Friday, June 29, 2012


It's another Friday, and boy is it a HOT one!  Our country is in despair - floods in Florida, fires in Colorado.  The beloved midwest is SCORCHING hot with soaring triple digit temps.  It's 90 degrees at bedtime!

In honor of next week's holiday (no, NOT the 4th of July... how about Independence Day, kids?), here are my fave items celebrating our country as well as summertime!


I love America.  Even when we vote stupid dems into office and pass stupid healthcare bills.  Yep, I said it.  It's my blog.  Deal with it.  I love this picture... makes me smile everytime I see it.


I wish I was more creative.  And had more time.  I should totally ask my co-worker TZ to make this for me.  I know she would :).  No pressure!


I'm addicted to all things nautical now that Bub is serving, this one included.  Way to go, J. Crew!


How freakin' cute is this?  Sprite and diet Cranberry, rimmed in blue pop rocks.  I love it!  Little vodka and momma's can jump right in!


Ah... our anthem.  Hubs and I went to the T-Bones game last weekend and they sang the Anthem before the start.  First time to hear it since Bub left for boot.  Yep, I crossed my heart with my anchor and cried like a baby.  Love that boy, love our country.


This is one of my fave things to do for the neighbs at our Independence Day celebrations!  Seems by the end of the night everyone has enjoyed their fare share.  I gotta get to the store! :)  I love these layered ones with the whip cream in the middle!


Who doesn't love the beloved cupcake?!  YUMMO!  I could eat all of them right now!


I absolutely love Sangria.  I seriously don't drink it enough.  And it's totally easy to make!  I may have to take a pitcher of this to the neighb's this weekend...


Sassy and I are going in on Saturday for new toes to celebrate the holiday.  SO excited to spend a little girl only time with her!  Pops gets to hang with big E (he's already grocery shopped and bought all of his faves.  He's a bit spoiled. 'cause that's what grandparents get to do!)


My book club girls and I are all headed out for our Summer Field Trip this weekend and I cannot WAIT.  You'll never guess what we are going to see?  Yep, along with all of the other 40 something, married, horny women in America!

God Bless all of my readers, and God Bless America!

Happy Friday, friends!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ass in the Sand

Blah!  It's one of those days.  I'm tired.  I didn't get enough sleep.  I didn't get in any exercise (yet).  And it's HOT.  I actually felt sick after three hours in the sun last night at Coopster's game.

Don't get me wrong... I absolutely LOVE the sun, the warmth against my skin, the sand between my toes.  That's the problem ~ middle America has no SAND.

Oh sure, we try to fake it.  We build fake lakes and fake beaches to provide the locals the feel of the beach. So not cutting it.

I think it's nearing time for a trip to the beach.  Maybe a quick out and back?  I'm calling my friend CB today.  I miss her.  I miss all my G girls.

As if I have time to actually GO to the beach.

Well, I guess we have to MAKE time, right?

What do YOU want to make time to do today?

Happy Thursday, friends!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WHOOP, there it IS!

Welp, if anyone is paying attention to my countdown clock here -------------------------->
you will probably notice we are not only down a full week, but we are SHORTER an entire week!  Kate got the tentative grad date and low and behold we had added in an extra week!  Woo hoo, it's GONE now! 

To help us pass the time, girlie and I started making plans.  Plans for our Girls Weekend trip to Colo to hang with our girl fam peeps.  Plans to get to Chicago to the actual graduation.  We ironed it all out and it felt GREAT.  Progress!

Work is busy, so lots keeping my mind occupied there.

And Coopster is busier than ever.  Between football boot camp, baseball practice and games and summer camp, his little mouth is running a mile a minute when he's not stuffing it with more protein than I've ever seen a human consume.  Yes, friends... he is the midst of yet another growth spurt.  As if that is possible.

We have game tonight and I cannot wait.  Coop is having so much fun.  He's pitching, catching and playing first base.  His friends yell from the dugout "COOP, there it is!" everytime he gets up to bat (rather than whoop, there it is!).  It's so funny.  Of course baseball is his fave sport because that's what he's playing right now.  And MLB is on at my house every single night, except when I commandeer the tele to watch The Bachelorette.  Way classy but I'm totally hooked.  Oh, and if you need a new blog to get addicted to and LOVE all things Bachelor and Bachelorette, go over and check out my friend Jen Frase.  She is freakin' HALARIOUS!!  Just click the link here -------->         Jen Frase

And have I mentioned how much I love summer?  I plan to spend this weekend with my friends running, celebrating the 4th (on the 30th), soaking up the sun and kissing on E.  Yep, life is good.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Away for the Summer

Last night was a tough one.  I tossed all night long.  I woke up at 2:30 and couldn't seem to go back to sleep.  My mind is filled.

