Friday, March 29, 2013


The last Friday in March.  It's hard to believe we are already through the first quarter of 2013.  Time sure flies when you're living each day to the fullest!  Okay, I'm not that optimistic... just that busy.

Another round of Friday Faves, this week in celebration of the Easter holiday.  I'm so excited to have my whole family here for the occasion!  The Easter Bunny is gonna be so good to Nugget and I can't WAIT to hide eggs EVERYWHERE!  Actually, I can't post enough things I love about eggs, bunnies and chocolate so I must sprinkle my other faves in as well.



Okay, I'll at least throw ONE ode to bunnies in this post.  Stage left, the cutest darn rolls you have ever laid eyes on.

Yep, these are cuties and don't seem to be that difficult!  Click here for the recipe --->  Easter Bunny Rolls


The picture says it all.  Tiny House.  Tahiti.  Sign me up.


There you have it.  Sometimes truth is a good thing.


I love me some chambray.  It ranks right up there with the perfect jeans.  And every girl needs a pair of white jeans.  Everyone.


I have the best memories of my Aunt's house in southern Missouri.  Two big factors in her beautiful old home remain at the top of my mind:  her giant heater grate in the living room that I would sit on to get warm when the furnace kicked on and her grandfather clock which chimed on the hour.

I loved that clock.  I have never had one (nor did my parents) so listening to that beautiful sound each hour always seemed soothing to me.  Someday I will own one, even if it is has to be a skinny version for my tiny home.


Love, love, love this.


Oh my.  I love scallops.  I love risotto.  Why wouldn't I love this dish?  GET IN MY BELLY!!  Click here for the yummo recipe ---->  Scallops and Risotto


Okay, although I'm not a huge fan of chevron print, I think this is totally awesome for a concrete floor.  This totally makes me want to go paint my basement right now.  As if I don't have enough to do already.


Love this...says all that you need to know!


I love this... simple and beautiful.

Happy Easter weekend, friends!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Highest in the Land

A controversial topic for a controversial world has been placed in the hands of the United States Supreme Court.

I certainly don't envy their task.

When the highest court in our nation convenes to contemplate specific legalities of an issue as it applies to our constitution, it can be a bit tricky to navigate.  For starters, all appointed judges have had a lifetime of their own established morals and values.  They differ from one another, obviously.  Even within the liberal group of judges (or the conservative group), they have much different viewpoints.

All of which are valid.

Politics are often polarizing.  Democrats and Republicans fight their positions sometimes as down and dirty as a Missouri fan defending themselves against a KU fan.  What we hope exists within each camp is passion.  Passion for their belief system.  What we hope doesn't exist in either camp is influence.  Obviously, the latter would be damning to us all.

Alas.... it happens everywhere.  It happens in families, in business and in politics.  That's why companies often refer to the "politics in the office".  It can get downright dirty and difficult to navigate who is in which camp and how one should align themselves.

Although Americans are typically impatient, we will have to wait for awhile on this one.  The judges are working on two related cases, both of which address the legality of gay marriage.  Their first debate?  Whether or not they should even be hearing the cases.

Yep, it's gonna take awhile.  Media is reporting we won't know anything until June.

Full transparency is beginning to change everything we do in our world.  No longer will our appointed justices sit in debate for months on end in complete secrecy.  They will debate publicly, essentially, being taped/recorded.

I'm not sure I can agree with this.  Oh sure, some would agree it keeps them accountable.  Not so really - they were already transcribed word for word and held for future generations to review so it's not like they could hide.  Coming into the digital age has an entirely new format of confrontation to it.  In my opinion, the justices have to live in complete solitary once their debates are aired as to not be influenced by the outside world before deciding their position.  How fair is it to appoint someone to do major lifting for this country and then force them to live in this fashion?

How many business meetings do you engage in each week that you would not have televised on your company's intranet for the rest of the associates to see?

It would certainly temper the way you communicated.  It may even hamper your ability to express your position, especially if there were repercussions (even though that's typically illegal).

It should be interesting to follow.  A lot of Americans will bury their heads in the sand during conversations of  fiscal budgets, tax increases and military cuts but when a social topic is discussed related to personal choices they are up front and center.  With the case just being opened yesterday, I already have a ton of friends on facebook identifying their positions.

