Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Holy Scary, Batman!

Bwahhahahahahahahahah..... .  It's Halloween!  Woo hoo!

My son, sweet little boy who was once Peter Pan for Halloween (my favorite costume, by the way, other than Bubba's little lion costume), is evil.  He will no longer be some cutesy character.  No longer will he dress in a sports outfit, be a cowboy or a space ranger.

Nope, he has to be a killer.  An evil menace.  A creepy guy that we all fear lives under our beds and in our closets.

What is it in a little boy that shifts into this macabre nightmare state of being?  Why do they insist on scaring everyone half to death with fake blood, wicked weapons and frightening face paint?

I have no idea.

But here's what I do know:  be as scary as you like, little guy.  Because I have a new love to cherish.  And HE is my little Buzz Lightyear... .and he's sweet, and cute and NOT scary.

Take that.

Have a SPOOKY, scary Halloween, friends.  If you see me sloshing around my EC 'hood, please ignore the thermos in my hand.  It's just apple cider, I promise :).

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, October 29, 2012

T-Minus 8 Days

8 days until Election Day.  Thank freakin' God.  I seriously don't know how much more I can stand.

The President and Governor Romney have seriously ramped up their attack ads.  Every other commercial is about the other's lying, cheating, malicious activities and how they plan to ruin the universe in the next 4 years.  In the end, all they ever seem to be doing is blaming each other for the things that need attention in our country.

Throw in the smack down in my state and it's almost to much to bear.

Case in point:  McCaskill / Akin.  Words just won't ever describe how pissed I am that our party selected such a nimrod to run against that woman.... well, she needs to go in my opinion.  But nonetheless, I am sick and tired of listening to BOTH of their campaigns.  Because they aren't really running a platform anymore. They are trying to slam the other to much to focus on any issues.  And they are getting seriously EVIL with one another.  Seriously... does is look like either of these individuals could represent me?

Last night during my fave show (go Emily!) I saw 4 ads in a row.  IN A ROW.  I thought briefly about throwing my phone at the TV and then remembered that we're almost there.  Radio silence is within reach.  The moment these yahoos get elected we can move on and watch in horror to what they are going to actually do to us next.

Once again, as I usually lament every four years, I feel that I don't have a candidate that best represents everything ME.  Local, state, federal... none of them.  I can't really even throw a dart at one that is in the inner rings closest to my beliefs.  Ugh.  So frustrating.

So as I do every election season, I'm poised to go in and select the peeps that I agree with the most on the topics most important to me at this time.  Yep, no wonder we are so damn spoiled in this country.  I get to switch what's important to me by next election period and change my mind.  Freedom is quite the commodity in the US.

I'm going to make a game this week:  every time an ad comes on television I'm going to mute it and voice over my own commentary.  How McCaskill hates it when her bras are to binding or how Spence likes to eat pudding pops in bed at night.

Anything is better than listening to the crap they are spewing upon me.

I'll leave you with a quote I read last week:

"If you are still undecided about your candidates, then you are uneducated about them."  

Read up and make your choices.  It's your duty as an American.  And yes, your ONE vote DOES count... don't even get me started on that tangent.  I expect to see all of my friends at the polls next week (unless of course you early voted, in which case I'm totally jealous because my stupid ass state won't do early elections.)

Have a great Monday, friends!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Freeze Frame

Bring out the scarves.  The hats (I love hat head, by the way).  The boots.  3 layers of clothes.

It must be football season in the fall.... 38 degree weather, frost on the ground, 20 mph winds.

We are in playoff season for football and the Saturday morning freeze out has descended upon us.  Today we will go scream in the freezing cold wind (as there are never trees on or around a football complex for some strange reason).  Our noses will run, the boys faces will be bright red and they will complain their hands hurt from the cold.

But still, they will get in their 3 point stances, fire off the line and try to crush their opponents.

I've had a lot of conflicting opinions about this football season but one thing I still know to be true:  I absolutely love watching my son play football.  Just as I loved watching my oldest play.  More than just a team sport, these boys have had to learn how to trust each other explicitly.

We all need to do that a little more in our lives.

So off I go to freeze.  Wish me luck.  By the end of the game I'll be a frozen mess.

That's what hot chocolate is for.

Have a great Saturday, friends!


