Friday, December 06, 2013


Well... I did it.  I survived another half marathon.  I'm not the fastest girl in town but I can manage to push my hiney across that finish line by the grace of God.

A lot of people posted daily grateful and thankful comments on Facebook in November.  It's the usual suspects typically - family, friends, God, etc.  For me, I have a mantra (or prayer, if you will) every single time I tie my shoes.

As I hit the road, the first mile is typically difficult for me.  My muscles are tired from the hours of running the week before.  My joints aren't loose and tend to pop and creak as I strike the ground.  So I start thanking, most of the time out loud.

  • Thank you for the breath entering and exiting my body, despite my efforts to ruin my lungs for many years.
  • Thank you for the ability to move my hips freely, knowing others cannot.
  • Thank you for the strength in my thighs that propel my body forward.
  • Thank you for the intricate structure of my feet that strike and push off MANY pounds of weight, forgivingly.
  • Thank you for another day.  I promise to not take it for granted.
Although the words change up, it is always the same.  I'm happy to be here, breathing in and out and given the chance to contribute one more day to this life.

Because today, right now, someone is no longer given that opportunity.  Lives are forever altered.  Families are in mourning.

I try really hard never to forget that.

On a lighter note, it's hard to believe we have already hit another December.  I know I mention this from time to time but could the universe PLEASE just slow the hell down?  I feel like we are rolling through a movie script in fast forward and I yearn for time to be a little more appreciated.

I am super excited about upcoming celebrations though.  Friends, work associates, family.  It's a month of visits and lots and lots of food and cocktails.  Man, I can already tell January is going to be ROUGH! :)

Below are some faves I managed to scrounge up in my oh so much spare time.  Enjoy!


Not only did I see this fab feature last weekend with my Book Club girls, I saw it again with little guy.  Love, love, love!  Little guy wasn't allowed to watch the movie until he finished the book so he read the entire thing in a week.  Yep, I love my little nerd.


Oooh.... I must have this.  LOVE!


I can't help but share this.  Introversion was a topic of conversation at our Thanksgiving table this year.  As I grow wiser I see more and more of this woven in my friendships which always surprises me given that I am the opposite.  This must be why Davis and I have been married 20 years.  Thank God I'm one of his friends!


How darn cute are these guys?  I have a love of all things chocolate anyway but my little guy is a cocoa / hot chocolate connoisseur.  He LOVES that warm, velvety drink!


I love deer.  So pretty, so majestic.  I mean seriously... could there be a more beautiful animal?  And most of friends spend hours and hours and zillions of dollars killing them.  No need to give me the lecture.... I get they are overpopulated and people hit them and we have to do it.  Doesn't mean I like it.  So there.


Speaking of said deer... does it get any cuter than this?  Really?!


Oh my.  Yes, please!!  Click here for the recipe ----> Christmas Bark Cookie Crunch


Heart melt.  Dying from cuteness.  Greyhounds are so awesome - especially this little Italian nugget.  LOVE!


Okay, why in the world wouldn't these be the best thing ever?  No more watered down drinks!  Love these little stainless steel n'ice cubes!


Martinis are at the top of my fave things to sip.  Okay, sometimes guzzle.  Especially the yummo ones served at Houlihan's.

This little gem just makes me smile.  Seriously - who wouldn't want a snowball martini?

Click here for the secrets to this cool cocktail! ----> Alpine Martini

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!


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