It's gonna be a long haul. Be patient and let them do their work. And try, really try, to remember this.

No matter what camp you may reside.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Oddly Awkward

My little guy has finally moved from that cute snuggle bug into a full on tween hormonal monster.

Lord help me.  Lord help us all.

His transition has seemed to be far more awkward than Bubba's experience.  For starters, his body is FAR bigger than it should (or needs) to be.  It's not really his weight that is the issue.  It's his LENGTH.  I swear his arms have grown three inches.  They dangle awkwardly at his side and he flails them around constantly.  At times I'm not even certain his brain is dictating their every move.  

And that's just his arms.  I cannot even begin to address his legs or his FEET.  We are getting ready to purchase size 12 baseball cleats.  He's 11.

In short (ahem), he is a tall, lanky mess of a kiddo right now.  He's to big for everything kid sized but not even close to being a man.  How strange that must feel for him.

I know it's weird to me.  He still snuggles with me quite a bit, which can often feel awkward given his size.  His face is directly in front of my face as he stands 5'7" tall.  So you can imagine how strange that feels when he wants to snuggle in bed with me.

I'm a real person (not just a mother)... it is sometimes awkward I have to admit.

I love the young man he is becoming.  He is full of flaws and I love all of them.  He fibs sometimes when he is embarrassed, crying when he is confronted.  He got that from me.  But he is completely unaffected by someone saying something negative about him.  He got that from his Dad.  Thank god.  It's so awesome to see him intertwining the two of us into his own being.

But even so, I miss my little snuggle bug a lot.  I can't wait to see Nugget so I can snuggle and squeeze him.  I'm convinced it's something a mother yearns for once she's had a taste of it. 

Yep, kids are crack.

Happy Monday, friends!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Here We Go Again

We're being pounded again by snow.  Ugh.  I wonder how many blog posts I have written about the weather?  Hmmm, research for another day.  Of course you know it's bad when they NAME the storm... Winter Storm Virgil.  Nice.  Thanks, Virgil.

Yeah, in case you were wondering... we are in the purple 8-12" area.  Awesome.

So it's Sunday morning and I'm up alone (well, besides the fur kids).  It's so quiet in the house you could hear a pin drop.  The only thing I can hear in the background is the gentle hum of my fireplace blower (best purchase EVER in my opinion).

I have my coffee to my left, my bills to my right, getting ready to scratch checks.  Okay, not really - pay online... but doesn't sound as cool.  It's almost the end of March and we haven't listed our house yet.


Honestly I'm glad we weren't ready.  This winter and spring has just slammed us with more snow than we have had in decades.  I didn't want to manage the open houses with 12 inches of snow.  That just seems like no fun at all.  So we've been waiting.  Waiting for the right moment, waiting for a sign.  Contemplating where, when and how is sometimes a daunting task.

Our number one concern has been making sure our kiddo stays in his elementary school.  It will be his 6th and final year and we can't bear to move outside of the area and possibly not be awarded the coveted "transfer" that we would undoubtedly have to pray to get.  I hear our district can be quite stingy with these transfers and I can't imagine the look on little guy's face if we didn't get it and he lost his last year with his best friends.

Obvious choice?  Stay through enrollment, which is in July.  As soon as the paper is signed for school we could sell and move.  Just gotta have that "proof of residency" electric bill to push us into the safe zone.

What does that mean for me?  Well, more time to paint, repair and get ready, obviously.  But also one more quarter of these finances as well.  

We've waited this long, a few more months won't hurt.

The military signs 6 month leases for their members, specifically to prepare for deploys and reassignments.  With that comes a great opportunity for my kids to move around if desired, checking out different sides of the city and new communities.  The kids like their current home (as do I!) but have wanted to get a little bit closer to Bubba's ship now that they are entrenched in West Coast living and all it has to offer.  It's hard to believe it but their first 6 month lease is up (already!) so for kicks they put in for a transfer in housing to see what would come up.

