Saturday, June 09, 2012

10 days and Counting

In 10 days my son is boarding a plane for boot camp.


It's fine, truly it is.  I'm just starting to get a bit nervous for him.  I'm not really concerned about the physicality of it all as I'm sure he can totally do all of that.  I'm just really hoping he's so busy and exhausted that he doesn't have time to sit and be worried or sad that he is away from his beautiful wife and son.  Loneliness is not the best of all emotions.  Takes serious redirection to convince yourself not to be lonely.

Since he enlisted October 25, 2011, I've spent a great deal of time worrying about my daughter in law.  Sure, she is sassy and opinionated, but she is also just a young woman with a young son who is completely in love with her husband!  They have been together now over 6 years (married for 3) and honestly they haven't spent very much of that time apart from one another.  They are each other's best friend and have an incredible relationship.  It's amazing to see your child mature and find the person that makes them happy, allows them to be themselves and nurtures and supports them to achieve their goals.  

I've been worried how Kate would handle the separation.  I've been worried about how she would handle the move.  I've been worried about how she would handle E all by herself.

And then it hit me a few days ago.  She is going to be absolutely, positively and completely FINE.  She has a HUGE support system and we will all be there 24/7 to help her with anything she could possible want and need.  She is so strong... I take it for granted sometimes but it is an amazing trait.  She will soldier through until they are together again.

But today... I worry for my son.  He will be alone (along with a zillion other recruits).  He won't have anyone that knows him, has his back, watches out for him.  He will have bad days and won't be able to express it to us.  His unconditional love lifeline will be thrown WAY out to sea for a bit.  Yes, he's a guy.  Yes, he's strong emotionally.  Yes, he's totally prepared to go.  I just don't want him to miss any of us very much.

It's kinda like sending your little one off to camp and leaving them for a week.  Bottom gut rot feeling.  He is my little guy in my heart still, even though he's 6'4".  

So we are in the crescendo of his departure.  All of us are trying to spend as much time as possible with him before he goes.  Big E's 2 year birthday party is today and we are gonna love all over all of them!  I still can't believe he is two years old already... man, time flies.

In honor of his party today, I'm posting my FAVE pic of him (to date) taken by my fab sister Lisa. So sweet and innocent, just like him.  (hee hee)  I swear this child is the most gorgeous child I have ever seen in my entire life.  Of course I'm not biased or anything.  No way.

Big E, 2 years old

Happy Saturday, friends!



  1. The biggest thing to remember is that yes he may be alone but the support of a fellow shipmate is like none other. They will be there to help and guide him even the drill instructor will be doing that in the last month they will be more of a mentor. So just remember that even if it may seem that he is by himself there will be shipmates to his left, right, and all around.