I am honestly in awe of people that can't sleep.  I mean REALLY can't sleep, as in every single night not sleeping.  I have absolutely no idea how they move through their days.  I'm already exhausted and have a very long 16 or so hours in front of me.  I'm not sure there is enough coffee in the world to keep me alert that long.

We received Jer's contact info last night and as I sat down to pen my first letter to him, I wasn't even quite sure what to say.  I didn't want to cry all over him and tell him we miss him terribly (although I did) and I didn't want to tell him life is moving on back here without him (although it is).  Such a strange feeling.  So I did what I always do ~ I tried to inject humor into the situation.

Kate and I had a great laugh last night at his expense.  We were both feeling down and needed a pick me up, badly.  We were talking about the weather and how incredibly awful it must be for him to work out in this (of course, note that it was 104 degrees in KC yesterday and only 85 in Great Lakes, IL... so I think he will survive).  My TEN year old completed football bootcamp in this mess last night and survived!

So we decided that it will just be easier to think of Jer away at Summer Camp.  Or Vacation Bible School.  Something other than the drilling military camp he's experiencing.

From now on, he's at Summer Camp.  Oh, and I'm sure he's having a dandy time while we are all back here missing him terribly and thinking about him every minute of every day.  How selfish of him!

Well, that's a first born for you.  Always looking out for themselves. 

It will get easier.  I know it.  We just hit a bump.  One week down.  He'll be done before we know it.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Cool it Down!

First off, I'm glad Jer's boot camp grad count down no longer says 60.  That's it on that front.  Other than his non-descript box of clothes and shoes he wore there came home to Kate's doorstep on Friday.  Felt weird to hear about that... like whatever trace of what he was is now gone.  Strange feeling.

I had the best weekend, however, being a Nana.  Eli is so awesome.  I know I say that all the time, but seriously it just doesn't get much better than being a Nana.  In addition to two baseball games (Coop caught for the first time and LOVED it.. guess he is trying to follow in his brother's footsteps), a T-Bones game with the fam, a birthday party and pool time, TD and I got to spend the majority of the weekend just loving on Katie and Eli.  It helped me so much stay connected to Jer while he is gone just hugging on that little guy and giving hugs to Kate when she needs them. 

Yesterday our Kansas City temps soared to over 100, so we had no choice but to get our butts in the water.  We took E to our local pool which has an awesome kids area.  He was all OVER it!  Sometimes he can act very cautious when approaching certain things but not this time.  He was not afraid at all!  The water was up to his hips in most areas but he drudged through it like it was completely normal.  The water was eerily warm (must be all the kid pee) so I took extra caution not to get any in my mouth!  I'm sure Kate and I contracted some weird germs so hopefully our immune systems can ward them off somehow.  He slid down not only the simple slides but the big tornado type slide (in the kids area), even going under at the end a couple of times, and was totally excited.  It was so fun to watch that excitement in his eyes.

We just got Jer's address so I'm going to be writing away.  I hope the other Recruits don't laugh at him for getting mail from his MOM.  Oh well, screw them.  I'm sure deep down they want mail from THEIR mommas, too!

Happy Monday, friends.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Squeeze the Bay Bay

Ah, summertime.  Our neighborhood held an annual Pancake Breakfast for all the families, providing free pancakes, sausage and orange juice.  The kiddos rode their bikes to the pool.  Way fun.

We took E and Kate with us this year and had a blast.  He loved being free to run the green spaces, slide down the slides at the playground and get some yums in his belly.

I love how he tries to make friends.  Maybe he does have a little bit of his Nana in him :).

We spent the rest of the day loving on him and Kate.  Big shout out to my son for giving us this time to bond even more with his awesome family.

Today is another day of fun with them.  We are so blessed.  Oh, and my little guy calls him "the baby" still.  I hope that never changes.  He really is a good Uncle and loves that boy so much!

Happy Sunday, friends.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

For my Daughter

This one is for Katie Sue Cunningham.  Click away, girlie!

