Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Experiences

The big kids (and E) and I went out this week to a fun sushi joint in town.  We got our own private room, the kind where you take your shoes off and close the door.  WAY great idea when dining with a 2 year old!

I was a bit self serving in that it is one of my FAVE restaurants of all time.  Their food is off the hook! 

Once the sticks broke, it was ON.  You're going DOWN, old man!

E is totally going Jedi when he grows up.  I can't wait to buy him his first outfit.  Or costume.  Whatever you call those white suits.

It was great fun to sit relaxed, laugh and just visit with the kids.  I am going to miss Jer so incredibly much but it is so comforting to me to know that Kate will still be here with me.  I'll jump off the bridge in 12 weeks when it's time for her to move as well.

Of course E was so fantastic to sit through spicy temptation rolls and weird crab salad that he was rewarded.  Because that's what Nanas do.  I will say that he almost believed the tempura pumpkin was a french fry.  Almost.

Of course it had to be the semi-permanent staining kind of ice cream.  Again, nasty Nana thing to do.  Because I'm not washing his stuff.

I so love my nugget.  I am sure you will all agree he is the most beautiful child on the planet.  Because he is.

Happy Saturday, friends!


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  1. You got good pics of him! So glad he sat still long enough to get that handsome smile!