's our primary job responsibility if you looked at our duties on a job description.  To love and nurture.  Genetically we are designed to do so.

And fathers?  To love and PROTECT.

Women can be bad asses.  We can stick up for our boys verbally when someone is going to hurt them.  We can get a handgun and shoot an intruder (well, some women can).  We can make money and contribute to our families.

But men... they protect.  From the olden days of sitting on their porch with their shotguns, men protect their families.  They don't have to stick up for their boys because they raise them to stand on their own feet.  They guide them to become men who protect their families.  They raise their boys to understand what it means to fight for God, for our country, for their family.  They show them how to make ultimate sacrifices.

Something women would really struggle with, given our nurturing design.

Hey, I'm not saying a woman can't raise a boy without a man.  Sure she can.  What I'm saying is that a boy NEEDS a man - any man - to help him become a man.  To give him the road
map, show him what it means to love something so deeply that you would lay down your life for it.

And that, my friends, is what I have been given.  My husband's one true love is his family.  He would do anything to protect us, anything to keep us safe and ultimately would lay down his life for us if need be.  That is what he has taught my sons - to love and protect their families.

Little guy isn't there yet, but he knows.  He watches Hubs taking care of us.  He hears the words Hubs says to me (be careful today, babe...)  He knows how much Hubs honors Bubba for his service to our country, for becoming an amazing father and protector of his own loved ones.

Hubs and Little Guy, Fathers Day 2006

He taught our boys something I never could have on my own.  Now that my oldest is an adult with a family of his own, I get it.  I see the groundwork that he laid for him.  I get why he taught him what it meant to be true to your word, to live up to your obligations and to be a consistent rock for those that would come to rely on him.

Fathers have an amazing ability to teach their children without even trying very hard.  They show them in their actions, their consistency and their pride in their family.  They :lead their children by example.

I am blessed to have that man in my life, but the true blessing comes to the two men he has created.  And by the way... that didn't happen by accident.  My amazing father in law taught Hubs how to be a man.

Pop, Hubs, Little Guy, Bubba and Nugget, FD 2012.

Happy Fathers Day, friends.  Tell that special man in your life what it means to you to have them today.  Thank them, even if they didn't help you with the dishes today (or yesterday).  And hey, maybe cut them some slack if they forgot to take out the trash.  It happens to the best of us.


Friday, June 14, 2013


Love of my life.  Trumps all the other fun stuff I fall in love with each week on the internet by INFINITY.  I can't even use words to describe the amount of love I have for my grandson.

My THREE year old grandson!

How in the world did that happen?  Just yesterday, a sweetness entered my life that I couldn't even imagine.  He was absolutely stunning.  Wildly alert, fascinated by all the attention I'm sure.  And me?  I fell completely in love instantly.

And of course so did Hubs.  Best Father's Day present ever.  Thanks Sassy for planning that out so well!

And in one breath, he was a year old.  How that happened I have no idea.  We giggled as he toddled around, inquisitive but cautious and amazingly brilliant.  But of course.  But it was his smile that did it for me.  That grin would melt my heart instantly (it still does).  He can light up a room with one small gesture.

Second Father's Day with the best gift of all - the sweetest one year old boy on the planet.  Yep, doesn't get much better than this.

In an instant, he was running.  His legs were strong and he was FAST.  Even for this running Naan, I sometimes struggled to remember how in the world I ever kept up with my boys when they were little.  I guess a few years really does make a difference!

And just like that... he was 2.  TWO.  His personality was shining like a star.  He commanded deserved attention as he absorbed every piece of knowledge he could about his environment and the people in it.  He asked questions, pushed boundaries and loved intensely.  His hugs MELT me, squeezing my neck tight.  Not to mention those sweet, gentle kisses on my cheek.  But honestly - I think he liked me most for my Popsicles.

But truthfully, he became an amazing two year old.  Sure, he was a little saucy.  I wouldn't expect anything less from my grandson, given his genetics.  Still... two was an awesome year.

And then, it was time to go.  Daddy enlisted and the fam was moving.  I feared the worst:  he will totally forget me.  He will never know how much I love him being way out West.  Time will fly, life will happen, we will all get busy and I'll be "that grandma that lives in Missouri".

