Sunday, March 03, 2013

Clear as Mud

No matter the temps, when the sun shines on my face and the wind holds still, my runs often turn profound.

Yesterday was no exception.

Some of my non-runner friends ask me why I run.  They, too, hear me complain sometimes about my ankles (which still hurt from Warrior Dash but I refuse to give in to them).  They think I'm crazy, most likely.  "Why run unless someone is chasing you?" they often ask.

The answer for me is simple.  Clarity.  I run for clarity.  

For me, it's the perfect outlet.  It's free.  I can do it whenever I want, even at night.  I can go as long as I want or as short as I'd like.  I can run super sonic fast (which for me is about a 10 minute mile) or I can trod along slow and steady.

I start every run the same.  The first .5 is arduous for me, no matter how well conditioned I am.  I fight my mind listing all of the things I really need to be doing at that very moment.  It is really a test for me - to continue on the path I've chosen or slip back into status quo.  Very challenging.

Once I crest that first half mile, I ease into familiarity.  I usually thank God about this time.  EVERY SINGLE RUN.  I thank him for giving me a body that still can move, regardless of how fast or pretty.  I thank Him for the ability to breathe freely.  I thank Him for the days events that I'm about to endure (or for what I have enjoyed).  And then... I start talking.  Figuratively, of course.  Or I'm sure my neighbs would turn me into Two Rivers for talking excessively while running through the 'hood.

I ponder my big stuff, work through my big goals and ask myself a lot of "what if" questions.  Never forgetting that God is still hanging out with me, I ask him to help me have clarity when I am confused.  Help me see what I'm missing.  Make my opportunities a bit more clear for me.

I've usually solved the worlds problems by mile 2 1/2.  Well, my own, anyway.

What I don't think about my runs?  The electric bill.  My broken dishwasher.  That I forgot to email my sister back.  Nope, none of the small stuff in my world that will be waiting when I reach my doorstep.

I don't let that stuff in.  EVER.  Because it clouds me.  It surrounds me all the time and keeps me from seeing my bigger picture.  Although important, it clouds my judgement on my future.  I check it all at the door as I am confident it will be there when I get back.

It always is.

So now that I've given the $64,000 answer to why I run, I have one for you.  Where do you find your space to ponder your future?  When do you have silence to experience free thinking without interruption, without the cloud of your daily tasks?  How often do you think of your future, the future of your family, the future of your children?

March is the beginning of our beautiful Spring in Kansas City.  Albeit not typically under 30 inches of snow, our skies turn blue, the sun begins to shine and things begin anew.  It's a fantastic season of change which always sparks something within me.  A running club I follow has expended a challenge - run every day in March.  Makes it a little challenging for me with the snow but yesterday was absolutely perfect.

I can't wait to get on the road today.  I've got a lot of journey left to think about.

Have a great Sunday, friends!


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  1. Love it! This is why I run as well. You also have me remembering why I blogged! Must get back to both of them. :) thanks for the inspiration!