Tuesday, March 05, 2013


The season is complete.  2013 USSSA Kansas/Missouri Division 1 State Champs.  Wowzers.

Little guy has had quite a year of sports.  We were tournament champs in baseball as well, something we had never gotten but had always wanted as a team.  But even with that experience one is never quite prepared for the event to occur.

Our weekend was a flurry of emotion.  We played two games on Saturday, being defeated in both.  As we went to bed Saturday night, little guy was worried.  I tried to console him - they were prepared as best as possible for the upcoming final game.  The Coaches had given them everything they needed.  It now needed to come from within.

Yes, he is competitive.  Yes, he does care about winning and losing.  He recognizes only one can win and one will lose.  It empowers him to dig to his core and work from his heart.  It teaches him perseverance.  Never give up.  And no... I'm not a fond believer in participation medals.  There, I said it.

His true test came in the final game.  With 20 seconds to go, he went on the line to shoot two.  No pressure or anything.  We were down by 2.  Ugh.  I wanted to throw up, literally throw up.  I couldn't watch - but I had to watch.


Both dropped beautifully like he had practice a thousand times.  He was visably nervous but he worked through it somehow.  I'd like to think his love of the game deep in his soul was engaged at that very moment, keeping him as relaxed as possible.

Our ball, foul at 13 seconds of our best shooter.  Missed the first, hit the second.

Time expired.  We won by 1 point.  ONE POINT.  The perfect reason to never give up.

After playing four games in two days burning roughly 3,500 calories, little guy collapsed into bed that night.  He wondered if Coach was sleeping with our trophy.  He thought maybe his friend D was sleeping with his MVP trophy.  He should... he deserved it.

I always get a little bit nervous about transitions in sports.  It's hard to move forward after a season like we just had.  It's a weird let down feeling to know it's over.

What did the boys do last night?  Set up the basement with little guy's pitching mound.  Placed all of his baseball gear downstairs.  And started conditioning.

One day out from basketball.  Guess I didn't need to worry after all.

Have a great Tuesday, friends.  I hope you feel as successful as these little guys did on Sunday!


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