Friday, March 01, 2013


After another round of snow, I'm seriously about finished with all this.  A desert seems just fine for me.  I can totally relate to "a dry hot".

I'm not one to complain in the summer about how hot it reaches.  I love the sun, the warmth on my face, the smell of coconut sunscreen and chlorine.  I love the long days, the warm evenings in shorts and a tank top.

Bring it on!

I'm so ready for warmth!

Below are my faves for the week.  Some are oldies I saved awhile back but nonetheless stayed in my faves files.  Enjoy!


Okay, I still love to lay out in the sun.  I will never get sick of it, quite frankly.  All things in moderation!  My skin loves the extra doses of Vitamin D.  I screamed when I came across this lounger.  What an amazing concept!  I hate rickety old chairs that my butt falls through, so this would totally fix that.

Gotta have it!


Love this.  Love, love.  My entire life is an adventure but I recognize those things that scare me and hold me back.  I need to remind myself of this!


During one of our umpteen snow days, I stumbled upon this recipe and decided to give it a try.  I totally disbelieved you could make cake in a mug.  I was WRONG!  This recipe is SO easy and SO yummy for a quick dessert for the kids!  I sprinkled little guy's cake with chocolate chips so that made it even better.  Give it a try!  Click here for the recipe ----->  Peanut Butter Mug Cake


In my quest of trying to think outside of the four walls of my house, I love little ideas such as this.  Perfect little spot that takes up virtually NO room in the structure but allows for a quick bite to eat on a pretty morning (or afternoon).  I love it!  Yet another reason Missouri just may not fit as my final destination....


Ah... I gotta have these. RIGHT NOW.  I'm on a hunt.  These look like the perfect addition to my comfy and functional workout wardrobe.  Yep, gotta have them!


Little guy stared at the computer awaiting the cancellation notices the past two weeks.  School has been out 4 days here, on top of a long 4 day Presidents weekend.  It seems as though he's been home more than he's went lately.  So I couldn't help myself when I came across this notice.


I've been reading a bit lately about how bad artificial sweeteners are for our bodies.  Of course that hasn't stopped the fact I consume about 10 packets a day between my coffee consumption and oatmeal.  Yikes!  I do love honey though as a sweetener and when I came across this company I couldn't resist.  How cool is this packaging?  I have no idea of the quality yet but I'm going to order some to see!


Hubs is not a giant fan of France but I'm pretty sure I could drag him there if this place was included on the itinerary.  Beautiful.  Just beautiful.

Bastia, Corsica, France


Okay, not so funny.  I freakin' hate passwords!  None of them are ever the same structure, forcing us to create crazy combinations that we will never be able to recall.


I love my fur grandkid.  He's so damn ugly that he's cute.  How fitting is this?!


I love white and brown together, so this is perfect.  I still can't wear white in the winter though.  I guess mom's advice stuck finally!

Happy Friday, friends!  Enjoy your weekend!  We're off to our final basketball tourney of the season.  Go Victory Gunners!

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