Friday, June 21, 2013


Ah hell, I did it again.  Another whole week without blogging.  It's been one hot mess of a week and I'm not talking about the weather.  Oh, and throw in our ever new normal struggles with Jackson (oldest fur kid) and we may need to just fumigate the entire house.

Hmmm, I'll check into that.

So here you go, friends.  I have managed to find some stuff I fell in love with this week (imagine that).  It's a good thing I get a new week each week to fall in love all over again.



Little Lentil is now over halfway done cooking and I cannot WAIT to get my hands on her!  More importantly... I sure hope she has legs like Big E did when he was a babe.  I absolutely LOVE baby legs!  Throw these puppies on her and I will be one happy Naan. :)


Ah... melt.  I love this.  Dads are such a giant part of who a child becomes.  And no, I'm not trying to be anti-equal rights so none of my lib friends need to jump my ass.  But you MUST admit the truth in two things:  A.  There cannot be a child without a man's DNA.  and 2.  A man has a different genetic makeup than a woman and therefore can illustrate to a child a different perspective that can't be duplicated by a woman.

There.  I said it.  Bite me.

I am so blessed to watch both of my sons idolize my Hubs.  One of the ways I knew I loved him was watching him with my oldest before we were married.  Always loving, always kind, always gently reassuring and encouraging.  They are lucky boys.


Big shout out to KB and her admittance repeatedly to LOVING spaghetti squash.  This one's for you, girlfriend!  Click here for the recipe --->  Spaghetti Squash


Despite the fact it isn't him, this picture made me cry when I found it.  Jack has had an extremely rough six weeks and along with him, we are all exhausted and a bit frustrated.  For 14 years he has blessed our family as a quiet protector, always on watch and fiercely independent (yep, he's a Davis).  Our family is praying hard for the strength to know when it's time.  We'd love your prayers, too.


I love this now that I'm a painting fiend inside my house.  I gotta have it!  Rubbermaid is the BOMB.  This Paint Buddy holds your leftover paint and you can use it to touch up spots later.  NEED!


Well... sometimes you just gotta own it.  Failure is a part of life and helps define who we are and how we can improve.  And some days, it's just accepting the fact that trying was the best you had.


Okay, one more for Hubs.  It is HARD for any parent to see their children as adults while they are still growing.  But men have very important jobs:  teaching boys how to become men.  Sure, mom's help but we aren't MEN.  More hate mail from the libs, I'm sure :).  Giant shout out to Hubs for teaching our boys how to become men.  You've done a fantastic job thus far!


Ah man... it has been since 2004 that Hubs and I hit an island this beautiful.  Hawaii is such an awesome state.  Maybe we could throw the tiny house there?


Girls... I don't know about you but I absolutely despise this!  Curse of having big ones, I suppose.  Do the little ones sweat, too?


I absolutely love me some naners.  Probably one of my fave fruits to be honest.  So why wouldn't this just absolutely ROCK?  Gotta try it!  Click here for the recipe ---->  Fried Honey Bananas

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!  Mine will be filled with baseball, baseball and more baseball.  Go Yankees!



  1. It DOES take a Dad to see the potential of boys. At least once a week my honey has to talk me down off of the "cliff" because I'm absolutely convinced that my boys are destined for either prison or a life of hoboism. Even though I have two that grew into perfectly productive citizens. With jobs. And morals and ethics. And even common sense....most of the time.

  2. As for the small ones...yes!

  3. As for the small ones...yes!