Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MY wing is the best!

I received what has to be the nicest comment about my blog this week from an old friend.  She thanked me for writing and told me she looked forward to reading every day.  How awesome is that?  Special shout out to Donna for giving me encouragement to do what I love!

Not everyone would agree with everything I have to say and I certainly don't expect them to.  That's the beauty about these words on this paper (okay, screen)... they are all mine.  I love that.  

With the election around the corner and the advent of social media, things are definitely heating up in the Davis household.  Hubs and I enter into a ton of debates at election time.  Social Liberals vs. Fiscal Conservatives... round 1.  We truly do have a very common set of morals and values, however as with all things in marriage, we do not possess the same opinions on all of the issues.

I don't remember facebook and twitter being as prevalent a platform for the candidates in the 2008 elections but I could have just blocked it from memory.  This election seems much different to me.  Every day when I log on I have a hundred items on the wall, some with pictures, some with quotes, all saying the same thing.  I'm better than you.  In most instances, these catchy phrases and digs don't seem to really outline HOW one of the candidates is better than the other, but nonetheless they are better.

It irritates the hell out of me.  I've voted in every primary election for over a decade.  I listen and watch both the DNC and the RNC so that I can try to glean a better understanding of each of the candidates platforms.  I watch CNN, MSNBC and Fox to try to hear what the commentators have to say about both sides (until my ears feel like they are bleeding).  I faithfully listen to all of the debates.

And I end up more confused than when I started.  Because the truth is neither candidate represents ME completely.  

Our country remains divided and in order for candidates to be voted into office they have to show their true alliance with their party in an aggressive manner.  The result?  The left candidate moves to far to the left and the right wing candidate moves to far to the right, hence both parties exclude people that are moderately situated somewhere in the middle.

Just as the middle class is often overlooked by both candidates in their platforms.

It just wears me out... but it is SO incredibly important.  And it's a true freedom we cannot overlook.  We could live in a third world country where their citizens have no voting rights and women are beaten into submission and slavery.

Yeah, I don't think so.  I think I'll figure out how to live with a President that might not align perfectly with my opinions.

It's only September 12~ we've got a way to go until election day.  I hope we can all make it through still friends!  Truly, it's the differences that we have that make America a more fair and equal place to live.

Or we can just do this:

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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