Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got Milk?

Sometimes proof that my hubs still likes me is in the small things.

For those of you with growing boys, you are probably well aware of the "Milk Run".  Dad's all around the country are used to swinging by the store on the way home from work with a gallon of milk.

Our house is no exception.  My boys both love milk.  Thank GOD I didn't have a lactose, nut, allergy kinda kid.  I truly am certain DFS would have them in a foster home by now if they did.  I'm just not very good at adhering to certain rules, especially as it comes to food.  (No worries, friends and neighbs that trust me with your kiddos... I can follow YOUR rules with YOUR children!  Just not my own.)

My hubs has been swinging by the store for the last 19 years.  He is quite accustomed to it.. I don't even have to ask.  He may even have a schedule for all I know!  I do know two simple facts about this topic:

1.  I always have milk for my coffee in the morning.  Always.
2.  I always have coffee.

Hubs told me a long time ago that the world is a better place when I am caffeinated in the morning before I speak with him.  Or anyone else for that matter.

Aw.  See, isn't that true love?

No - the really true love part is that when I buy my own coffee, I am cheap.  I've even been known to stock my shelves with (gasp) ALDI coffee.  Yep, I'm a cheap ass!  But not hubs.  Nope.  He will spend his last dollar in his pocket to buy me Starbucks Breakfast Blend.  Because he knows down deep that it truly is my fave.  (I still haven't been able to convert our family back to whole, vitamin D, homo milk just yet although I am holding out hope.  That 1% is just not cutting it!)

My father in law told me a story once how he would pick up milk every single day on his way home from work when all three of his kids were home.  When Tom (the oldest) went into the military and left home, Dad was still picking it up.  At the end of a week they noticed 4 full gallons of milk in the back of the fridge.. unopened!  Culprit caught!  Apparently he liked milk as much as we do.

Enjoy your Thursday, friends!


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