Monday, September 24, 2012

The Birthday Boys of Fall

Oh lord, my son is officially a tween.  Help me.

Today is little guy's 11th birthday. I have no idea how he got this old this fast.  

Of course his sarcastic Libra self didn't get there alone... Hubs birthday was yesterday.

These boys are two peas in a pod.  They are seriously so much alike it is scary.  Well, that is, until little guy is like me.

I think it's awesome to watch your kids grow up and see where they have assimilated one parent's traits or the other.  Coop has all of my literal thought processes:  "that can't be because it's not."  He struggles with intangibles a bit but is overwhelmingly interested in figuring them out. 

His analytical brain is definitely his daddy's.  He wants to know how everything works... and why.  He dissects every sport and memorizes miles and miles of statistics.  Ugh - so not me.

And he's sweet and tender, forgiving and loving and generally a very happy kid.  I feel so blessed.

So happy birthday to both my boys (at home).  Thank god Bubba is a Virgo so I'm not trapped with THREE Libras.  Justice of scales my ass... I am pretty sure the scales are tipped in your direction most days!

Have a fantastic Monday, friends!


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