(This one goes out to you and yours, worldwide)

I say hey, I'll be gone today
But I'll be back all around the way
It seems like everywhere I go
The more I see, the less I know
But I know one thing
That I love you (baby girl)
I love you, I love you, I love you

I've been a lot of places all around the way
I've seen a lot of joy and I've seen a lot of pain
But I don't want to write a love song for the world
I just want to write a song about a boy and a girl

Junkies on the corner always calling my name
And the kids on the corner playing ghetto games
When I saw you getting down, well, I hope it was you
And when I look into your eyes I knew it was true

I say hey, I'll be gone today
But I'll be back all around the way
It seems like everywhere I go
The more I see, the less I know
But I know one thing
That I love you (baby girl)
I love you, I love you, I love you

Now I'm not a highly metaphysical man
But I know when the stars are aligned you can
Bump into a person in the middle of the road
Look into their eyes and you suddenly know

Rocking in the dance hall moving with you
Dancing in the night in the middle of June
My momma told me don't lose you
'Cause the best luck I had was you

I say hey, I'll be gone today
But I'll be back all around the way
It seems like everywhere I go
The more I see, the less I know
But I know one thing
That I love you (baby girl)
I love you, I love you, I love you

And I say, rocking in the dance hall, moving with you
I say, hey momma, hey momma, close to you
Rocking in the dance hall, moving with you
I say, hey poppa, hey poppa, close to you
Rocking in the dance hall moving with you
I say, hey momma, hey momma, close to you
Rocking in the dance hall moving with you
I say, hey momma, hey momma, hey momma, hey momma
Hey momma, hey momma, hey momma, hey momma

My momma told me don't lose you
'Cause the best luck I had was you
And I know one thing
That I love you

I say hey, I'll be gone today
But I'll be back all around the way
It seems like everywhere I go
The more I see, the less I know
I say hey, I'll be gone today
But I'll be back all around the way
It seems like everywhere I go
The more I see, the less I know
But I know one thing
That I love you (baby girl)
I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you

(Rocking in the dance hall moving with you
I say, hey poppa, hey poppa
Hey momma, hey momma
Rocking in the dance hall moving with you
Come on, hey poppa, hey poppa)

I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you

Keep smilin'... one day at a time!!


Friday, June 22, 2012


Wow - I wasn't sure this Friday was ever going to get here!  It's been a long, emotional week for our family.  So let's break out some faves and make it all a little lighter!


I love Finding Nemo, for so many reasons.  Mostly, because Nemo is the baby of the family.  Which I totally relate, as you know.  And he's sassy.  And he doesn't like the rules.  And he's an adventurer.  Yep, I love him.  So go forth and be encouraged!


Okay, I know some of you will think CHEESY.  But I can't help it.  I love Ellen!  It's not really that she's so super funny (although I personally think she is) but she has the most amazing ability to be self depricating which I find EXTREMELY funny.  She doesn't really give a crap what anyone thinks about her.  And I totally love that.  I want to be just like her when I grow up.


Yep.  Have one above, want one below.  Just in case. Oh, and in case you were wondering... if he really does show up injured, I am NOT the only person you should question! :)  And yes, I am still holding a grudge.. thank you very much.


Ah, shells.  I have shells all over my house at the moment, mostly from my friend CB and our fun trips to the beach.  Some are from Santa Monica and my work travels and long walks with  my friend LL.  This would be perfect for both of them!


Well folks, I'm back up and running... literally!  I knocked out a 3 mile yesterday and for the first time I did not die of pain in my ankles.  They are FINALLY coming back, 7 weeks post Warrior Dash!  I have a race on June 30 and I can't wait to knock it out to show myself I'm okay.  I really do love to run... it helps me keep my thoughts in order.


Although I usually fawn all over Italy and Ireland, today I'm love with this idea.  I have never really been that sappy kind of girl that has to go to Paris, but who wouldn't love to try this?  A famous Lovers Bridge in Paris where you lock a padlock and you and your partner throw away the key, symbolizing your eternal love.  Ah crap, I guess I'd have to convince TD to do it with me!


Oh how I LOVE Bahama Mamas!  I think I have drank my weight of them in Florida in some of my trips to see CB.  Yummo!!


Oh man, I MUST do this!!  I am completely in love with this idea and have one segment of my countertops that would accomodate this perfectly!


Everything about this picture is perfect.  I love Jeeps, I love hammocks and I love the beach.  Love, love,  love.  If I ever had a Jeep though, it would totally be a "beach Jeep", not a rock jeep.  Love the low style, top off look about them!