It was in the cards... the kiddos were given a new place!  It's a LOT closer to the ship, in a thriving community with LOTS of families and has the amenities the kids want.  And a backyard.  A nice, big, fenced backyard!  Nugget is gonna FLIP out!  I see a jungle gym in his very near future... or basketball goal at the very least.

I'm so very happy for them I could cry.  They give me great hope that my move will also be coming shortly.  I just need patience (always) and faith (and patience).

Adding 'Book Flight to SD' to my to-do list is the perfect start to my quiet Sunday morning.  

By the way - the kids are actually HERE.  Right now, as I type.  For a girl that has no patience I have totally proved myself wrong this week and I'm quite proud of it.  They are spending time with Sassy's family for a week before coming to see us.  Yes, 15 minutes away from me and I haven't smothered them yet!  I am quietly, patiently awaiting my turn.  'Cause that's what parents do... they support their kids no matter what.

But I am dying over here.  I've packed this house with more food and snacks than it's ever had.  I bought all new bedding for Nugget hoping he'll feel comfy and want to stay here with us.  Hubs and I scoured the entire second floor yesterday in preparation for them.  I cannot WAIT to have them here - it will be the first time we have been together for this long since we went to the Lake on vacation a zillion moons ago.  Coffee with my son in the morning, long chats with Sassy while the boys play in the evening, snuggles with Nugget watching Lala.  

Oh, and Popsicles for breakfast, if he wants them.  He can have absolutely ANYTHING he wants.  'Cause that's what being a Nana is all about!

Happy Sunday, friends.  I hope if you are in the Midwest you are snuggled in your homes nice and warm and safe.  It's looks pretty nasty out there.  No worries, spring will actually come eventually.  It always does.


Friday, March 22, 2013


It's cold.  It's still snowing and it's March 22nd.  The weather is seriously impacting my running schedule (because I'm being a weenie).  But that's all good, because it's MARCH MADNESS BABY!

I love basketball.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.  The zillion hours it is on television just makes my heart sing.

Until I start hating it when all my teams (thus my bracket) goes to hell.  Then I'll bitch up a storm that I can't watch the television and what I want to watch.

And so goes the cycle of a woman's emotions.  No wonder we have such a bad rap.

For Friday Faves this week, I've sprinkled in some basketball loves for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy them now - I'll be SICK of it come April 8th!


I couldn't resist, with the 10 inches of snow predicted AGAIN this weekend.  Hee hee!


Oooh, I love this.  Little guy would absolutely lose his mind if I threw this up on his wall!


Okay, maybe not totally politically correct but I still love it!  See, even holy girls have fun!


In honor of the cold weather, I'm thinking grey is the only way to celebrate.  I keep trying to pop spring colors into my wardrobe but it doesn't seem to be helping.  Maybe I should just give in?!


Oh my!  How darn cute are these yummos?  I totally love cake pops but have yet to venture out to try to make them.  Seem so hard to me.... maybe I should just give it a try?  Don't think I'll start with these though... they seem a little ambitious!


Every time I have a party or friends over we always undoubtedly end up hanging out in one spot in my house:  the kitchen counter.  Mine currently is a granite slab but I am completely in love with this look (as is Hubs).  Tiny house, maybe?


Ah.. no doubt I love me some Justin (Timberlake, that is... not Bieber).  This new album is absolutely freaking AMAZING!  It's meant to be listened to from start to finish, one song blending beautifully into the next like a well scripted screenplay.  I absolutely love it.  Thanks for hitting one outta the park, JT. We needed it!


I couldn't help myself on this one.  I absolutely love the inquisitive nature of kids, more than ever now that I am a Nana.  They are so awesomely determined when they want something really badly.  Case in point, little guy below (that totally reminds me of my nugget!):


Okay, so I'm always throwing up cakes and brownies and the like so I thought I'd mix it up a bit.  Check out this citrusy snack!  I am loving the orange, blood orange, pomegranate combo.  YUMMO!  Who says you can't enjoy fruit in the winter?!


I don't know if it's warmer out east or not but if it is, I would totally go to Italy RIGHT NOW.  Love, love, love.

Have a great Friday, friends!


