Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Even Superwoman Gets Tired.. and Bitchy

Man I love my friends.  I swear I could blog for 14 years and have new material every single day never once mentioning anything about my own life.  And the BEST part is that they are fantastic sports and let me blog about them!  Sort of.  Well, not really.  But they do forgive me, because they love me unconditionally.  Until they stop I guess.

For protection for my friend, I won't name her today.  But her story is like everyone else's really so it's not as though this will out her.  Or maybe it will.

Ever have those moments when your hair is half wet, the dog pees on the carpet, the kids won't get dressed (or are half dressed), the phone is ringing and you only have 5 minutes to get the kids out the door to their morning destination?  Oh EVERY morning, you say?  Yep, me too.  So I guess this blog really could be about me!

And the one common denominator?  Your hubs is asleep upstairs because HIS alarm didn't go off yet to remind him that he needed to get ready for work.  His only duty for the morning.


Girls ~ I hear this NON-STOP.  We are "doing it all".  What the hell?  How exactly did we get here?  Why do we think we have to be Superwoman?

We are all worn out.  No wonder we go to work with two different colored shoes on.  No wonder we forgot to put mascara on one eye.  No wonder the dog peed on the floor.  We are overscheduled, overbooked and overworked.  Oh, and this is all before we even go to our OTHER jobs (for those of us working mom's).  No SAH mom's - don't freakin' attack me.  I know you work, too!  You just can't get fired at your job for not coming in on time like we can.

So we wait.  We bottle it all up for days and days... sometimes weeks or months.  We hold out as long as we humanly can.

Until we can't.  And then we BLOW.  Massive explosion, serious throwdown.  Tantrums, screaming at our hubs to get off their asses and help us.  Because we just can't take it anymore.

And then we are calm again.

No wonder we are often compared to Linda Blair.  Come on girls, we are SO better than this!

So what's it gonna take?  To do lists for the hubs and kids?  Sister wives?  How in the world can we stop the insanity and get a god damn break?

We can't.  It's the life we chose when we procreated.  And signed up for a job.  And got married. 

If anyone has delicious ideas on how we can co-exist better with all this insanity, I'd love to hear it.  Especially my "older" readers that have somehow survived this mess!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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  1. Oh Jenny, you slay me. Brought back many memories of my "working" days. As you know, I had my babies boom, boom, boom. Then, the girl across the street had a new baby and I just had to have another one. You know that girl, the spoiled one! Well, her siblings say that. She is grown, married and only has one child, who is nearing puberty. Seems like her mornings all go like the one you described above. She is a good multi-tasker though.
    As far as how I got through getting four kids out the door, etc, etc. I really don't know and we only had ONE bathroom. My hubs wasn't much help in the growing years of our children, but now that we are retired, I look back and we survived! He did work two and three jobs at a time to put food on the table and clothes on their backs. They all grew up to be responsible, loving adults with children of their own. WE DID IT!!
    Now that we are retired, hubs helps a lot. Too much sometimes. This is MY kitchen he messes around in, MY vacuum he is using, MY sheets he puts on the bed, MY groceries he is choosing and too many more to mention Why? He has time now. 24/7 gets to be a bit too much sometimes, but I wouldn't trade him for all the gold in China, (diamonds, maybe.) So, hang in there, ladies............they do grow up. Hubs and kids.
    Your "older" reader. Love ya.