Sunday, March 24, 2013

Here We Go Again

We're being pounded again by snow.  Ugh.  I wonder how many blog posts I have written about the weather?  Hmmm, research for another day.  Of course you know it's bad when they NAME the storm... Winter Storm Virgil.  Nice.  Thanks, Virgil.

Yeah, in case you were wondering... we are in the purple 8-12" area.  Awesome.

So it's Sunday morning and I'm up alone (well, besides the fur kids).  It's so quiet in the house you could hear a pin drop.  The only thing I can hear in the background is the gentle hum of my fireplace blower (best purchase EVER in my opinion).

I have my coffee to my left, my bills to my right, getting ready to scratch checks.  Okay, not really - pay online... but doesn't sound as cool.  It's almost the end of March and we haven't listed our house yet.


Honestly I'm glad we weren't ready.  This winter and spring has just slammed us with more snow than we have had in decades.  I didn't want to manage the open houses with 12 inches of snow.  That just seems like no fun at all.  So we've been waiting.  Waiting for the right moment, waiting for a sign.  Contemplating where, when and how is sometimes a daunting task.

Our number one concern has been making sure our kiddo stays in his elementary school.  It will be his 6th and final year and we can't bear to move outside of the area and possibly not be awarded the coveted "transfer" that we would undoubtedly have to pray to get.  I hear our district can be quite stingy with these transfers and I can't imagine the look on little guy's face if we didn't get it and he lost his last year with his best friends.

Obvious choice?  Stay through enrollment, which is in July.  As soon as the paper is signed for school we could sell and move.  Just gotta have that "proof of residency" electric bill to push us into the safe zone.

What does that mean for me?  Well, more time to paint, repair and get ready, obviously.  But also one more quarter of these finances as well.  

We've waited this long, a few more months won't hurt.

The military signs 6 month leases for their members, specifically to prepare for deploys and reassignments.  With that comes a great opportunity for my kids to move around if desired, checking out different sides of the city and new communities.  The kids like their current home (as do I!) but have wanted to get a little bit closer to Bubba's ship now that they are entrenched in West Coast living and all it has to offer.  It's hard to believe it but their first 6 month lease is up (already!) so for kicks they put in for a transfer in housing to see what would come up.

It was in the cards... the kiddos were given a new place!  It's a LOT closer to the ship, in a thriving community with LOTS of families and has the amenities the kids want.  And a backyard.  A nice, big, fenced backyard!  Nugget is gonna FLIP out!  I see a jungle gym in his very near future... or basketball goal at the very least.

I'm so very happy for them I could cry.  They give me great hope that my move will also be coming shortly.  I just need patience (always) and faith (and patience).

Adding 'Book Flight to SD' to my to-do list is the perfect start to my quiet Sunday morning.  

By the way - the kids are actually HERE.  Right now, as I type.  For a girl that has no patience I have totally proved myself wrong this week and I'm quite proud of it.  They are spending time with Sassy's family for a week before coming to see us.  Yes, 15 minutes away from me and I haven't smothered them yet!  I am quietly, patiently awaiting my turn.  'Cause that's what parents do... they support their kids no matter what.

But I am dying over here.  I've packed this house with more food and snacks than it's ever had.  I bought all new bedding for Nugget hoping he'll feel comfy and want to stay here with us.  Hubs and I scoured the entire second floor yesterday in preparation for them.  I cannot WAIT to have them here - it will be the first time we have been together for this long since we went to the Lake on vacation a zillion moons ago.  Coffee with my son in the morning, long chats with Sassy while the boys play in the evening, snuggles with Nugget watching Lala.  

Oh, and Popsicles for breakfast, if he wants them.  He can have absolutely ANYTHING he wants.  'Cause that's what being a Nana is all about!

Happy Sunday, friends.  I hope if you are in the Midwest you are snuggled in your homes nice and warm and safe.  It's looks pretty nasty out there.  No worries, spring will actually come eventually.  It always does.


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