Thursday, March 21, 2013



I met Hubs in August of '92.  Although he traveled a significant amount (and usually over the weekends), we did our best to see each other and develop our relationship.  Our perfect storms were when Bubba was with his father for a weekend and Hubs didn't have a trip.  He dropped on one knee in December.  The wedding plans were in FULL swing by early spring of 1993 - we planned a July wedding.  No waiting here!

Then it happened.  He stopped calling.  He was "busy" all the time.  He spent weeks away from me and with the guys.

And I learned what March Madness was all about... the hard way.

I can still remember feeling furious at him for weeks.  "You're watching basketball, AGAIN?  How damn long is this crap on??"

Clearly I didn't care at that time in my life, nor did I want precious time taken away from me to watch sweaty boys playing on teams we didn't even know.

Little did I know.

As my alarm blared this morning, I rolled over quickly and turned it off.  I always know Hubs alarm is going off about 20 minutes after mine so I snuggled in and smiled knowing I was going to get a little snooze.

I opened my eyes gently, viewing the beautifully pink and red sunrise coming over the horizon.  Although I'm sure freezing, the birth of morning was gorgeous today.  Within seconds it dawned on me:  I never see the sunrise anymore with daylight savings time.  What time is it?  I scrambled up to look at Hubs clock (and him snoring away happily).  7:20.  CRAP!  How in the hell did we ALL oversleep?

Oh yeah - it's March Madness.  Hubs is off watching two straight days and 48 hours of basketball.  Then he'll do it again next weekend.  And the next weekend.  For weeks until it's over.

I scrambled down the hall screaming for little guy to get out of bed.  Choir practice, 7:20.  Ah man... I love being a mother.

Of course we got him up an hour early yesterday even though it was Late Start Wednesday.

I do have to make one small admission:  I absolutely LOVE college basketball now.  It took years and quite frankly the participation of both of my boys to get me totally into the sport, but I'm there.  I even have my own bracket (the winning one, of course).  Sometimes I might pick because I dislike the other team more (ahem, kU) but no doubt I love the statistical side of the equation.  

For all my girlfriends, take a deep breath and know they will come back to you.  For my married girls, take some time for yourselves during their "busy season".  You'll be shocked how much you can accomplish while they are busy!

As for me?  I'll be sitting somewhere, preferably with friends and colleagues, watching as many games as I can.  Go Tigers!

Enjoy the madness!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reconnection is Essential!

First day of Spring!  Thank GOD!  I am so thankful for warmer weather to come, the sun shining on my face and short sleeves.  Unfortunately not today, however.  I'm pushing it with peep toe heels to be honest.
Hubs and I took a day off work this week and had a mini staycation in Kansas City.  We coupled it with St. Patrick's Day which as always turned out to be a blast.  In our 21 years together if there is one thing that we have learned about each other it's that being best friends has to be the single most essential part of our marriage.  We happen to be really good at that part, even if others struggle from time to time.  I'm sure he doesn't like me ALL the time but for the most part, we get along great together as friends.

Oh - and before I forget... our race pics are in from last weekend.  LOVE them!  I'll definitely be running this race again!

We laugh.  We joke.  We quote movie lines (and music lyrics).  We are at ease.  Comfortable.  We know each other's thoughts before the other even speaks.  Somethings that only comes with time.
We've been unbelievably busy with little guy lately, me jumping planes every two months to see the California kids and heightened stressors in our career, living environment and future destination.  Emotionally we were pretty worn down.  We haven't even been to church due to our schedule, which was really starting to help make us feel more centered I believe.  In short - we were disconnected.
This mini-vacay was a necessity for us.
We even bumped into the same friend of hubs we ran into at the run last weekend.  Must be fate to hang out with him.  Or just the simple fact he is Irish and we keep hanging out at Irish events.  That might be it.

I could quote hubs a million times from his one liners those two days but the majority of it needs to stay private.  By far though is my fave from EARLY on the first day (I think we possibly had one beer at this point....)
"The Leprechaun always gets laid."
Oh hubs, could you be any funnier?  He of course was referencing a grown, 50 year old man dancing in the basement of Blaney's fully clothed as a leprechaun.  He was flanked by 4 women dancing all around him.  Yep, I'm sure he's right.  If you're going that outlandish you are sure to score.
Or another personal fave of mine...
"You know, the only reason I don't dance is because I don't want to spill my beer."
Touche, Mr. Davis. 