Perfect summer dinner!!  Click here for the fab recipe:  Caprese Grilled Chicken with Balsamic Reduction

Happy Friday, friends!!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Little Bit Blah

Ugh, the day after was HARD.  I was cranky all day long.  It doesn't help that my CRAPPY car is broken down and in the shop... again.  Oh, and I got to visit my fave kind of doctor, which is always fun.

I'm not very good with prayer, but one of my friends threw one up on her facebook yesterday that totally resonated with me.

Fight the good fight for the true faith.

Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you,

which you have confessed so well before many witnesses.

Yep, I needed that.  So fitting for Bub.  Don't ask me where or what verse... it's in the Good Book so you're on your own.

So here's the video of his swear in, as promised.  Hopefully no tears... it's a short one!  Oh, and you get extra points if you can totally understand the Officer speaking.  He was very quiet and had a thick accent!  Click the link below to see the video:

Happy Thursday, friends!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And He's OFF!

Well friends... Kate and I survived!  Jeremy is officially shipped off as a recruit in the United States Navy.  Woo hoo, major mom points for me today! :)

I am a bit shocked at how well we handled the process, quite frankly.  The military can be a bit overwhelming at times.  There are a TON of forms.  It's so much worse than the IRS (as if that is even possible!)

For those "detail oriented peeps", I'll give you the low down on our events.

Monday night we checked him into a hotel up by the airport and then he was given liberty (which is not technically "vacation (that's leave), it's just "free time".  Love that.  I think I want to institute liberty in our office at work.  Oh wait ~ I think that was the proverbial "smoke break" which we no longer have.  Hmmm. I 'll get to work on that.

We took him to dinner and asked Eli to sit still for 2 hours in a booth.  Right.  Actually, he did beautifully until he started to try to tear Bub's ears off, but overhead light distraction solved that issue.

We ended the night without to many tears, just laughs and jokes to lighten the mood.  Such as this one:

Me:  Hey Bub, what happens if you have to go poop while you are doing your push ups?
B:  Well mom, I guess I have to just hold it.
Me:  You can't raise your hand and just ask nicely if you can go to the potty?
B:  Um, no mom.. it doesn't work that way.

Great.  I envision my son coming home with irritable bowel syndrome because they won't let him use the potty.  And yes, friends... I said the word potty.  Get over it.

Yesterday was a L O N G day.  We weren't given his flight information until 9:00 am.  Bub was supposed to swear in with the first group of recruits at 9:00 am when the Commanding Officer realized that he did not have a form in his file.  It was in the Recruiter's office... in Independence.  Awesome.  The Recruiter FLEW his vehicle down I-29 at mach a million to get that form to the station before 10:00.  Jer was signing it at 10:07.  Thank god.

He had to go through phases throughout the morning... talk to the C.O., watch a video, check out through Medical, etc.  It was pretty cool now that I think about it how organized it actually was, considering most of the recruits in the room looked to be 17 or 18 years old.  I think my ex should have gone into the military - would have done him some good to have knocked that chip off his shoulder back then (and possibly change his path forward for his future).  I kept pointing out kids to Kate and saying "Yep, that one NEEDS the military!"  But oh, those boys waiting in line for the Marines... I worry about them.  They are so YOUNG, so little really.  Not a ton of muscle definition yet.  Skinny.  And scared to death.  You could see it written all over their faces.  Poor kiddos.

We watched (and taped) his swear in.. I'll upload and put it up tomorrow.  It was awesome.  I had major butterflies for him as he spoke the words:

"I, Jeremy Vincent Cunningham, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." 

Wow.  I teared up.

We followed his van over to the airport and walked him to his gate.  He snuggled on Kate and whispered to her gently.  I looked away so I wouldn't cry.

Then he grabbed me.  He hugged me TIGHT.  I did not want to let him go.  He told me he loved me, asked me to watch over Kate and that he'd be back in 2 short months.  My throat was tight and I couldn't get much out.. so I muttered quietly in his ear one simple phrase...

Be brave, son.  Momma loves.

Today, I am so excited for him.  My belly is a bit worried still.  He didn't get to sleep at all yesterday.  In fact he won't sleep until tonight.  But he filled his belly at O'Hare airport last night with his favorite bacon cheddar burger, fries and a huge Dr. Pepper so I'm hopeful it sustained him through the night.

He was so excited to leave.  I cannot WAIT to see him in 8 weeks and see the changes he made, the growth, the further excitement to move Kate and E with him to the next phase of the journey.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Monday, June 18, 2012

My Son... the Sailor

I'm writing this ahead (of course.. most of my posts are) so that I can do it while my head is level.

