Sunday, June 24, 2012

Squeeze the Bay Bay

Ah, summertime.  Our neighborhood held an annual Pancake Breakfast for all the families, providing free pancakes, sausage and orange juice.  The kiddos rode their bikes to the pool.  Way fun.

We took E and Kate with us this year and had a blast.  He loved being free to run the green spaces, slide down the slides at the playground and get some yums in his belly.

I love how he tries to make friends.  Maybe he does have a little bit of his Nana in him :).

We spent the rest of the day loving on him and Kate.  Big shout out to my son for giving us this time to bond even more with his awesome family.

Today is another day of fun with them.  We are so blessed.  Oh, and my little guy calls him "the baby" still.  I hope that never changes.  He really is a good Uncle and loves that boy so much!

Happy Sunday, friends.


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