Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Runner is Born

Little guy took on a new feat yesterday - his first 5k!  He joined a running club at school a few weeks ago and has been running twice a week "training". 

He loved it.

He has obviously been paying attention to hubs and I training programs.  On running club days, he reminds me the day before that he needs to "carb up" (any pasta possible, according to him).  He's been avoiding sweets, sodas and sugars and asking for more protein.  

I think it's really just the structure of it that he loves so much.

His club ran this weekend in a 5k for our school district so I knew he had friends running with him so hubs and I opted to not sign up and run with him.  About an hour before the run, he asked me to run with him.

"Sure, buddy.  I'll run with you."  (Dying with my response, I haven't run in three weeks.  Hubs and I fell WAY off track with our training due to football (and a zillion other excuses), so honestly I was a bit intimidated on how my body was going to feel about this).

We took out at a 13.50 pace - much slower than I typically run but I wanted to try to keep him from sprinting.  He's a true football / basketball / baseball runner - short distances, fast speed.  Not really conducive for a three mile run.

By the end of the first mile, he wasn't so excited.  His shoulder hurt (still can't figure that out), his ankle was "sore" and he was breathing erratically.  So we did only what I know to do - we slowed down further.  I told him I would run as slow as I could as long as he promised not to walk.  I wanted to see if he could do it.

He wasn't so sure.  But as we crested the top of the last hill, he smiled at me... he knew he had it.

It was an awesome feeling to watch him unfold his own success.  He did it all on his own.  He pushed himself and fought through his desire to quit.

And that, my friends, is why I love running.  Even when I don't!

He and I sprinted across the finish line together and he had the most giant smile I have ever seen on his face.

Thank god the rest of the day provided rain - football was canceled and he was able to just chill.  

I can't wait to run the next one with him.  He was a great running buddy!

Have a great Sunday, friends!


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