Tuesday, September 04, 2012

WORK away!

Labor Day weekend turned out to be just that:  LABOR INTENSIVE!  I did get a chance to mix in some fun but overall my butt has been thoroughly kicked.  Mizzou pulled out their first win of the season, I ran an 8 mile training run, drank driveway beers with my fun neighbs and then died.

In my continued efforts to streamline and simplify my life, I tackled my basement.  I have a HUGE unfinished basement... and somehow have managed to completely fill it in the last 4 years.  I have hung onto everything from Bubba's high school artwork (in a giant art case), his drum stand from 5th grade and believe it or not, Coop's infant car seat.  Yes, I'm ridiculous (and I admit it).

So I fired up a pot of coffee, pulled up some Bob Segar on my iPhone and unrolled the 50 gallon trash bags and went to work.  And work it was.  I filled NINE bags with donations and another 5 bags with TRASH.  Yes, trash.  Seriously, what in the world is wrong with me?  TRASH in my house?  So ridiculous! 
Hubs and I have not made a serious purchase in over 4 years.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why I hung onto all this stuff other than moving forward and eliminating it was somehow to much of a feat for me.
Now I have the bug.  I cannot wait to get back down there this week and work harder.  I have consolidated all of my fave decorations under my staircase and have made a promise to myself that other than one shelving system, my basement will be EMPTY. 
The garage is next.  Watch out, hubs... you know what happened the last time this happened (where is that leaf blower?)
I did have an amazing experience this weekend.  I spent one hour of my life doing 3 loads of laundry at a local laundromat due to my stupid washing machine.  I make life FAR more complicated than it needs to be!  In speaking with the person working there (watching Stars and Stripes... NOT working at the self serve laundromat), I recall stories my Aunt used to tell me about her own business.  My family owned a laundromat in Southern Missouri for years.  It's quite an interesting clientele, to say the least.

My new fave hangout.... although mine doesn't look this cool, quite honestly.
I'm a little bit more grateful today for everything in my life.  Because it could be SO much worse.  Case(s) in point:
At least my sister didn't have my uncle's baby (true story).
I didn't start my laundry and get so drunk that I forgot to move it... to the dryer... 12 hours later... at a public laundromat (sidenote:  this possibly happens at home on occasion.  I cannot really admit or deny it).
I didn't buy my two year old dinner out of the candy vending machine at said public laundromat (again, true story).
I didn't drop (and leave) my undies in a public parking lot.
I didn't have to fire a co-worker that was breaking open my machines and stealing money from me.
Humble pie.  Best served with a cold diet coke... and a splash of Jim Beam if available.
Have a great Tuesday, friends.  Short work week!


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