I'm so glad we took the time to do this, even though my phone did buzz and ring all day on my day off.  And yes, I answered it.  I'm dedicated like that.
Hopefully we can find some time again before next year.  We do have a big anniversary hitting this summer...
Happy Wednesday, friends!

Friday, March 15, 2013


Top o' the day to ya!  In honor of all of my Irish friends, I raise my green beer to salute your culture and traditions!

It's Saint Patty's Day once again and although I am STILL not Irish (trying desperately to change that), I revel in this celebration.  Kansas City knows how to live this one up!

Once again, Hubs and I have booked a hotel and plan to live up the festivities.  We usually skip the parade (if you know ANYTHING about me you know I am simply NOT that patient of a person) but we will hang in the after party debachery.  I booked a swanky hotel room for the night so we wouldn't have to drive home (another example of my maturity, although scarce).  I simply cannot wait... we are worn out and need the fun!

My faves are in honor of all things green... and Irish.  Or Scottish.  Or whatever - somewhere over there.



Yes, yes, YES!  I use this saying a lot when referencing running but it truly works for anything we do.


Love this.  Love, love, love.


Okay seriously.  Who wouldn't consume about 50 of these delights?  I am a huge fan of red velvet which is totally just chocolate with red food coloring so why NOT just make them green?  Click here for this yummo treat ----->  Green Velvet Cake Pops


How fun are these nails?  Of course there is no WAY on Earth I could do them myself.  I'd have to go to a place and have some super skilled person do them for me.  But I do love them, nonetheless!


St. Pat's is known in these parts for our green beer but this is even better.  I do have to admit though that it makes me feel weird to write the words "dirty girl scout".  Either way, enjoy!

Dirty Girl Scout

1 oz Vodka
1 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur
1 oz Irish cream
1 oz  White Creme de Menthe

Mix the vodka, Kahlua and Irish cream and pour over ice. Pour the creme de menthe down the center of the glass. Serve.


I do like to believe in fate and luck from time to time but my real truth lies in the work we do to create the environment to allow fate and luck to appear.

So this is perfect for me.


This is so cute and super easy!  Use your kiddos hands and make a framed piece of art.  Way better than going to Hobby Lobby and throwing something on the wall if you ask me.


In my lifetime, I will travel to Ireland.  There are a zillion pics I could post of the beautiful country but this one is at the top of my bucket list.  It's an old library at Trinity College in Dublin.  MUST GO.  I would sit there for HOURS and soak it up.


Although I am not Irish, I pretend to be at this time each year.  I figure if I pushed a 9 pounder outta my vag that has Irish in him from the other side, it counts.  Plus he married a Scottish girl so I think I'm covered.


Although somewhat cute, I'm sure that telling your kids that some small little dude came into your house and peed in their potty wouldn't freak them out.  That's not creepy or anything.

Happy St. Pat's Day, friends!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Slash THIS!

I made an epic parental failure last weekend.  Even us tenured parents can do that from time to time.

I ramped up my movie going in the last few months to try to beat the Oscars.  On a few occasions, I drug little guy along with me.  He really was a trooper.  Any 11 year old that can sit through 3 hours of Lincoln is definitely a team player.

Each ticket purchase went the same though.

"Mom, are we going to see one of those boring awards movies or can we go see Hansel and Gretel?"

"Hansel and Gretel?  What is that - like the book?"

"Yeah, like the book.  Only WAY cooler.  The guy from Bourne Legacy is in it and he and his sister shoot witches."

"Yeah, I'm not seeing that movie, bud.  EVER."

Hung face, marching into the theater, defeat.  I win, he lost.

Since basketball has completed, little guy is becoming increasingly bored out of his mind.  It doesn't help that we got tons of snow, it's been freezing and he needed down time any way.  This weekend he begged for some Redbox movies and games and I caved.  As we stood at the Kiosk flipping through the movies, one jumped off the screen and his eyes lit up.

"MOM!  They have Hansel and Gretel!  Let's get it!"

