Friday, December 27, 2013


Woo hoo!  Final Friday of 2013!

I love endings.  I really, truly do. They culminate a zillion emotions, spark remembrance of joyful moments and give closure to items that may require it. 

Yep, the perfect ending.

My ending couldn't be any better, friends.  The west coast kids are coming home which means I get to snuggle my little lentil, chase my nugget around the house and squeeze my daughter and son until they are blue in the face.  Oh...and some vino may be in there as well, particularly now that Hubs has ensured I will have to find meetings in 2014 with the Wine every Quarter club from my fave winery in the country!

I'm have a feeling I'm gonna need it.

Much like when the kids go back to school, the new year brings in new calendars, new pens, new goals and new plans. I'm not sure what it completely holds for our fam but I do know this:  we will stick together, whatever it may be.  That's what Davis' do.  Thick and thin and stuff (for the record.... my father in law conveniently left out the ".... and Obey" part from our vows specifically for me.  Yep, I was snarky even back then.)

Below are my final faves of the year.  I don't know how many of you like this format of sharing but it has been quite fun for me (and given Hubs GREAT gift ideas!)


I love this picture the most because we have actually been here!  The Grand Wailea in Maui is one of the grandest destinations a person could visit.  It's brilliantly beautiful and the picture looks EXACTLY like it does in true life.  Davis and I spent 5 days in this gorgeous place in 2004, a trip that I will never, ever forget.

Grand Wailea, Waldorf Astoria Resort in Maui, Hi.
I don't know about you, friends... but I'm tired of being politically correct.  I can believe whatever I want.  It doesn't make me "judgemental" to have my own beliefs that may or may not be popular opinion.  It doesn't make me "hateful" if I don't agree with every single word another person says.  And it doesn't make me a "bigot" if I decide I want to live a different way than others.
There.  I said it.  And I'm not taking it back.  The peeps that think I'm NOT PC can go right on ahead and judge ME (because we all know you will)....
OH MY!  Yes, yes, yes!!  I'm screaming this as I'm typing away.  I love this tee and absolutely must find it.  MUST.  Now if I could just get the institution fixed of all its flaws we would all be happy campers.
I've never been a huge fan of chevron but I know it's totally popular right now.  I do, however, love this quilt!  I'm thinking the black needs to be a warm chocolate brown and the edging needs to be a crisp soft blue and then it would completely match my bedroom.  Just saying.  Crafty friends.... take note.
Okay, we have eaten so much breakfast in my fam over the last week I could almost yell STOP!  Almost.  This little gem looks ah-mazing!  I'm so in love with pomegranate it's almost a sin.  Put some white chocolate with it and I'm completely sold.
Click here for the recipe to this delight!  ------->  Pomegranate white chocolate scones
I'm in love with the English language.  I'm particularly excited when people use complex words to describe something.  It makes me all giddy inside... even when I don't know what it means.  Excuse to use the dictionary!
So here you go friends... work this into your vocab today.  Pick 5 and give it a shot.  Use your brains.  I love this!
I love this.  Simple.  Not to fancy.  Totally functional.  Will match my kitchen.  Done!
She loves to read. She loves Batman.  I think this may be a perfect combo!  She is secretly a badass so its a 50/50 guess as to if she truly knows the big guy.  I'd bet on her any day.
I totally blame Jaxx Teller. I mean seriously.... if the Sons weren't on hiatus this would have never happened to me.  Well, it may have.
Hubs grabbed the controller and fired up Netflix.  Next thing I know, I'm addicted to a show about a guy with terminal cancer making meth to save money for his family after his death.
Uplifting, right?
Each episode leaves me a tiny bit more depressed than the previous one.  There is one shining beacon in my opinion:  Jesse.  I absolutely, completely and totally love the guy that plays the character Jesse. 
Yep, love him.
Go ahead friends.... you know you want to!  Breaking Bad, in case you didn't know.
Okay, I know I couldn't really pull these off.  But a girl can love, right?  And Nordstrom says that they are flattering on all body types.
See, a girl can dream!  These shiny pups would look AMAZING twinkling on New Years Eve!  I won't... but just know that I want to!
Have a FANTASTIC final Friday, friends! Thanks for all your support in 2013.  I love that so many of you read my blogs.  Hopefully you find my humor and sass uplifting.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

May the Force be with You...

