Saturday, September 08, 2012

Sing. Sing a Song. Sing Outloud! Sing out STRONG!

Little guy burst into the kitchen one evening last week while I was writing.
"Mom - I have GOT to tell you what happened today!"
I looked up to see his compression clothes still clinging to his stinky, sweaty body after football practice.
"What it is, buddy... did you make a great play at practice tonight?'
His face was beaming with the biggest smile ever.  As I attempted to stumble out of the bar stool to congratulate him, he had already streamed 5 more sentences together.  I barely caught the end before I interrupted him to slow him down.
"... and our shirts are black this year, and we have to practice on Thursday mornings at SEVEN THIRTY IN THE MORNING!  Can you believe that?  That means I have to get up extra early on those days!"
"Okay buddy... take a breath.  This is very exciting news!  I am very, very proud of you.  Do I have a form I need to sign or something?"
"Nope.  She didn't give it to us yet.  I'll let you know when you need to sign it."  And then he was gone with only the faint smell of sweat, mud and grass left in the room.
Just then, hubs rounded the corner into the room smiling.  My version of the story just told was much different than what he had told his daddy on the way to football. 
"Hey dad, the music teacher put me in choir today..."  No drama.  Minimal excitement.  Very matter of fact.
I'm sure the truth is somewhere in between.  I had been encouraging my son to consider singing for quite some time... just awaiting the option to be available at school.  He absolutely LOVES to sing.  And he does it well!  For now (which I know won't last), he actually sings in the tenor range (and on occasion, soprano).  Obviously that won't stick around once his hormones start blazing.  Nonetheless, he has great pitch and loves the melodic structure of songs.  And he sings NON-STOP.  Put him in a car and the radio becomes his.  And just like his momma, he can remember every word of every song he has ever heard.
I love how much he loves music.  I love that he can FEEL it.  And I love that he isn't ashamed or embarrassed about it.
More importantly, it is so awesome to me to see my giant, athletic kiddo rock out to Drowning Pool, sing-song along with Carly Rae Jepsen or bust a move to Michael Jackson.  His need for diversity is almost as strong as mine!
Guess I'll be hanging around auditoriums as much as stadiums and gyms this year.  Sounds like a great balance to me. 

Have a great Saturday, friends!


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