Friday, October 26, 2012


The weeks are just flying into one another it seems, although ask me that on a Tuesday and I'm sure I'll disagree with myself.

This week was a L O N G one for me for some reason, but we are finally at the end.  Just in time for my faves list!

So here you go... stuff I found around the www that I fell in love with instantly.  Because I do that. :)



My car is so unhappy.  She is seriously whining at me every time I start her.  I fear the end is nearing quickly.  Ugh.  I absolutely, positively DESPISE buying cars!  I honestly have no idea what I want... so thank god I usually figure out what I DON'T want.

But I certainly wouldn't mind this!  Oh Shelby Cobra... come to momma!



Oh my.... yes, please!!  I heart you, Burberry!


I love apples.  I love donuts.  I love caramel.  So why wouldn't I love these beauties?  Click here for the fab recipe:  Baked Apple Donuts


With our recent massive drop in temps, nothing says cool fall nights to me than some good ole fashioned flannel.

Bring it on!


Oooh, love this one.

So in the advent of smart phones, nobody mails things anymore.  Well, not many anyway.  So I love this idea that you can send PERSONAL thank you cards to your friends and family right from your phone.  Fabulous!

Insert... Red Stamp.  Love, love, love!


YES!  Not only would Nugget flip out on this but his momma would, too!  She's a big Batman fan so I know they would totally groove on this.


Oh yummo!  This looks fantastic!  I love sweet and salty together so this seems right up my alley.  And who doesn't love candy corn??  Click here for the recipe:  Halloween Chex Mix


I love, love, love minions!  I'm not nearly crafty enough to pull this off but I totally love them anyway!


Every year at (or around) Halloween, we make a big pot of chili and carve pumpkins.  The event wouldn't be marked properly without a big saucepan filled with my homemade mulled cider.  Although this one looks like it could give it a run for its money!  Click here for the yummy recipe!  Caramel Apple Cider


Yep, this is me right now.  Damn it.  I have GOT to get back on track soon!

Have a great Friday, friends!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coffee with Friends

I can't help but feel massive pride today.  After 5 long and sometimes lonely weeks,  my Sassy made new girlfriends!

Even I, expressive/expressive type A extrovert, have to admit that moving 1,600 miles away from home and making new friends would be hard.  It would be one thing if you had a "thing"... "I'm a pediatric neurologist working on a grant to treat blah, blah, blah..." but for all of us totally ordinary people, it can be hard.

So she led with what she is FANTASTIC at... being a momma.  She hit a home run.

I had planned to take over on my visit and knock on every door around her to introduce her.  I'm certain she is so glad that won't happen now.  Or maybe I still will, just for fun.  :)

Not only did she make one friend but she found a group.  And of course, they totally embraced her and Nugget.  Because she is fabulous.  Of course I may be biased. 

Oh, and apparently she found a totally cool coffee place with a kid's playplace in it.  How genius is that?!?  I think I could franchise that here in the midwest... I know a lot of stay at home's that love coffee and are looking for ways to offload their kids for 30 minutes or so (or 4 hours... I'm not judging).

Java Mama.... I am TOTALLY loving this place!

I could just hear the excitement in her voice yesterday as she told me about her adventures.  I'm so happy for her.  My cup runneth over today!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hitting the Court

Football is finally coming to an end... for little guy, that is.  We are in the playoffs and starting to wind towards the end.  And I'm so glad.  I so sad to say that because I absolutely, positively love football.  But this season has been so different and quite frankly difficult at times.  But I'll leave that alone for another post.

Basketball, on the other hand, is just beginning.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am.  After years of trying to find the absolutely right fit for our little guy, I think we finally nailed it thanks to the recommendation of one of our football friends.


Coop tried out and made it onto a competitive team, Victory Basketball (Gunners).  The team is led by two men, both of whom I am already completely impressed (which isn't easy to do, folks).  The head coach is approachable, direct and a great communicator... all things I look for in someone who leads a team.  In addition, it isn't all about the winning for him.  He recognizes that the kids are learning more than the fundamentals of basketball.  They are learning how to cooperate with others, collaborate in efforts and to have each other's backs.  The good stuff, in my opinion. 

This weekend kicked off not only a football playoff game but our first basketball tourney... the Lee's Summit Optimist Tournament.  While playing with my girlfriends out of town, hubs took the boy to FOUR games in 48 hours (1 football and 3 basketball).  Yes, he is a saint... since you wondered.