"Oh Lord, bud.  That's the movie with the shooting of the witches?"


Looking into his big brown eyes, I caved.

"It's PG13, right buddy?"

"Yes Mom, it's PG13."

"Okay bud, you win.  You can have it."

Sunday afternoon before starting the living room carpet cleaning, little guy was bouncing off the walls. Boredom had taken him to a whole new level.  He was standing in the kitchen convulsing to the Harlem Shake song (something I wish was NEVER created...)

"Bud - pop in your movie.  You need something to occupy you NOW!"

He slid the movie in and I grabbed the popcorn.  As the previews began, I immediately became concerned.  Slasher movie, scary movie, slasher movie, scary movie.  Hmmm, not so good.

The first scene began.  A woman was shackled to a wall in a rock basement.  Her ankle was bloody and torn up.  She was desperately trying to get out of it.  She picked up a rock and slammed it against the contraption holding her, breaking her free.  As she struggled to climb through a small opening in the wall, a shadow lurked behind her.  She escaped from the building and began to ran through the woods, only to be chased down by a giant, bearded man.

Flash to the next scene, she is being tied with barbed wire.  The man picks up a garden spade (the three prong kind) and starts hitting her abdomen with it.  He spreads seasoning all over her body, slams an apple in her mouth.  And yep - slides her into a giant oven, turning up the flames.  She is SCREAMING.

I'm dying.


Little guy has his head firmly planted in the back cushions of the couch.

"It's just like the book Mom!  You know, the bad woman lives in the woods and feeds the kids candy and eats them?"

OH MY GOD.  For some reason, I totally forgot all about that part.  I must have tucked it away in the "repressed memory" section of my brain.


So for the next 90 minutes, I sat in horror and continued to watch every single second of the WORST movie ever made for television.  Major violence, blood every where.  Scenes were teens eat their own flesh (trying to get candy off of them).  AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL.  But for some reason, I just could NOT turn it off.

I am such an idiot!!!

As the movie started to come to a close, it dawned on me.

"Buddy - Jeremy Renner was NOT in this movie?  Are you sure we got the right movie??"

He ran to the computer and googled it.  Because that's what kids do - they google everything.

Hey - did you know there are actually TWO Hansel and Gretel movies?  Ah... we do now!  We got the wrong damn movie.

And so it goes.

I'm not sure the amount of therapy I'll be paying for in the future to try to erase these images from my 11 year old's mind.  Whatever the price, I'll pay it.  It's the least I can do for being such a stellar mother.

Happy Wednesday, friends.  My advice? Stay AWAY from this movie!!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Smaller Space is FUN (I promise!)

I made some great headway this weekend with the house.  Not only did I replace the dead dishwasher (begrudgingly) but I also primed and painted the dining room (I'm not convinced everyone that looks at our home will like a red dining room).  Oh, and I cleaned all my carpets.  Yeah, I'm a bit of an overachiever sometimes.  No doubt I always pay for it.  I could barely walk the few days after all that work.

I have a good friend that decided after giving birth to her third child (after 4 year old twins) that she didn't have enough to do so she dove headfirst into selling their home.  They actually are doing the opposite of me in that they need some extra room for their expanding family.  She put it on the market assuming it would take 7 months and BOOM!  Sold on the 3rd person to look at it!  So immediately coming off of maternity leave, she and her hubby, three kids and two dogs are moving into a 1,200 square foot apartment for a few months while their new home is being built.

The look on her face when she uttered these words to me was priceless.  She looked terrified.

I assured her that it would be enough.  The time she and her hubs would save by not having to do maintenance, yard work, etc. would make up for the smaller space.  It would bring her fam closer together.

I don't think she wants to get that close.  And I really don't think she believed me. I think this is her vision....

Envy struck me as I remembered back to one of the best summers I've ever had.  We, too, sold our house really, really fast in 2008 right before the market crashed.  We had to move quickly and I stuck us in a 950 sq ft 2 bedroom apartment (we only had one dog at the time.  And one kid.)

We spent the entire summer lounging at the pool.  We worked out in the gym on the premises.  We took little guy on walks to the nearby high school and let him run the football field, imitating touchdowns.  We walked our dog... a lot (I can't remember the last time I walked either of them since we've moved into our 'hood). 

