Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My Apologies

My dearest, durable, beautiful 40 year old body,

I sincerely apologize for neglecting you the last few months.  I am certain you have intentionally retaliated against me for abusing, overusing, overeating and under appreciating you.  For that, I am regretfully sorry.

For this new year, I promise you the following:

1.  I promise not to take for granted the strength you give me in my legs to walk, run, jump and dance.  I understand how lucky I am to be mobile when many in the world are not.

2.  I promise to appreciate the lungs you provide me to breathe deeply and calmly in times of exercise and in times of rest.  I understand how lucky I am to be able to breathe with a family filled with chronic pulmonary disease.

3.  I promise to fill you with the proper fuel you need to function daily in your optimum capacity.  I will restrain from eating crap that has no value to help you operate properly.

4.  I promise to drink the proper amount of fluid to help you stay hydrated through not only strenuous activity but throughout each day.

5.  I promise to cut down in the amount of alcohol I put in you with expectations you will remain normal.  I recognize moderation is important to you.

6.  I promise to exercise daily to help you gain strength, mobility and flexibility.

With these things, I expect a few things from you as well.  Please understand the following demands:

1.  I expect with my hard work, you will eliminate the additional fat I packed on you. 

2.  I expect with my dedication that you will lose not only inches but weight from the dreaded scale on which I step.

3.  I expect with my dedication that you will respond gently to the additional pain I will put you through to achieve our goals.

4.  I expect with my dedication you will keep me healthy and avoid future illnesses or injury.

Please know these items are non-negotiable.

Yours truly,

Jen D

P.S.  If you will please try this time to help me with those stingy "problem areas", I would greatly appreciate it!  At least give me a hint how to remove the damn things!

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