Monday, January 16, 2012


Grrrrind.  Ugh.  I awoke again this morning with the tightest jaw ever.  

I was diagnosed with TMJ when I was 14 years old.  My dad was with me at the doctor when they told us this news.  He knew it would be something like this evidenced by the fact our dentist had been telling him for years that I grind my teeth.  My molars are SUUUUPER smooth!  

It doesn't help that for whatever reason God deemed necessary, I was born without second molars or wisdom teeth.  So I'm down 8 teeth to some. The big ones.  The ones that take the brunt back there.

I tried everything back then.  My dad even sent me to an acupuncturist when I was 16 because of my severe migraines.  Ultrasound, heat, ice, nightguards... we tried it all.  Nothing helped.

It wasn't until I grabbed control of my stress level that it finally ceased.

I find myself here again.  It comes and goes in the oddest moments.  Sometimes I'll go for over a year without experiencing it and then BAM!  It's back.  Ouchie.

I even did Yoga last night trying to calm myself before sleep.  My friend in exercise hell (CC) will be happy to note that Tony Horton removed many of the Oooms that we experienced in P90x but I sat quietly afterwards and ooomed away until I felt totally calm.  I was instantly asleep when my head hit the pillow.  5:30 am - BAM.  Massive headache, tight jaw and serious pain.  Oh... and my teeth hurt.  Grind.

So I've got some things to work out.   Need to remove a bit of this pressure somehow.  I'm not living on migraine medicine (or Advil, for that matter).  I will be CALM!  (It doesn't help that my neck and shoulders are in AGONY from a zillion pull / chin ups this weekend!)


  1. Dr. Tracye advises a girls trip. With lots of alcohol and maybe a spa..... :D

  2. Her ASSistant, the sweet one at the front desk names Julio agrees. Name it, let's go! Yes I totally barged on on that one. :-o

  3. You need to go visit Lori. Her massages are heavenly and she has cured many ailments. I,too, have suffered with TMJ since I was about 23. My dentist discovered the problem and put me on cyclobenzaprine before going to bed. I rarely ever have the grinding anymore. It is also called Flexeril. I have taken it for years and no bad effects at all. Much rather do that than grind and wake up with a migraine.
    Proud of Tim and his determination!

  4. I have TMJ word: nightmare. It's miserable. Here's hoping you can get a handle on it. :)