And most importantly, we relaxed.  We took it really easy that summer during our house build.  We had about a 1/3 of the stuff we have now since we didn't have space (stored the rest).  By the end of that summer I couldn't even recall a single item in those boxes in storage and I certainly didn't miss any of it.

Best summer EVER.  Simpler life.  No worries, no upkeep or maintenance.  Calm.

I miss that.  I yearn for it back.  I have no idea where we are headed but if I have it my way we will be feeling the same that we did back then.  I know what it's going to take.  Strong will and perserverence.  And prayers Hubs goes with me.

My goal is to finish up the first floor before the kids come, just shy of the entryway (gotta hire a guy... no way hubs will let me on scaffolding).  OH MY GOD!  Did I tell you my kids are coming?!?!?  I'm so freaking excited I can barely breathe!  MY KIDS ARE COMING!!  

Calm... calm.... calm.

Have a great Tuesday, friends!


Monday, March 11, 2013

My (wannabe) Irish Eyes are SMILING!

Howdy, peeps!  This weekend put me in the BEST mood.  I absolutely love when I accomplish everything I set out to complete.

Today launches little guy's spring break and he seems to be holding up well that he isn't in Barbados or Fiji like some of friends. Okay, probably not those locations but close enough.  He is quite frankly excited for the downtime following the high of our basketball season ender.  We are in between sports for about a month now and I think he intends to relish it.

In prep for the holiday weekend (yes, I did call it that), hubs and I ran the Westport St. Paddy's Day 4 Mile run Saturday.  We had an absolutely BLAST.  I honestly think it was one of the most fun runs I have ever completed! 

First off, I dressed up.  Yep, I did.  First time to do that for a run.  My totally talented girlfren made me a tutu.  And wings.  And I felt like a fairy.  Or a bit of a dork, but who cares!  I certainly wasn't the only one! 

My Fab Tutu!
Hubs and I met up with an Irish friend of his making the morning all that better.  Stuff is always more fun with friends!

We listened to some rockin' awesome bagpipes.  About this time I started to realize how much I miss my little redheaded boy...

Finally, we crossed the finish line with glasses of green beer and green jello shots handed out at the finish.  How fun is that?!  The beer was ice cold and must have been my fave (Miller Lite) because it was totally yummo.  And yes, after 4 miles I do want a beer, thank you very much!

Our race pics aren't ready yet but I'm sure I'll repost them when we see them.  Had to be good!

We finished the event at Kelly's, one of the oldest buildings in Kansas City.  The place was PACKED and the beer was ice cold.  Irish music was blaring.  We once again caught up with hub's friend drinking what else but Jameson.  That's dedication!

We had a fabulous time!  I'm already plotting out what I want to wear next year and we haven't even hit St. Patty's day yet!

Have a great Monday, friends!


Saturday, March 09, 2013

Needs v. Wants

I battle with money often.  Okay, honestly?  Most of my life I have battled with money.  Not necessarily a lack of but moreover a must have.

The fundamental question?  What do we actually NEED to survive, to live, to be?  My needs list is quite small, believe it or not.  I have it down to the basic tenants:  sustenance (food and water), shelter (clothes, house, transportation) and most important (for me), love.

Yep, that's about it for my needs list.

Suffice it to say that doesn't make me a very good homeowner... at least in my current home.  When hubs and I built FIVE years ago (holy cow it doesn't seem that long!) we upgraded everything we could within our budget.  We put in the fancy stainless steel appliances, whole house audio, blah, blah, blah.  We didn't actually need any of it, quite frankly.  But we did it.

As soon as our 1 year warranty was up on our appliances, everything went wrong.  Our ice maker straight out died.  Not repairable.  The water dispenser on our fridge also died with no warning.  And another year later, our dishwasher followed suit.  I was furious.  I still am, quite frankly.  I had not yet in my life owned brand new kitchen appliances.  These were the first.  And they lasted 8 seconds.

In my mixed bag of emotions, I think I reached for one I tend to use a lot.  My mother's cynicism.  Hence the Martyr was born.