Jeremy leaves today for the beginning of his trek to boot camp.  Tomorrow he will board a plane after he re-swears in and we take pictures of the process.  As of 9:00 pm tonight, the military officially own my son's freedom for the next 4 years.  Wow.  Talk about sacrifice.

I am a complete walking contradiction when it comes to politics in this country.  I call myself a liberal conservative, whatever that means.  Basically I want my cake and eat it, too.  I want the government to stay OUT of my business.  Don't tell me what to do, don't tell me what to wear, don't tell me to pay taxes (and how much) and don't set the rules by which I have to live by unless they are specifically for my safety.  Oh, and it's MY body.. I'll do what I want to it.

On the other hand, public programs are good, too (well, some of them).  We should take care of each other (a little).  I'm just not totally convinced that the government needs to TELL me to take care of my neighbors.  Because if I'm worth a crap at all, I would do that anyway.

I digress.

My point is that I have always looked at "government jobs" as a total cop out.  Not very hard workers.  "Government hours".  To many vacation days.  Free (and fabulous) benefits for LIFE.  And the list goes on and on and on.  Yep, I'm an ass.

But I don't look at the military that way.  At least not anymore.  Sure, maybe some people think going into the military will give you a steady paycheck, but I highly doubt that is why they stay.  They make long term commitments (I wonder how long any of us would make it if we actually had to sign a contract stating that we would stay at OUR jobs for 4 years or more (no matter what happened) or get thrown in jail?  I doubt many of us would).  In short, they sacrifice.

Bub is making a HUGE sacrifice.  Not only is he doing this for our freedom, our country and everything therein.  He is doing this for the betterment of his family.  His wife.  His son.  Even though they too will be making sacrifices for him and moving around the country with him.

I'm so proud today.  And so sad.  I will miss him so much. 

A few years before my momma died she informed me that she wanted to move 160 miles away to live with my Grandmother.  She said she wanted to spend time in her hometown, with her sisters and her mother.  She knew my Nana's time was limited and wanted to be with her.  I totally get that.  But I was so incredibly sad.  I saw my mom every single day before that time... EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I couldn't imagine her moving away from me, even though I could get there is 2 1/2 hours. 

I told my husband at the time one simple fact:  if she moves away, she will never come back.  And she didn't.

I don't think my son will come back either.  I truly don't.  Once he gets in, he will fall in love with this way of life.  He absolutely loves challenge and structure and respects our military so much.    He won't come back.

I shared my fear with Davis one morning last week upon waking (and crying).  He wiped my tears and said one simple comment (again):  I'll go with you wherever you go. 

It was exactly what I wanted and needed to hear.  It's not that I have to go anywhere but just the simple thought that if I needed to be closer to my son, I could was exactly what I needed to know.
I'm so blessed that he cares so much for me and my relationship with my son.  And I know he will miss him just as much as I do.

Happy Monday, friends. 


Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Boy's Father

I roll over and the empty spot next to me isn’t even warm. He’s been gone since dawn, maximizing the hours.  He's either pounding out an excruciating exercise downstairs or hitting the pavement with his new love of running... all for his health and well being.

At the end of a long day, he starts his next job of husband and father.  Helping little guy get his gear ready for whatever sport he's in, sitting through hours of practices encouraging him to do his best, cooking our family dinner.  Being available if Bubba needs to chat about the military, being a husband or being a father himself.  Listening to me drone on and on about where we need to be, what we need to do and what is on his list.

His head won’t hit the pillow until he spends a couple of hours trying to unwind from the stress of the day, maybe catching a re-run game on ESPN.  Most likely planning for the upcoming football season and all it brings.

He starts it all over again the next day.

He gives and he gives. And then he gives some more.

He is tired, weary from all the giving and yet he continues to father on.

My eyes fill sometimes as I run my hand over his broad shoulders carrying the weight, shielding our family, offering protection and provision.

With a word, I can add to his load or lighten it. I can demand more money, more time, more stuff, more, more, more and with every complaint, I weigh him down.

Or I can ease the burden by encouraging and whispering, reminding him:

you are enough, thank you, I trust you, thank you for giving, you are doing a great job.

My husband is a better father when I’m a better wife.

Here is how you can encourage your husband as a father:
  • Tell him you respect him
  • Even better, show him: don’t question or scrutinize every action he takes
  • Trust him as a father: let him have a say in parenting decisions
  • Thank him regularly for being there.
  • Give him a break: from the honey do’s and the house-encourage him to take time for himself
Part of the reason our world is so broken is because of father’s who aren’t there.  If a father in your life is a constant, they need to know they are appreciated every day.

