Sunday, September 09, 2012

Seriously Short

Is it okay to wear knee socks?  Let me clarify.  Is it okay to wear knee socks, showing over the top of your boots, with a skirt, over the age of 40?  How about over the age of 50?

I sat with a girlfriend Friday night at our local high school game and gasp as a mom walked by the bleachers in a TIGHT fitting team t-shirt, skirt and knee socks with boots.  Honestly, she looked like she would fit in perfect at one of our local catholic high schools.  'Cept the skirt was grey wool and not plaid.

Had she been in her 20's, she would have rocked that outfit.  Guys heads would have turned.

I will give her this:  she didn't look slutty or anything.  Everything was appropriately covered.  It just didn't seem to make sense.

As I watched her walk by, I turned to my friend (whose mouth was also gaping open).  I just had to ask.

"Is that appropriate?"

Little Miss Fashionista smiled at me and said firmly... "Uh, no.  Plus I hate her because she's so skinny."

Was that it?  Were we jealous of her tight bod?  Maybe a little bit.

Moments later, we glimpsed a barely teen, most likely freshman, in the shortest white shorts known to man, a cut up team tank top slit up both sides so her sports bra could be seen underneath.  Long legs, long hair, beautiful girl.  Sporting her team spirit, she even donned LSW eye black under her eyes.

And she was trying to hard to get attention.  And she was succeeding.

I wonder why girls think it's appropriate to dress that way?  Oh... could it possibly be their mother's may be that woman in the socks and boots, blazing the trail to feminism rights?  Could it be her parent's don't know she left the house looking that way?  How will she walk back IN looking that way?  Are all kids that deceitful that their parents don't have any clue how they are dressing?  Are we parents totally oblivious hiding behind our smart phones, SUVs and mounting debt that we cannot see what our children are up to?

I wanted to go hug her... then smack her and tell her to wake up.  She was a beautiful girl that would be just as beautiful in a hoodie and jeans (BTW it was 55 degrees and WINDY at the game, perfect attire quite frankly).

I'm not saying we should slather our girls in turtlenecks.  But someone, somewhere, has to use a little bit better judgement with our young women.

But what do I know.... I'm a boy mom.

Have a fantastic Sunday, friends!


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