Friday, June 15, 2012


It's Friday again!  In honor of Father's Day, I've picked faves for DAVIS rather than for myself!  I hope I get at least some of them right!


If I had a dollar for every time Davis has told me he dreams of this car/truck/jeep thing, I would be a loaded rich woman.  Some day, honey... some day.

1971 Scout ii


It wasn't until two Christmas' ago that I learned that camo actually comes in different patterns and styles.  Because I'm a woman.  With boobs.  And we don't know that stuff.  Oh well... I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what OPI is.  So here is his fave!  By the way, I'm encouraged to wear it on anything I own, including bras, panties and negligee.  Yeah, like that's gonna happen.  If so, he'd never find me.

Real Tree AP


Yes, you read that right.  Well, it's one of his faves, damnit!  So I wanted to include it!  Actually, there is a big difference in protein powders.  Some smell (and taste) absolutely AWFUL and this one he really, really likes.  Can even drink it with just water if in a hurry and doesn't mind it that much.  Plus it doesn't cost a zillion dollars like Shakeology.


Duh.  As if I even need to throw this up.  But seriously... I wish we had purchased stock in 1992 from Miller.  I'd be retired on a beach somewhere with my Airstream already.


In just a few months, Davis has accumulated several workout shirts.  But no matter what is hanging in his closet, he is always searching for this one.  Why?  Because it's his FAVE!

Under Armour Charged Cotton


Hubs loves to grill and smoke meat.  It's his fave thing to do when cooking.  His buddy at work introduced him to this rub a couple of years ago and he has been buying GALLONS of it ever since.  He sprinkles it on EVERYTHING (including broccoli, asparagus, potatoes... anything really) to the point that little guy will ask "Hey Dad, is that Smokin' Guns on our food?"  Yep.  It is, good buddy.


As if you didn't already know this (because you either DON'T know hubs or you live under a rock), he is a GIANT Tiger fan... all things Mizzou.  True to his upbringing, he was born and raised in Missouri and although he moved around as a teen, his home has always been Kansas City.  His love of all Mizzou is evidenced by the fact that I think about 4 tshirts in his closet (and hoodies, and polos) do NOT have the Mizzou logo on them.  Ah, I'm trying to help him diversify!  At least now with the move to the SEC we can buy all NEW Mizzou gear!


Although I've been twisting the proverbial knife in hubs back for the last few years to follow my minimal life plan, this is really his dream.  A nice sized house.  On a GIANT piece of land.  Secluded.  Private.  No neighbors, no Hy-Vee, no Target.  Life on the Prairie.  Um.. yikes.  Help!


As if this even needs said... Hubs is a FANTASTIC father.  He loves our kids so much, so unconditionally and completely.  It makes me really proud to be raising kids with him.  If only we can get Bubba to drink Miller Lite instead of that crappy Budweiser stuff.


Yep, you guessed it.  He fell in absolute love with E the second he joined our family in his momma's belly.  We are so blessed to have him in our life ~ along with his fantastic momma!!  Davis is so incredibly proud to be a Pops!

Happy Friday, readers!  Have fun celebrating the fantastic Dad in your life this weekend!


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