Monday, June 25, 2012

Cool it Down!

First off, I'm glad Jer's boot camp grad count down no longer says 60.  That's it on that front.  Other than his non-descript box of clothes and shoes he wore there came home to Kate's doorstep on Friday.  Felt weird to hear about that... like whatever trace of what he was is now gone.  Strange feeling.

I had the best weekend, however, being a Nana.  Eli is so awesome.  I know I say that all the time, but seriously it just doesn't get much better than being a Nana.  In addition to two baseball games (Coop caught for the first time and LOVED it.. guess he is trying to follow in his brother's footsteps), a T-Bones game with the fam, a birthday party and pool time, TD and I got to spend the majority of the weekend just loving on Katie and Eli.  It helped me so much stay connected to Jer while he is gone just hugging on that little guy and giving hugs to Kate when she needs them. 

Yesterday our Kansas City temps soared to over 100, so we had no choice but to get our butts in the water.  We took E to our local pool which has an awesome kids area.  He was all OVER it!  Sometimes he can act very cautious when approaching certain things but not this time.  He was not afraid at all!  The water was up to his hips in most areas but he drudged through it like it was completely normal.  The water was eerily warm (must be all the kid pee) so I took extra caution not to get any in my mouth!  I'm sure Kate and I contracted some weird germs so hopefully our immune systems can ward them off somehow.  He slid down not only the simple slides but the big tornado type slide (in the kids area), even going under at the end a couple of times, and was totally excited.  It was so fun to watch that excitement in his eyes.

We just got Jer's address so I'm going to be writing away.  I hope the other Recruits don't laugh at him for getting mail from his MOM.  Oh well, screw them.  I'm sure deep down they want mail from THEIR mommas, too!

Happy Monday, friends.


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