Happy Father's Day, Tim.  We love you, honey!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Experiences

The big kids (and E) and I went out this week to a fun sushi joint in town.  We got our own private room, the kind where you take your shoes off and close the door.  WAY great idea when dining with a 2 year old!

I was a bit self serving in that it is one of my FAVE restaurants of all time.  Their food is off the hook! 

Once the sticks broke, it was ON.  You're going DOWN, old man!

E is totally going Jedi when he grows up.  I can't wait to buy him his first outfit.  Or costume.  Whatever you call those white suits.

It was great fun to sit relaxed, laugh and just visit with the kids.  I am going to miss Jer so incredibly much but it is so comforting to me to know that Kate will still be here with me.  I'll jump off the bridge in 12 weeks when it's time for her to move as well.

Of course E was so fantastic to sit through spicy temptation rolls and weird crab salad that he was rewarded.  Because that's what Nanas do.  I will say that he almost believed the tempura pumpkin was a french fry.  Almost.

Of course it had to be the semi-permanent staining kind of ice cream.  Again, nasty Nana thing to do.  Because I'm not washing his stuff.

I so love my nugget.  I am sure you will all agree he is the most beautiful child on the planet.  Because he is.

Happy Saturday, friends!


Friday, June 15, 2012


It's Friday again!  In honor of Father's Day, I've picked faves for DAVIS rather than for myself!  I hope I get at least some of them right!


If I had a dollar for every time Davis has told me he dreams of this car/truck/jeep thing, I would be a loaded rich woman.  Some day, honey... some day.

1971 Scout ii


It wasn't until two Christmas' ago that I learned that camo actually comes in different patterns and styles.  Because I'm a woman.  With boobs.  And we don't know that stuff.  Oh well... I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what OPI is.  So here is his fave!  By the way, I'm encouraged to wear it on anything I own, including bras, panties and negligee.  Yeah, like that's gonna happen.  If so, he'd never find me.

Real Tree AP


Yes, you read that right.  Well, it's one of his faves, damnit!  So I wanted to include it!  Actually, there is a big difference in protein powders.  Some smell (and taste) absolutely AWFUL and this one he really, really likes.  Can even drink it with just water if in a hurry and doesn't mind it that much.  Plus it doesn't cost a zillion dollars like Shakeology.


Duh.  As if I even need to throw this up.  But seriously... I wish we had purchased stock in 1992 from Miller.  I'd be retired on a beach somewhere with my Airstream already.


In just a few months, Davis has accumulated several workout shirts.  But no matter what is hanging in his closet, he is always searching for this one.  Why?  Because it's his FAVE!

Under Armour Charged Cotton


Hubs loves to grill and smoke meat.  It's his fave thing to do when cooking.  His buddy at work introduced him to this rub a couple of years ago and he has been buying GALLONS of it ever since.  He sprinkles it on EVERYTHING (including broccoli, asparagus, potatoes... anything really) to the point that little guy will ask "Hey Dad, is that Smokin' Guns on our food?"  Yep.  It is, good buddy.


As if you didn't already know this (because you either DON'T know hubs or you live under a rock), he is a GIANT Tiger fan... all things Mizzou.  True to his upbringing, he was born and raised in Missouri and although he moved around as a teen, his home has always been Kansas City.  His love of all Mizzou is evidenced by the fact that I think about 4 tshirts in his closet (and hoodies, and polos) do NOT have the Mizzou logo on them.  Ah, I'm trying to help him diversify!  At least now with the move to the SEC we can buy all NEW Mizzou gear!


Although I've been twisting the proverbial knife in hubs back for the last few years to follow my minimal life plan, this is really his dream.  A nice sized house.  On a GIANT piece of land.  Secluded.  Private.  No neighbors, no Hy-Vee, no Target.  Life on the Prairie.  Um.. yikes.  Help!


As if this even needs said... Hubs is a FANTASTIC father.  He loves our kids so much, so unconditionally and completely.  It makes me really proud to be raising kids with him.  If only we can get Bubba to drink Miller Lite instead of that crappy Budweiser stuff.


Yep, you guessed it.  He fell in absolute love with E the second he joined our family in his momma's belly.  We are so blessed to have him in our life ~ along with his fantastic momma!!  Davis is so incredibly proud to be a Pops!

Happy Friday, readers!  Have fun celebrating the fantastic Dad in your life this weekend!