Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Ever have an experience and later dream about it? One of my girlfriends does quite often. If she thinks it, she dreams it. Of course never in the same way it occurred. Must be the bath salts she's experimenting with lately.  I think I can find a meeting for her somewhere for that...

I can't help but share this although she would DIE if I named her so for her protection I'll leave her anonymous.

She waited YEARS before eating Chinese food. It's just something she doesn't really like and it tends to bug her belly. Although her fam loves it she avoids it at all cost.

Except last weekend.

She gave in to fam pressure and went with them to eat Chinese. She stuck with Lo Mien, thinking noodles should be okay on her digestive system. Um... apparently not.

After we hung out later that evening, she left fairly abruptly needing to get home to her own potty. Ugh. Who loves that?


Now for the funny: she dreamed about me that night, probably because we were hanging out earlier. We were running together, which is funny in that she does NOT run. I started chasing her and apparently my arms and legs turned into lo mien noodles, trying desperately to grasp at her.

I could not make this shit up.

Apparently I was going to kill with my lo mien arms.

I love my gfriends- endless amount of material!  I'm actually quite jealous, to be honest.  I haven't had a dream in years.  I think my life is far to exciting in my conscious state that it requires complete shut down when I'm unconscious.

Happy dreaming (and Tuesday), friends!


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