I wouldn't replace the dishwasher.  I had three different guys out to give me bids on it.  It was deemed the "computer" went out.  Why American's think we have to have a computer in a dishwasher anyway just kills me.  What the hell was wrong with the turn dial?  Are we so freakin' lazy that we can't just turn a knob?

So I just left it alone.  I washed every single dish in my house by hand.  Every day.  Every night.  Hubs did, too.  For two years.

Yes, friends.  Two years.  


I have the money.  That's not my battle.  It's pure principal.  I'm stubborn, I'm angry at the dishwasher for breaking and I have categorized this as a "non-essential".  It's not a NEED.  My life continues on with or without it.  Sure, it's altered.  I don't like washing dishes.  That's not my fave thing to do, especially after a party.

But I did it.

As we are prepping the house for sale, I knew we had to replace the dishwasher.  We couldn't sell the house with an ornamental dishwasher that looked fab but didn't operate.  So I became responsible, pulled up my big girl panties and went and bought one.

Hubs says he will take over the dishes from now on.  I think I'm going to let him.  I'm done with the washing of the dishes.  

Now that the new unit is in, I feel a bit stupid.  I'm sure my time was worth more than the dishwasher itself over the past two years.  Someday I'll figure out why I get so angry about spending money on these types of things.

For now, I'll just enjoy the dishwasher.  And call the fridge guy one more time and have him fix it.  At least that appliance will most likely come with us if we move.  Or maybe not... I don't really NEED a giant, double door/freezer bottom stainless steel refrigerator.

And thus the cycle continues.

Have a great Saturday, friends!  Tend to your needs today! :)


Friday, March 08, 2013


Well friends, we made it through an entire week without more snow!  Woo hoo!!  All our beautiful, fluffy stuff is melting into yucka, brown slush.  Blah.  I am super energized though about the sunshine!

Below are my faves from around the interweb this week.  Enjoy!


Although not suitable for work, I am SUPER excited to don this outfit this weekend at the annual St. Patrick's Day Westport Run!  Don't you think I should win best costume??  I do!  I am very unhappy though that hubs won't match me.  Oh well... a girl can't have EVERYTHING she wants.


It's been MANY years since we've had a traditional coffee table.  I'm thinking of making my own.  Preferably from reclaimed barn wood.  Yes, I'm THAT kind of person.  I think this is perfect for me.


Everyone that knows me closely will totally get this.  I am VERY slow to forgive.  I'm a Scorpio, what can I say.  And I just so happen to use the term bat-shit crazy almost every single day of my life.  Perfect for me.  This totally helped me with all the drama my ex caused in our family.


Sign me up.  Bora Bora.  I don't even know where that is but I simply don't care.  Take me there, NOW (please).

FAVE MONTH (right now)

I love March.  The beginning of Spring.  Moving the clocks forward.  Cold but sunny, a gentle reminder of things to come.

I think I need to try this.  I love this neckline and supposedly this isn't hard to do out of old shirts.  I have lots of long sleeve ones that are really a more summer weight so I'm thinking this could do the trick!  Sorry I can't tag the "to do", the blog link isn't working at this time.


Okay, I often struggle with staying on task.  I'm sure you are shocked right now.  Really though - I just tend to jump from thought to thought.  Apparently it takes 21 days to make something a habit, tricking your mind into doing something routine.  I love this easy reminding system of staying on goal - a daily post it to rip off and put in the trash once completed.



I need these for little guy, badly.  We are both music lovers and constantly competing for volume control in my house.  Typically I have either the tablet, the laptop or my iPhone on a docking system playing music (or the surround sound).  In addition, he is blaring something from his iTouch.  Too much!!  These he could take to any room, plug in and away he goes.  Gotta get them!


I've found my next gathering snack.  YUMMO!  Check out these bad boys!  Click here for the recipe----->  Mozzarella Cheese Buns


All I usually need to do to get my fitness goals back on track is tape a picture much like the one below to my mirror at home.  If I stand naked in front of said mirror for 5 minutes staring at the picture, I want to make change.

Here is my newest motivation.  Yep, this will get me closer!  Thank God I'm running a 4 mile race this weekend to get me going!

Have a great Friday, friends!