Friday, June 14, 2013


Love of my life.  Trumps all the other fun stuff I fall in love with each week on the internet by INFINITY.  I can't even use words to describe the amount of love I have for my grandson.

My THREE year old grandson!

How in the world did that happen?  Just yesterday, a sweetness entered my life that I couldn't even imagine.  He was absolutely stunning.  Wildly alert, fascinated by all the attention I'm sure.  And me?  I fell completely in love instantly.

And of course so did Hubs.  Best Father's Day present ever.  Thanks Sassy for planning that out so well!

And in one breath, he was a year old.  How that happened I have no idea.  We giggled as he toddled around, inquisitive but cautious and amazingly brilliant.  But of course.  But it was his smile that did it for me.  That grin would melt my heart instantly (it still does).  He can light up a room with one small gesture.

Second Father's Day with the best gift of all - the sweetest one year old boy on the planet.  Yep, doesn't get much better than this.

In an instant, he was running.  His legs were strong and he was FAST.  Even for this running Naan, I sometimes struggled to remember how in the world I ever kept up with my boys when they were little.  I guess a few years really does make a difference!

And just like that... he was 2.  TWO.  His personality was shining like a star.  He commanded deserved attention as he absorbed every piece of knowledge he could about his environment and the people in it.  He asked questions, pushed boundaries and loved intensely.  His hugs MELT me, squeezing my neck tight.  Not to mention those sweet, gentle kisses on my cheek.  But honestly - I think he liked me most for my Popsicles.

But truthfully, he became an amazing two year old.  Sure, he was a little saucy.  I wouldn't expect anything less from my grandson, given his genetics.  Still... two was an awesome year.

And then, it was time to go.  Daddy enlisted and the fam was moving.  I feared the worst:  he will totally forget me.  He will never know how much I love him being way out West.  Time will fly, life will happen, we will all get busy and I'll be "that grandma that lives in Missouri".

I was crushed.  Father's Day #3 was a little scary.  Bubba went to boot camp.  We weren't sure how nugget would take it when they reunited.  We tried to make his weekend fun so he wouldn't be worried.

Truthfully - he was a little mad at his Daddy.  No doubt, I would be too.  But soon thereafter he forgave, as children so easily do.  God sure knew what he was doing creating these little humans.

And although he is far away, I think about him every day.  Each trip to the store I see a toy, a snack or a treat that I think he would like.  I see kiddos with their parents and I long to hug and snuggle with him.  I watch the grandparents scream and cheer on their kids at Little Guy's baseball games and I totally get that unsurpassed joy and excitement and sheer PRIDE on their faces.

I am the luckiest woman on earth to have such an amazing young man call me Naan.

And now, he is THREE.  Three years old.  He is absolutely, positively amazing to me in every way.

Although we couldn't be with him on his birthday this year I know that his celebration will be amazing.  His GiGi is visiting and he is getting a Ralph cake.  Period.  End of discussion.  He better be. (or so he says)

He is opinionated, driven and independent.  And he will be the absolutely BEST big brother on the planet to his little sister.

I cannot WAIT to see what this next year holds for him.  I am positive he will continue to grow into an amazing young man!

Happiest 3rd Birthday to the sweetest boy EVER!  We love you, Eli Lucas.  You make Naan and Pop the happiest grandparents on earth and we couldn't be more proud to be!



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