Monday, September 17, 2012

Are we STILL training for a Marathon?

Hubs and I have been struggling.  Our schedule for marathon training has heated up and we are having a hard time getting to our midweek runs with football interruptions.  

And it has an impact.

The marathon gods before us clearly knew what they were doing when the set recommended schedules.  We are halfway through!!

Hubs and I took out yesterday to some beautiful weather.  Okay, a little on the humid side.  But otherwise cool and breezy.  We went a new route (since I'm determined not to play Frogger on my road anymore) and it was awesome.  Long, rural roads.  Mostly flat.  Okay, flat and uphill.

Our first 4 miles were fantastic.  At the end of mile 2 I even popped my ear buds to specifically tell Hubs that my leg muscles were warm and tingly.  Yes, we have stupid conversations like that when we run.

But we also have really good planning discussions, too.  What else can you do in almost 3 hours?

As we started a GIANT hill in mile 5, I slowed my pace WAY down.  No, PP.... I didn't walk, thank you very much.  That comes in mile 6.  

Somehow though, as I hit stride into mile 7, I really, really felt good.  I actually told myself "I could do this forever"... words I hardly ever say!  It was even on an incline so I was feeling really proud of myself.

I struggled a bit through mile 10 and rounded the corner to come home (on my street, praying I wouldn't get hit).  Traffic had picked up from our departure so I was a bit worried.  Not to mention I am always aware of my performance that close to home ~ I do NOT want one of my neighb friends to see me walking!  Call me competitive...

I'm sure anyone that saw me on my last mile thought I had an injury.  By then my feet were screaming at me... my right in particular.  Not so happy with a perceived new blister (turns out I didn't have one... I'll have to figure that out). 

Almost 2,000 calories burned.  WOWZERS.  If you don't think running can burn them up, you are mistaken.  Now... the giant plate of pasta the night before to fuel certainly did it's job (and stored fat, I'm sure!)

This week our schedule heats up - 4 miles Tuesday, 6 miles Wednesday, 4 miles Friday and 14 on Sunday.  Lord help us.

I still love running with Hubs.  His left shoulder... I like to run directly behind it so I can see.  I'm thinking the true meaning must be a protective one.  It does feel pretty safe right there.  And I totally love the way I feel when a long run is complete!

Have a fantastic Monday, friends!  Do something that inspires YOU today!


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