Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anyone see the Toaster?

Ah.... finally settling.
The moving truck finally reached San Diego with the kid's belongings.  It's been a L O N G 10 days to say the least!
It never ceases to amaze me what I "need" on a daily basis.  More importantly, what I've come to expect available to me each day.
In the matter of a two hour span each morning (and I'm sure not unlike all of you), I've touched the following items (sometimes repeatedly):
1.  My alarm clock (repeatedly banging the snooze)
2.  My phone - always the first thing I grab
3.  Coffee pot (coffee cup, spoon, sweetener)
4.  Fridge (clouds in my coffee)
5.  Laptop (check fb and release my blog if not already scheduled)
And all of this takes place within 10 minutes of awakening, before anyone else is up.
When I get my dogs out of jail (aka kennel), I move laundry typically.  Then breakfast for the kiddo, which typically involves the toaster and so on.
All this is to say I rely pretty heavily on my "stuff" to get moving each day.
Now close your eyes and imagine you don't have any of that stuff.  Oh, including your BED.  You don't have anywhere to sit, either.
Yeah - I'm thinking most of us wouldn't survive a day.  But somehow, the kids survived 10.
This morning as I poured my coffee I thought immediately of my sassy, waking from her own bed finally and begin her day of nesting and settling into their new home.  I'm so glad she can finally have her things.  Now for the flurry of boxes!
Reminds us all to not take things for granted... even for a second!
Have a great Thursday, friends!


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