Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WHOOP, there it IS!

Welp, if anyone is paying attention to my countdown clock here -------------------------->
you will probably notice we are not only down a full week, but we are SHORTER an entire week!  Kate got the tentative grad date and low and behold we had added in an extra week!  Woo hoo, it's GONE now! 

To help us pass the time, girlie and I started making plans.  Plans for our Girls Weekend trip to Colo to hang with our girl fam peeps.  Plans to get to Chicago to the actual graduation.  We ironed it all out and it felt GREAT.  Progress!

Work is busy, so lots keeping my mind occupied there.

And Coopster is busier than ever.  Between football boot camp, baseball practice and games and summer camp, his little mouth is running a mile a minute when he's not stuffing it with more protein than I've ever seen a human consume.  Yes, friends... he is the midst of yet another growth spurt.  As if that is possible.

We have game tonight and I cannot wait.  Coop is having so much fun.  He's pitching, catching and playing first base.  His friends yell from the dugout "COOP, there it is!" everytime he gets up to bat (rather than whoop, there it is!).  It's so funny.  Of course baseball is his fave sport because that's what he's playing right now.  And MLB is on at my house every single night, except when I commandeer the tele to watch The Bachelorette.  Way classy but I'm totally hooked.  Oh, and if you need a new blog to get addicted to and LOVE all things Bachelor and Bachelorette, go over and check out my friend Jen Frase.  She is freakin' HALARIOUS!!  Just click the link here -------->         Jen Frase

And have I mentioned how much I love summer?  I plan to spend this weekend with my friends running, celebrating the 4th (on the 30th), soaking up the sun and kissing on E.  Yep, life is good.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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