The coaches wanted the kids to be very challenged their first tournament so to ensure competitiveness they signed us up to play against 6th and 7th graders.  We are in 5th, just to remind you.  Yikes.

The first game went great.  Coop landed himself a "double/double" (I'm not sure these are actual terms or he just makes them up... I don't really care though, it makes him happy either way).  16 points on the board, 16 rebounds.  Wowzers.  Obviously playing center (again)... story of his life until his buddies catch up with him height wise.  Works perfectly though for tip offs...

Our little guy... #35

The second two games were tougher.  Little guy's description was awesome.  "Momma, they were SO TALL!"  Yes honey, that happens when they are two years older than you :).  Finally though he's found his competitive height!

Check out how tall the kid is behind Coop!

By the end of the weekend, he was EXHAUSTED.  Worked perfectly for me to nap after my girls trip since he was napping, too!  He loved the success, loved the challenge and remembered how much he loves basketball all around.

But he's still certain it is the socks that did the trick:

For those of you unaware of this strange phenomenon:  Nike Elites are quite the popular thing.  They are socks, folks.  And they are $14 a pair, in case you wondered.  Because why wouldn't they be?

I can't wait for more basketball.  Between you and me, I think it may fit little guy's athleticism the best.  Shhh, don't tell his Dad....

Have a great Tuesday, friends!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Is that a Sleeping Bag?

If you put 6 women in a minivan careening toward a college town, it's bound to be an adventure!

This weekend marked the third year of gathering friends and heading to Hermann, Missouri for the annual Oktoberfest celebration.  Although the attendees usually change up a bit, the end result is still a ton of laughing, drinking, friendship and fun.

This year promised the same and it did not fail.  In fact, I think we have have upped the ante a bit for future trips!

We started our trip in perfect fashion to celebrate the fall... caramel apple martini's.  Oh, and caramel and candy apply jello shots.  Because if you're going to a college town, you might as well ACT like it!

- me... and our fearless driver :)

After stuffing ourselves silly with Gumby's pizza, we head over to Trops for some frozen yummos.  Where else can you get a 7-11 slurpy chock full of liquor?  Orders included Cherry Bomb, Sex on the Beach, 1/2 Pina Colada, 1/2 something or other.... who knows, I quit paying attention.

Oh, and the couch is STILL in tact.  I think the first comments of being sticky started about now....

After a few rounds of Dirty Words, we finally fell into bed.  If only the toilet would have cooperated - Mel and I had a symphony of sounds all night long.  Ah... I love the Laughing Boar!

After sopping up our drunken bodies in biscuits and gravy at Lyndee's - we showered and head to Hermanoff Winery.  Downtown didn't seem as busy this year but the weather was the most perfect weather we have had to date.  Beautiful, sunny, perfect 70 degrees.  Fantastic.

Hermanoff didn't really hit the spot so we jumped the trolley for the first of many times that day and headed towards Oak Glenn.

Oak Glenn was FUN people watching!  From the puking girl (at 12:30 pm) to the had to be kU grad (okay, I'll try to be nice), the day just kept getting funnier!

No worries, he was actually an Iowa Grad.  Steph asked.

After the grown woman dancing on top of the Sheriff's car, it was time to hit the road and head to Stone Hill.  No worries, it wasn't one of us....

Stone Hill promised it's usual fun.  Drunk grown man passed out on the grass, gossip and laughs.  Oh, and of course, the picture spot that I love so much.

I think to many pics were shot at once. Or Steph and Mel were checking out a hot guy or something.....

Back to the trolley.... I love that I've rekindled a JUNIOR HIGH friendship!!

After a LONG day of walking, drinking and laughing, only one thing can happen.  Yep.... naptime!

Thank god we recover fast... the girls and I hit the town.  Yeah, the HUGE town.  On a recommendation from our guest house owners, we went to the very hoppin Mexican restaurant in town.  Maybe not the best atmosphere on the planet (who knew you could still smoke in the lobby of a restaurant?) but the margs were flowing nicely!

We had the BEST server in the world... Woody.  Or Woodster.  Or Woodman.  Or Woodson.  I can't remember since Michelle gave him a hundred names.  But I'm pretty sure at least half of our margs ended up free, especially since he couldn't find our ticket by the end of the night.  And yes, we closed the restaurant.  Not hard to do when it happens at 10:00.

