Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ass in the Sand

Blah!  It's one of those days.  I'm tired.  I didn't get enough sleep.  I didn't get in any exercise (yet).  And it's HOT.  I actually felt sick after three hours in the sun last night at Coopster's game.

Don't get me wrong... I absolutely LOVE the sun, the warmth against my skin, the sand between my toes.  That's the problem ~ middle America has no SAND.

Oh sure, we try to fake it.  We build fake lakes and fake beaches to provide the locals the feel of the beach. So not cutting it.

I think it's nearing time for a trip to the beach.  Maybe a quick out and back?  I'm calling my friend CB today.  I miss her.  I miss all my G girls.

As if I have time to actually GO to the beach.

Well, I guess we have to MAKE time, right?

What do YOU want to make time to do today?

Happy Thursday, friends!


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