Monday, October 01, 2012

Church on Sunday

Saturday night I sat totally bummed at one our fave local Mexican dives.  I looked over at Hubs and he gave me a little smile.

We were missing the Eric Church concert.

Okay, I know... it's just a concert.  Who cares?  I'm sure he'll come again anyway.

Yeah - clearly you don't know me.  I am infatuated with Eric Church.  From the first time I saw him in his tight wranglers, aviator glasses, camo hat and scruffy face, I just knew.  All of his albums have made their way into my car, house and every playlist I maintain.

Seriously... who doesn't love this?

Okay, not for everyone I realize.  I think my main desire is truly his music anyway.  That and he's so damn sexy on stage.  No worries... I couldn't get near him anyway - he has a gorgeous wife and a beautiful baby.

Oh, and I'm married, too.

So I wallowed a bit Saturday night thinking of how much fun we would have had at the concert.  Music is such a huge part of me and hubs' lives.  We listen almost everyday to something at home, avoiding screens until absolutely necessary (did you SEE Revenge last night?!?  AHH!!)

Sunday morning I went to the Chiefs game with clients and coworkers.  We had an awesome view of the stadium from suites... a place I don't typically sit.  I couldn't help but think this must be where the high rollers watch my beloved Chiefs get their asses kicked each week.

Towards the end of the first quarter, I look over to my left, spanning the fans.  The suite directly next to us is empty... no doubt, they cost $90,000 a season so that doesn't surprise me.  The suite next to it has a few people coming in and out of the seating area.  A couple of people walk inside, and I'm left with this view:

Oh yeah - you guessed it.  ERIC FREAKIN' CHURCH!!  Sitting there, drinking a beer, playing on his phone.  OH MY.

I wanted to scream like a little girl.  Instead I did what all good stalker weirdos do... I stopped watching the game and stared at him.  For a L O N G time.

Guess I didn't need that concert after all.  I still got my Church fix... and on a Sunday, no less.

Dreams really do come true.

Here's some Church for you, in case you live in a hole and have never heard him (click link):  Creepin'... my new fave (which changes every time he releases a new one...)

Happy Monday, friends!  Hope you have a great week!


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