Off for dancing.  Oh my.  The two clubs that reside in Hermann (if we shall be so bold to call them clubs) are one of two things:  tourists like us... and townies.  Mix the two and it becomes quite an interesting bunch.

But the music was pumpin, the drinks were flowin and us girls were bouncing on the dance floor.  Letting go has never felt so good!  Few tips though:

1.  Carrying your 25 lb purse on the dance floor is not comfortable, especially with your sleeping bag in it.
2.  Telling Coolio where we are staying is not advisable.
3.  Don't let Austin Powers chest hairs get into your cocktails.
4.  If you have a girlfriend she should wash your off-white dirty underwear (most obvious if others can SEE it).
5.  If there is a black X on someone's hand, they aren't 21.  (Yikes!)
6.  Wal-mart feet in a bar in Hermann, Missouri are inevitable.  Run away.
7.  When townie's boobies come out, it's time to go home.
8.  Wearing a sweater to a dance bar is not advisable - women over 40 sweat A LOT.
9.  Deciding to become a smoker for the first time at 40 is also not advisable... even if they are menthols.
10.    In Hermann, you can still be 25 and a recent college graduate.  Or military wives.  Or anything really, because you will never see those people again.

After hitting Shakespears for some grease therapy on Sunday, we head home to our hubs, our babies and our fur kids (and laundry, and cleaning, and running errands).  And back to civilization.... with wi-fi.

I wouldn't trade these memories for anything and I'm so grateful to have fantastic friends!

Have a great Monday, friends!


Friday, October 19, 2012



I didn't think this day would EVER get here!

So here it is... new faves for the week.  I love them all, as always.  Otherwise they wouldn't make the cut!



Mmmm... I like this one.  All of it.  But especially the jeans.  So comfy!


Okay, how good is this?  I love apple and I love sangria, so I'm hoping this is a good as it looks.
Click here for the recipe ----->  Apple Cider Sangria


Oh... my.  I love, love, love this space.  Interestingly, it wouldn't be for my attic.  I've always had a love of small, cozy spaces.  This one is right up at the top for me.  Simple.  Beautiful.


I MUST have this... especially in the Tiny House!  What an awesome idea to save space and get the clothes off the floor, multiple hampers (or bathrooms... nah, that doesn't happen in my house).

I want this!


I'm obsessed with all things pumpkin right now, so of course these jumped right out at me.  Gotta make them... NOW.  Click here for the recipe ------->  Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites with Gingersnap Crusts

Add caption


I love this one... although I'm not so sure I could pull it off.  I have a fear that the (ahem) girls might end up poking out the eye holes.  Yeah, not so cool.  Still love it though!


I need to remember this when taking on new adventures.  The scariest part is getting started anyway - once your going it's all good.


This one is for my friend Tracye who is spending hours developing her information.  Isn't this just beautiful?  I would love to do this but simply don't have the photos to support it, unfortunately.


This would be SO easy and looks so beautiful!  I would love to give this a shot... maybe at Thanksgiving?


This one goes out to a good friend leaving my company today.  I don't think he reads this, but he would laugh if he did.  I'm gonna miss ya, buddy.  But no worries - we have will raid your office when you go!

Have a great Friday, friends!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crazy Train

Sometimes I forget to slow down and appreciate the fact that I have forgiving people in my lives.  I really need to take stock and do that more often.
Obviously by my lack of writing you know I've been swamped.  If I don't blog, I'm either dead ill or completely overwhelmed.  It is essential to my well being to dump my thoughts on paper (okay, screen).  So if it isn't happening - come looking for me!  This is me right now:

