Sunday, September 30, 2012

Living an 11 year old's Schedule

Geesh - am I behind or what?  No Friday Faves (which I drafted and didn't finish) and missed about 5 posts this week.  I hate when I fall behind, not necessarily for my readers (sorry, friends) but memories are building and I'm obviously not writing them down.

Which is what this blog is all about!  Journaling my life, my journey, my story.  I gotta get on the ball!

I do have a good excuse for being behind though.  My little guy has had a jam packed schedule for the past week, plus I traveled some.  Throw that together and I didn't seem to accomplish much in my "personal life" (yes, amusing I know... what's that?)

Little guy did have a pretty awesome (busy) week.

First up:  he tried out for a competitive basketball team.  I watched before my eyes my confident, knowing 11 year old child begin to fray around the edges before the try outs.  Usually unnerved, he talked for days about how he was a bit worried.  So of course, I went right with him in that emotion (as I typically do with my kiddos).  I prayed if he wanted to be on the team that the stars would align and he would get his wishes.  I pumped him up every day up until the tryout telling him he totally had what it took and to not worry.  But worry he did.

So hubs did the BEST thing ever.  He went and bought him a new pair of basketball shoes, some cool new socks and a new under armour compression tank... anything to make him FEEL like an awesome basketball player.

And he did just great.  He tried out on Friday and had an invite to join the team on Saturday night.  I couldn't be more proud of him for fighting his fear and worry and giving it his best.  This season will be a blast to watch him grow!

Slide in his birthday - which was almost overlooked, quite frankly.  Falling on a Monday in the throws of fall activities is just a hot mess but we somehow managed to make him a homemade "fancy" dinner with some crazy triple chocolate cake and he was totally happy.  I have no idea where the last 11 years have gone but I want them back!

After tackling the basketball tryouts, he was invited to participate on the Lee's Summit West Varsity Softball team's homecoming parade float... as the opposing team's football player they had captured.  The kicker?  Oh, about 20 or so beautiful high school girls on the float with him!  I honestly thought he was going to crumble.... he was so incredibly nervous around the girls, smiled the entire time (who wouldn't?) and ended up loving the experience. 

To round out the week, I volunteered for a field trip to the local School of Economics with him.  He had to complete a job application, interview for the job he wanted and see if he was accepted.  What a great experience!  He was a bank teller and I was totally impressed - he wanted me out of the way so he could do it on his own.  He did a great job but at the end of the day, politely told me that he never, ever wanted to be in banking.  Amen, buddy... I hear you!  He said he didn't mind counting the money all day but the people just kept coming and interrupting him.  Ah... this is the part of him that acts more introverted.  He really wants to be left alone to his tasks and wants one at a time.  Who wouldn't?  I hated to break to him that adult life just isn't that simple.  Oh how I only wish I were 11 again!

Last night little guy had an awesome football game.  He ran for a touchdown again (an experience he will never get over) and then we grabbed dinner with some friends and helped celebrate their little guy's birthday.

October is already here.  Last night I caught a glimpse of the harvest moon and was reminded of how small I really am in this giant universe.  Although exhausted... I'm glad I had the week I did.  It affirms these activities that pull my attention right and left are the very pillars of experience that little guy needs to learn and grow and become a man.  I wish I could throw the breaks though.... it is happening way faster than I'd like.

Have a great week, friends!


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