Christmas Eve.  Peace and Joy.  Quiet tranquility.

Yeah, right.

Every woman I know is utterly exhausted.  Party after party, gift after gift, dinner after dinner.  Women hold families together with their endless planning, shopping and hosting.

And don't forget the three F's... Forced Family Fun.

Navigating family gatherings is often tricky.  Forced smiles and laughs fill the room.  Awkward non-descript conversations take place.  Past emotions always seem to sit right in the back of the throat.

It's amazing to me that people that don't even speak to one another all year come together awkwardly and pretend all is calm and bright.  Well - it is all about the children.  We should put on a good show for them.

I'm so super thankful I don't endure that pressure.  After 20 years of marriage and 42 years of life, I finally figured it out.  I spend my time with the ones I love and who love me.  I don't do anything I wouldn't do any other time of the year and I completely refuse to act.

I told my mother in law to shut her pie hole Sunday.  She smacked me and ran from the room while my sister and I laughed.  And then she forgave me, as always.  Because I am who I am.

I love my little family.  I love our genuine behavior.  I love that we are imperfect, off balance and a little crazy.  I love that we tease and love each other completely.  It really makes my heart warm and makes the season all that much better.

And I love that this time every year the kids have to measure each other...against Pooh (or Pop or Poppy, depending on the grandchild).  I have a feeling the Little Guy is gonna trump Dad in a few short years!

In just a few short days the west coast kids will arrive!  I cannot wait to get my arms around all of them and squeeze tight.  It has been 10 long weeks since I saw them and during the holidays that always seem so much longer.  I can't wait to smell little Miss A, who has already changed so much.  I hope I haven't packed on to much weight to chase Nugget around the house.  And I hope we can fill up the kid's love buckets enough to sustain them until our next visit.

Have a very Merry Christmas Eve, friends!


Friday, December 20, 2013


Oh, the holidays are upon us,
And the kids are all off the bus,
Since we've a million places to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Here it comes.  The season of griping.  Oops, I meant complaining.  No wait - I think I meant GIVING.

Yeah - that's right.... giving.  Isn't that what we did few short weeks ago?  Right - that was being grateful for what we have.  Now it's time to watch our kids rip through packages to find out what kind of loot they received.

Of course, most of us would LOVE to get this dig in:

"Talk about pissing your money away. I hope you kids see what a silly waste of resources this was."
~ Momma In-law Griswold

But not me.  Nope.  That would make me a Scrooge.

With just a few short days from the holiday, it's time to slam into overdrive.  

Wait... wasn't I already doing that?

My faithful friends that read here often are starting to become concerned.  "Where are your musings?  Why aren't you writing?  Are you sick?  Is everything okay?"

Initially I just threw out responses.

"I ran outta stuff to have an opinion about."
"I broke my left hand hang gliding."
"My cholesterol is acting up so I haven't been able to write."

It's the last question that tells it all.... am I okay?  Hmmm... I don't think I can answer that.

For the now 21st year in a row, I am in a fourth quarter nightmare.  Most of my clients renew their benefit programs within the last three months of the year (or January 1st).  Employee communication is at an all time high with the birth of the Accountable Care Act.  Clients rates are soaring and innovative solutions are critical.

Long story short - I'm a bit worn out.  I'm a little older this time (because that happens somehow every year).  The pieces of the law that haven't been delayed and actually enacted are difficult for most to understand and tiring to discuss day in and day out.  Even extroverted socialites get a little bit tired from time to time.

In short, my sweet energy juices are totally depleted.

I need a refill, Jobu.

I'm actually going to WILL myself to rest this weekend.  Not try to wrap every single present in one sitting.  Not spend all day cleaning or cooking.  Take some breaks and laugh at my fave Christmas movie with little guy.

That's the plan.  Let's just see how that turns out.

In an effort to actually blog ON the day, below are my faves from around the web this week.  Happy reading!


I MUST give this!  I am always running out of juice and watched a girlfriend have the same experience this week.  She needs one of these!


Oooh... I love, love, love this.  I have two similar shirts but not exactly like this.  I need to find it!


