Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here Comes the Bride

I had the most awesome experience last night.  My first niece in my family is getting married.  What an INCREDIBLE feeling that is!  We are given these incredible nieces and nephews from our siblings (or in-law sibs) and just fall in love with them as much as our own kids.  They are such an awesome treasure.

I had the great honor and opportunity to join the sweet girl and her momma last night dress shopping in the little town I live in.  I teared up before even walking in the building - I remember the moment my momma and I found MY wedding dress almost 20 years ago.  Such a rite of passage into womanhood. 

Sweet girl checked in and pulled out her wish list of dresses she loved.  The dress shop gal was AMAZINGLY patient - she pulled dress after dress trying to find the perfect matches for her.  After collecting about 9 dresses she started to try them on.


I've always, always thought my niece was an incredibly beautiful girl inside and out but words do not do justice for what I witnessed last night.  She was BEAMING with excitement.  Twirling, swaying... having fun.  Needless to say her momma was a bit teary eyed.  Comes with the territory, momma!  I cried at Bubba's wedding out of pure joy and celebration of his life event.

Obviously it's her first attempt to find a dress - she could find the ultimate one four more shops down the road.  But one in particular really stood out.  It was a perfect fit for her personality and she looked more beautiful than any bride I've ever seen (well, except for my daughter!).

I was so excited to share this experience with her and her beautiful momma.  I cannot WAIT for her big day.  It will be the event of the season!

Much love to my precious sweet Jecca Bear!  I know your Nana Pat is smiling down on the beautiful woman you have become!  I am so lucky and proud to be a part of your special day!


  1. ...and I thought I was done with the tears...I sure love you, Jen! Thanks so much for sharing this very special milestone with us! You are very near and dear to our hearts. LOVE this post and plan on sharing it if you don't mind.

  2. awww, Jen, now Grandma is tearing again. We all consider you family and so happy you are giving Jess the love and attention she deserves. She has always been such a good girl from minute one. I watched her being born and the nurse handed her to me to hold. Talk about tears!! I had prayed so long for a grandchild and then the Good Lord gave us four more! Someone told me there is no better feeling than hearing, "Hi, Grandma" long before Jess was born. She was six months old when she said, "Hi, Gangaw" and it still gives me a thrill to hear one of the kids call my name.
    We have an exciting next year ahead of us with all the wedding planning. So glad you are along with her and Lisa to help. You are a great Auntie.
    Love you,

  3. Thanks girls! Of course you can share, Lisa! I love you both very much and I'm so excited for Jess!

  4. Awww! I'm glad you had as great of an experience as I did. I am so blessed to have had both of you there to share it with me. I'm now debating whether I want to even go to another shop because that dress just seems so perfect, but we will see! Mom and I are going to a bridal expo in Wichita tomorrow -- so excited! I LOVE YOU! I'm just now realizing I won't be a "JT" anymore when looking at your username. :( But then I can have a cool name like that too... JT Anderson will work just fine!

    1. Whoa! Took me a minute to figure out who JT Anderson was! Has a very nice ring to it! No pun intended.

      I heart both of you JT's!

  5. You can ALWAYS be a JT, just like me!! I actually had a friend in high school that called me JT (as you can imagine, there were a LOT of Jennifer's in my class!) So it sort of stuck and I use it all the time now. I think JT Anderson is JUST PERFECT!! Love you sweet girl! Oh, BTW - I wa on Pinterest the other day and found the most beautiful gown. I'll send it to you!