I was crushed.  Father's Day #3 was a little scary.  Bubba went to boot camp.  We weren't sure how nugget would take it when they reunited.  We tried to make his weekend fun so he wouldn't be worried.

Truthfully - he was a little mad at his Daddy.  No doubt, I would be too.  But soon thereafter he forgave, as children so easily do.  God sure knew what he was doing creating these little humans.

And although he is far away, I think about him every day.  Each trip to the store I see a toy, a snack or a treat that I think he would like.  I see kiddos with their parents and I long to hug and snuggle with him.  I watch the grandparents scream and cheer on their kids at Little Guy's baseball games and I totally get that unsurpassed joy and excitement and sheer PRIDE on their faces.

I am the luckiest woman on earth to have such an amazing young man call me Naan.

And now, he is THREE.  Three years old.  He is absolutely, positively amazing to me in every way.

Although we couldn't be with him on his birthday this year I know that his celebration will be amazing.  His GiGi is visiting and he is getting a Ralph cake.  Period.  End of discussion.  He better be. (or so he says)

He is opinionated, driven and independent.  And he will be the absolutely BEST big brother on the planet to his little sister.

I cannot WAIT to see what this next year holds for him.  I am positive he will continue to grow into an amazing young man!

Happiest 3rd Birthday to the sweetest boy EVER!  We love you, Eli Lucas.  You make Naan and Pop the happiest grandparents on earth and we couldn't be more proud to be!



Friday, June 07, 2013


This week has been LOOOONG, and not the kind that I feel that I accomplished all my to do's either.  We have been battling the last two weeks with our beloved 14 year old Jackson and his poor health.  It has been not fun to say the least.  He's tired.  We're tired.  And we are at the crossroads that no fur parent wants to be ever.  Huge thanks to his vet who loves him so much and wants to make it better.  We are trying everything we can to see if we can make improvements and taking one day at a time.  Needless to say lots of tears are falling in the Davis home right now.

And once again, I'm behind blogging (which always makes me a little sad).  I'm only human, so I keep telling myself each day when my list continues onto the next.  Sometimes doing your best is all you've got to keep peace with yourself as you lay your head on the pillow.

Our neighborhood garage sale is this weekend and for some odd reason I thought it would be a good idea to participate, adding to my delirium.  Some day I'll learn!

Below are my faves for the week from around the interweb.  Enjoy, friends!


I still love all things Navy (of course) and probably always will.  These totally ROCK but I can't imagine I could find a salon that could do it and do it perfectly.  Oh, a girl can dream!


Although I'm still a bit freaked out and paranoid about Italy and the laws surrounding the country, I still want to go.  No worries, I have no plans on becoming Amanda Knox.  And Barcelona just SCREAMS my name.


Mmmm, I just LOVE me some perfect jean shorts.  In fact I am running in a race this weekend aptly named Boots and Daisy Dukes.  Perfect for me!


I am in love with zucchini, so why not make chips?  I have one in my fridge as I type so I'm thinking this is on my menu tonight!  YUMMO!  Click here for the recipe ---> Salt and Black Pepper Zucchini Chips


This is AWESOME.  I think all little kiddos need this motivator!


It's no secret that I love some yummo shots, especially fruit laden ones.  This one is a shout out to our friend Dave who made the best strawberries for the Cinco de Mayo party this year.  Try this one on for size, Shack!  Click here for the directions ---->  Upside Down Pineapple Shots


Penguins mate for life which makes them not only unique but totally awesome. We could learn a few things from them!!  My niece used penguins as her wedding cake topper last weekend which made my heart soar.  So in honor of Jecca Bear, this one is for you!


Davis and I have a small back patio (something we are trying to figure out how to remedy).  This is a cute set up if it is the only thing we wanted to do on our patio (sans the GIANT 1970's light fixtures... I could do without them).  Actually, the only love I have I suppose is the pit.  And the wall.  Maybe I don't love this as much as I originally did... :)


As we prepare for little Lentil to arrive and join our clan, I can't help but look up stuff for Baby #2 on the internet.  How cute is this announcement?  I'm thinking Big E would make this picture all that much cuter!


