Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just the Facts

I think this will turn out to be the longest week in recorded history, although it is flying by (if my ramblings make any sense).  Once I finally sat down last night (code ~ 11:00 pm) and started to recall my day, it registered up at the top as one of the "sucks".  Ugh.  I hate it when I feel as though I have propelled through moment after moment and didn't really live in them, just through them.

The stuff my son is going through just to get boarded on a plane to boot camp is quite exhausting.  The recruiter that signed him up a zillion months ago has deployed to Italy and the new recruiter... well, lacks a bit of communication skills.  I'll be the total ass and admit that I'm totally discriminating against HER, because SHE is a HER.  I usually give WAY props to women in general that communication is a serious strong suit of theirs, but not for this one.  And it just so happens she's preggo and wanting to get OUT of her duties, so even more effortless.  

Low and behold, the kids requested a meeting with her and found out the answers they needed.  Whew.  That's done.  Check.

Onward to planning father's day.. the LAST father's day.  We keep referring to things in our family as "the last" which really, really pisses me off.  I know why we are doing it, I just don't like it.  It won't be the LAST of anything!  He's just going to the Navy, not moving to Australia.  Which even then wouldn't make anything the last.

I'm cranky today.  I'll get over it.  I NEED to run, really.  It is my stress reliever, my time alone.  Gives me space to clear my mind.  I think I'll go do that right now, in between moving laundry, feeding the dogs and doing last night's dinner dishes (by hand because my dishwasher is still broken).  GRRRR.

Happy Wednesday, friends!  I hope I didn't spill to much of my cranky on your day!



  1. Sending hugs down to your part of town. Love you, Darlin.

  2. That is the one thing that I could not agree more with. Things like that will never be the last. You could be in your mid 20's or late 90's that does not mean it is the last. it is mearly a new chapter in ones life. No one should ever have a thought of anything being the last for it never will be. Loved ones will come into being and loves from a life time will pass yet it will never be a last. Keep the love even thou a new chapter may hurt let the love flow out.