Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Away for the Summer

Last night was a tough one.  I tossed all night long.  I woke up at 2:30 and couldn't seem to go back to sleep.  My mind is filled.

I am honestly in awe of people that can't sleep.  I mean REALLY can't sleep, as in every single night not sleeping.  I have absolutely no idea how they move through their days.  I'm already exhausted and have a very long 16 or so hours in front of me.  I'm not sure there is enough coffee in the world to keep me alert that long.

We received Jer's contact info last night and as I sat down to pen my first letter to him, I wasn't even quite sure what to say.  I didn't want to cry all over him and tell him we miss him terribly (although I did) and I didn't want to tell him life is moving on back here without him (although it is).  Such a strange feeling.  So I did what I always do ~ I tried to inject humor into the situation.

Kate and I had a great laugh last night at his expense.  We were both feeling down and needed a pick me up, badly.  We were talking about the weather and how incredibly awful it must be for him to work out in this (of course, note that it was 104 degrees in KC yesterday and only 85 in Great Lakes, IL... so I think he will survive).  My TEN year old completed football bootcamp in this mess last night and survived!

So we decided that it will just be easier to think of Jer away at Summer Camp.  Or Vacation Bible School.  Something other than the drilling military camp he's experiencing.

From now on, he's at Summer Camp.  Oh, and I'm sure he's having a dandy time while we are all back here missing him terribly and thinking about him every minute of every day.  How selfish of him!

Well, that's a first born for you.  Always looking out for themselves. 

It will get easier.  I know it.  We just hit a bump.  One week down.  He'll be done before we know it.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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