In honor of my Book Beotches, attached is the scene we discussed last night in our club meeting.  For those readers that prefer PG, please don't click it!  I don't need the backlash!  Click the link below, girls... see, Zac isn't 16 anymore!!

The Lucky One... Shower Scene

Have a great Friday, friends!


Monday, June 03, 2013

From the Mouths of Babes

I absolutely love those moments when children reach out for clarity, asking questions of the sometimes obvious, in order to gain perspective.  This inquisitive nature is one of my favorite things about childhood.

Until a bomb drops.

Let me first remind you that little guy is 11.  He's not 5 or 15, he's ELEVEN.  Oh, and he's my genetics so naïveté just happens to be synonymous with his name.

We rolled south this weekend for my first born nieces wedding.  It was so amazing it deserves its own blog so I'll give it that.

As we visited with my nieces family Friday night, little guy began to ask a few questions.  I could see it was going to be the start of a very long weekend!

He started with a fairly simple one, although quite telling.  

"Mom.. Woody is my Uncle, right?"

To clarify, my sister in law married Woody 20 years ago after her marriage to my brother.

"Um, no buddy.  He's not related to you."

I could see the wheels spinning.  Little guy has always been one to strive for understanding- a true Libra in every sense.  He wants to completely comprehend things around him but just like his momma, he struggles with the gray aspects of life.

"Well, Aunt Lori is my Aunt, right?"

Ugh.  I could see his disappointment mounting in his question.  

"Not exactly, honey.  Lori is your Aunt's sister but that doesn't make her related to you."

My guilt began to set in.  My family tree is more like a willow- multiple branches, intertwining moments on occasion... In short, confusing for even an adult to follow.

So I did the only thing I could think of... I drew a flow chart.

Yes, you need a flow chart to follow my family.  It's awesome.

He sat silent, perplexed.  There were people on the list he doesn't recall ever meeting.  I immediately began to think of the 7 or so brothers and sisters of my father that I have never even met (not to mention the multiple cousins I'm sure I have).  I didn't feel guilty, just to clarify.  I own every single decision I have ever made in my life, whole heartily.  But I did feel sad for him. 

Wait a minute.  Hold up.  Sad would imply that any of those people on the list above would have celebrated his talents and successes, hugged him through his pain and disappointments, been there if he ever needed advice or a helping hand.  My family doesn't exactly work that way.  It's far more obligatory than vulnerable and giving.  Well... towards me, anyway.  So I certainly wouldn't expect it to be different for him.

My family is complex, like many that I know.  It's as if once my parents divorced, the flood gates opened to my siblings and I to try out marriage and dissolve the first ones if it didn't work, which we all did.  I'm not totally proud of that, by the way.  I had assumed in my childhood that you meet your sweetheart, you marry for life and die together old and gray.  Apparently not, in our case.

As I found myself struggling to make sure little guy understood our family dynamics, I realized something very important in the journey.  It is what it is.  He doesn't need to know every detail of every relationship and the dynamics within it.  He doesn't need to know anything about hurts, words or actions of any of these people.

What he needs to know is this:  family is what you MAKE it.  Relationships are what you nurture, work on and continue to develop into a very mature, safe place.  Most importantly... he doesn't have to FIX anything.  He doesn't have to change who he is.  It just is what it is.

We spent the weekend laughing, dancing, loving and feeling loved by a family.  Little guy has new cousins, new Aunts and Uncles and even new Grandparents that have embraced him.  As we drove home yesterday I couldn't help but notice how quiet the car was.  It's as if he was soaking it all in, revisiting the new memories we had just made in his mind.  As his sleepiness started to get the best of him, he asked a single question:

"Mommy, now that Jess is married to Bradley, does that make him my cousin?"

"Yes, buddy.  He is now your cousin for the rest of your life.  Isn't family awesome?  It comes together in some of the most unique ways.  God is really good to us."

"Yes mom.  He really is.  I love my new family."

Out like a light, smiling in his sleep.

Sometimes life doesn't come together the way you think it should.  Some people aren't exactly what you think they should be.  Family is important, for sure.  It just sometimes manifests itself in a way you could never, ever imagine if you allow yourself the opportunity.

Have a great week, friends.