Saturday, June 02, 2012

Super Stud

This is my first official blog from my PHONE! Technology is AMAZING if you ask me. I can totally remember my first email account, at work of course. Because I didn't have my own personal computer until I turned 30. Yep, you read that right!

As I figure out my phone blog, Davis is clipping away on the road. Less than one year after spinal fusion surgery, he's running his first ever half marathon. At 42. Holy crap he's a super stud!

He has always been so supportive of my love of running. We blame our great friend PParks.

I had never ran one step in my life, except for one season of basketball in middle school. I was introduced to suicides and decided that was quite enough. I made fun of cross country runners in their shorty shorts. How stupid to run that far!

4 years ago we moved into our 'hood. Lots of runners. Younger than us. Fitter than us. I was coming off of 15 years of smoking off and on, 50 pounds overweight and only owned mowing tennis shoes. I had never heard of "running" shoes. I had no idea what Body Glide was. What the hell is a hydration pack?

But PParks encouraged the first tie of shoes, along with my gfriend Kimmie. She held my hands when I almost threw up the first time I ran a quarter mile. It took two years to get to where I could finally breathe. My first 5k was in 49 minutes.

Now, hubs is in love. He tied his first pair of running shoes after finishing Insanity in January. He ran his first 5k. Then a Brew to Brew leg of 5.3 miles. Then Warrior Dash. Then his first 10k. And now, 359 days post surgery, his first half.

I knew he had it in him. It was just hidden underneath painful injury and recovery.

I'm so glad he let it out. And my pride runneth over.

Way to go, Davis!! Many more steps to take, I'm sure! I think Gobbler has a full marathon in November....

Happy Saturday, friends!!



  1. You go, Tim!! Wish I was young and could run again. Oh, wait, I haven't ran since I was 12.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. that is so great! congrats!!!