Monday, March 04, 2013

No Tattling Here!

Do you have a secret?  Or two, perhaps?  Does anyone know your secret or do you bury it deep down inside?  How long can it stay a secret... infinity?

I have a couple of secrets.  I keep them to myself as I have promised I would do.  It's impossible some days.  Not because I need to share, necessarily.  But because I CAN'T share.  Big difference.  I presume it's similar to having your hands cuffed behind your back (not that I would know anything about that) and not being able to move.  Restrained.  Ugh.  Pretty much the opposite of the way I live my life.

What I think is fascinating about secrets is that they can be VERY consuming.  Eat up a ton of one's attention, at times.  And Scorpio's, by nature, have a LOT of secrets.

Now before your brain heads to the gutter, secrets are not always bad.  Some of my secrets are quite good, actually.  Some of them are buried family secrets that are not to be shared.  And some of them are future plans for others that I am not ready to share just yet.

Reminds me of being a kid on the playground.... "I know something you don't know".  

Of course you can never, ever say that.  Because once you do, the pressure to tell can be IMMENSE.  Peeps will push you and push you to spill the beans, making it that much harder to hold down.

Having a secret or two can also be quite a powerful feeling.  It gives us a feeling of knowledge, superiority.

The downside?  It's lonely.  Secret holding is always lonely.  It defeats the very nature in us to share our experiences with others.

Cheers today to all my friends and your secrets.  May you have strength to maintain them, keep them close and not feel compelled to share.  I pray none of them consume you negatively.  If they do, attempt to resolve them and get them outta your mind so you can focus on the real.

Have a great Monday, secret holders!

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