I'm giving some props to my biggest supporters who during my busiest times step up immensely.
First off, the little guy.  Man, he's an awesome kid.  I absolutely love the morning dance we have perfected between one another.  He knows by my tone exactly what kind of mood I am and constantly adjusts accordingly.  I always claim he is inflexible but emotionally he really isn't.
Case in point - this morning was a bear.  I woke up tired.  I usually don't do that, so it isn't a good sign when it happens.  He is off school for the next two days and as we head towards his Granny's house, he quietly watched me.
I sat silent.  Even after coffee.  A LOT of coffee.  I was focused on the road and completely unable to speak. 
And my buddy, who talks 24/7 and never stops making noises in between, silently rubbed my arm.  He didn't say a word.  He knew.
As we got closer, he quietly said "Momma, you are really busy lately.  I hope that gets better soon."
Yep... he's a keeper.
Hubs is constantly forgiving me, especially during my crazy busy schedule.  I forget to buy milk, or laundry soap, for DAYS.  And it magically shows up.  I forget and/or lose stuff constantly:  my keys, my phone, my shoes.  It's ridiculous.  And he is usually standing behind me handing them to me.
It's those unspoken moments that I dearly love the most.  When someone just gets you.
My older kids get it, too.  They totally understand when I can't pick up the phone... or when I do and I'm a bit grumpy.  They adjust accordingly and love me more.
A girl couldn't ask for more.
As this weekend FINALLY gets here, I have a ton to celebrate.  My people get me.  Thank God - I'm not so sure the rest of the world necessarily does most days.
Have a great Thursday, friends! 


Monday, October 15, 2012

East Bound and Down

And just like that, our girls trip is already this weekend!

I look forward to this trip for months.  Prior to moving into our 'hood four years ago, I didn't take girls trips.  The closest I could get to that would be visiting booming Joplin, Missouri to see my mom, aunts and cousins.  Fun still, but not quite the same.  Especially the end years of momma's life.

Something switched in my brain when I moved.  I'm not even quite sure what it is exactly - it really befuddles me.  It doesn't have anything to do with money... that is exactly the same as when we first moved.  It doesn't have to do with careers... those are the same for both of us.  

I guess a big part of it is although I still have little guy at home, my brain was telling me I was becoming an empty nester (Bub left home the same month we moved).  So maybe that is it?  But I do know this:  since moving in I have become more social, more confident and more of a planner than I ever had been before.


So in 5 short days us girls will pack up some glamorous minivan (or mom SUV or the like) and trek a mere 190 miles east in our very own state and visit WINERIES.  Yes, friends out on the coasts.... we actually DO have wineries here!  And this little German originated town happens to have a ton of them. And if you jump on the trolley with the other partygoers, you can ride to them all.  Well, most of them.

Oh, and if you don't like wine... they have breweries, too! 

Mostly though I am seriously ready for some girl giggle time, kicking up the heels on a dance floor and letting our hair down for a full 48 hours.  No laundry, no dusting, no vacuuming.  

Ah, sounds perfect to me!

Have a great Monday, friends!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Runner is Born

Little guy took on a new feat yesterday - his first 5k!  He joined a running club at school a few weeks ago and has been running twice a week "training". 

He loved it.

He has obviously been paying attention to hubs and I training programs.  On running club days, he reminds me the day before that he needs to "carb up" (any pasta possible, according to him).  He's been avoiding sweets, sodas and sugars and asking for more protein.  

I think it's really just the structure of it that he loves so much.

His club ran this weekend in a 5k for our school district so I knew he had friends running with him so hubs and I opted to not sign up and run with him.  About an hour before the run, he asked me to run with him.

"Sure, buddy.  I'll run with you."  (Dying with my response, I haven't run in three weeks.  Hubs and I fell WAY off track with our training due to football (and a zillion other excuses), so honestly I was a bit intimidated on how my body was going to feel about this).

We took out at a 13.50 pace - much slower than I typically run but I wanted to try to keep him from sprinting.  He's a true football / basketball / baseball runner - short distances, fast speed.  Not really conducive for a three mile run.

By the end of the first mile, he wasn't so excited.  His shoulder hurt (still can't figure that out), his ankle was "sore" and he was breathing erratically.  So we did only what I know to do - we slowed down further.  I told him I would run as slow as I could as long as he promised not to walk.  I wanted to see if he could do it.

He wasn't so sure.  But as we crested the top of the last hill, he smiled at me... he knew he had it.

It was an awesome feeling to watch him unfold his own success.  He did it all on his own.  He pushed himself and fought through his desire to quit.

And that, my friends, is why I love running.  Even when I don't!

He and I sprinted across the finish line together and he had the most giant smile I have ever seen on his face.

Thank god the rest of the day provided rain - football was canceled and he was able to just chill.  

I can't wait to run the next one with him.  He was a great running buddy!

Have a great Sunday, friends!