Monday, March 25, 2013

Oddly Awkward

My little guy has finally moved from that cute snuggle bug into a full on tween hormonal monster.

Lord help me.  Lord help us all.

His transition has seemed to be far more awkward than Bubba's experience.  For starters, his body is FAR bigger than it should (or needs) to be.  It's not really his weight that is the issue.  It's his LENGTH.  I swear his arms have grown three inches.  They dangle awkwardly at his side and he flails them around constantly.  At times I'm not even certain his brain is dictating their every move.  

And that's just his arms.  I cannot even begin to address his legs or his FEET.  We are getting ready to purchase size 12 baseball cleats.  He's 11.

In short (ahem), he is a tall, lanky mess of a kiddo right now.  He's to big for everything kid sized but not even close to being a man.  How strange that must feel for him.

I know it's weird to me.  He still snuggles with me quite a bit, which can often feel awkward given his size.  His face is directly in front of my face as he stands 5'7" tall.  So you can imagine how strange that feels when he wants to snuggle in bed with me.

I'm a real person (not just a mother)... it is sometimes awkward I have to admit.

I love the young man he is becoming.  He is full of flaws and I love all of them.  He fibs sometimes when he is embarrassed, crying when he is confronted.  He got that from me.  But he is completely unaffected by someone saying something negative about him.  He got that from his Dad.  Thank god.  It's so awesome to see him intertwining the two of us into his own being.

But even so, I miss my little snuggle bug a lot.  I can't wait to see Nugget so I can snuggle and squeeze him.  I'm convinced it's something a mother yearns for once she's had a taste of it. 

Yep, kids are crack.

Happy Monday, friends!


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