Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Picasso will be Jealous

Pray for me.  The painting officially starts this weekend.

I'm so glad I didn't push myself to get our for sale sign in the yard ahead all this snow.  I would have killed myself trying to keep everything clean with all of us being homebound so much over the last few weeks.

I'm excited that our weekends are open for me to begin.  I'm anxious for the snow to melt and Spring to arrive.  I'm so ready to get on with our next journey.

No doubt though I'm afraid.  I'm afraid of the process entirely.  I worried every second we listed our last house (even though it sold in 12 days).  I'm nervous about keeping this house clean every second of every day... not that we live like slobs or anything.  It's just a lot of house to mess with.  I'm still worried about the market even though most people I know swear it's rebounded.  I'm worried about all the new builds in my 'hood that we will undoubtedly need to compete with a bit.

What I'm not worried about?  The next house.  What comes next.  Everyone I talk with seems to focus on that component most.  "Where will you go?" seems to be the most common concern.

No concern, friends.  We won't go far as we are determined to keep little guy in the high school district we are aligned.  But we will go smaller.  Maybe a little older, like us.  And definitely more modest, I'm sure.

As I strive to find the perfect 550 sq ft home for us, hubs takes deep breaths.  He is not ready for that downsize whatsoever.  I know I'm not either.  But man... I wish I could.  If it were up to me we'd be living in an Airstream already. 

It's funny when you set your mind to something it becomes all consuming.  I am so determined to live minimally yet I'm sure when I start to throw, donate or remove items from my house I'll freak out a little bit.  I've kept every piece of artwork that Bubba has ever drawn (two pieces actually hang in my house still).  I have every sports jersey little guy has ever worn (in ALL sports).  Little guy has a second bedroom (his hang out) with trophies scattered everywhere on shelves.  Heck, even hubs has an entire shelf in his closet dedicated to the boy's football helmets they have worn.

Lord help us.

My need to hang onto my kid's stuff is simple:  I have literally NOTHING from my childhood.  Not a damn thing.  No papers.  No yearbooks (until high school).  Very few pictures, even.  No fave toys or special baby clothes.  Nope, nothing.  So I hang onto everything for my boys.... just in case.

It's easy for me to downsize material objects like plates, cups, sheets, towels, etc.  Not so much with sentimental items, like the kid's artwork.  And then of course are my decor items.  I think if we are still in the house by this summer this may be the largest garage sale on the planet.  I am CERTAIN we won't need ALL of these items in our next house!

Several friends have asked about little guy and what he thinks.  Sure, he would probably prefer not to move.  But he also has a bit of his momma inside him and is ready for a change, a new adventure.  He is confident of change because he knows his support system will remain the same.

At least I will be balancing out my body pains.  Along with the painting, hubs and I are running our March race.  Another 4-miler!  Now my arms AND legs can hurt together!

Onward march to the final two days of the week!


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