I loved my mom's handwriting.  And my grandma's.  How cool would it be to have it around my neck and not in a weird (blood in a vile) type of way?  I think this is a great idea!


Yep.  That pretty much sums it up.


With all the holiday partying happening lately, new kicks would be awesome.  I fell in love with these immediately.  I know my ankles would be in heaven!


Try hard to slow down and listen....


For my friend Ems, who originally forced me to become addicted to Netflix.  This ones for you!


Gotta love the goldens.  Always make my heart happy.


I've publicly scorned the scarf long enough.  It's time I come clean.  I do think that wearing scarves every day over all pieces of clothing regardless of the weight of fabric is a little over the top.  For me, anyway.  But subtle, lightweight versions I must admit are very pretty.  This one jumped out to me immediately as a winner.


Finally, someone printed one of my fave movie quotes of all time.  Bring it on, Griswold!

Merry, merry friends.  Have a great weekend!


Friday, December 06, 2013


Well... I did it.  I survived another half marathon.  I'm not the fastest girl in town but I can manage to push my hiney across that finish line by the grace of God.

A lot of people posted daily grateful and thankful comments on Facebook in November.  It's the usual suspects typically - family, friends, God, etc.  For me, I have a mantra (or prayer, if you will) every single time I tie my shoes.

As I hit the road, the first mile is typically difficult for me.  My muscles are tired from the hours of running the week before.  My joints aren't loose and tend to pop and creak as I strike the ground.  So I start thanking, most of the time out loud.

  • Thank you for the breath entering and exiting my body, despite my efforts to ruin my lungs for many years.
  • Thank you for the ability to move my hips freely, knowing others cannot.
  • Thank you for the strength in my thighs that propel my body forward.
  • Thank you for the intricate structure of my feet that strike and push off MANY pounds of weight, forgivingly.
  • Thank you for another day.  I promise to not take it for granted.
Although the words change up, it is always the same.  I'm happy to be here, breathing in and out and given the chance to contribute one more day to this life.

Because today, right now, someone is no longer given that opportunity.  Lives are forever altered.  Families are in mourning.

I try really hard never to forget that.

On a lighter note, it's hard to believe we have already hit another December.  I know I mention this from time to time but could the universe PLEASE just slow the hell down?  I feel like we are rolling through a movie script in fast forward and I yearn for time to be a little more appreciated.

I am super excited about upcoming celebrations though.  Friends, work associates, family.  It's a month of visits and lots and lots of food and cocktails.  Man, I can already tell January is going to be ROUGH! :)

Below are some faves I managed to scrounge up in my oh so much spare time.  Enjoy!


Not only did I see this fab feature last weekend with my Book Club girls, I saw it again with little guy.  Love, love, love!  Little guy wasn't allowed to watch the movie until he finished the book so he read the entire thing in a week.  Yep, I love my little nerd.


Oooh.... I must have this.  LOVE!


I can't help but share this.  Introversion was a topic of conversation at our Thanksgiving table this year.  As I grow wiser I see more and more of this woven in my friendships which always surprises me given that I am the opposite.  This must be why Davis and I have been married 20 years.  Thank God I'm one of his friends!


How darn cute are these guys?  I have a love of all things chocolate anyway but my little guy is a cocoa / hot chocolate connoisseur.  He LOVES that warm, velvety drink!


I love deer.  So pretty, so majestic.  I mean seriously... could there be a more beautiful animal?  And most of friends spend hours and hours and zillions of dollars killing them.  No need to give me the lecture.... I get they are overpopulated and people hit them and we have to do it.  Doesn't mean I like it.  So there.


Speaking of said deer... does it get any cuter than this?  Really?!


Oh my.  Yes, please!!  Click here for the recipe ----> Christmas Bark Cookie Crunch


Heart melt.  Dying from cuteness.  Greyhounds are so awesome - especially this little Italian nugget.  LOVE!


Okay, why in the world wouldn't these be the best thing ever?  No more watered down drinks!  Love these little stainless steel n'ice cubes!


Martinis are at the top of my fave things to sip.  Okay, sometimes guzzle.  Especially the yummo ones served at Houlihan's.

This little gem just makes me smile.  Seriously - who wouldn't want a snowball martini?

Click here for the secrets to this cool cocktail! ----> Alpine Martini

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!