Monday, January 30, 2012

Insane in the Membrane

I can finally see where my little guy gets all of his fierce determination.  I used to try to take the credit for it (okay, up until yesterday really) but now I have to firmly give the full credit to my hubs.

I slacked a bit (okay a lot) on my P90x2 workouts this week so I decided that to make up for it I would join hubs in his Insanity Asylum workout Sunday morning.  We awoke early and we made little guy and his sleepover buddy biscuits and gravy for breakfast, which of course I forked a zillion bites without making a plate.  Once the boys were finished, hubs popped in the DVD.

This day's exercise was called GAME DAY.  How hard can that be?

Oh lord.  I have spent hours in Turbo Kick class, completed all of P90x original and trained for two marathons.  I have NEVER felt this bad so fast.  I literally had to pray I wouldn't throw up.

It's only an hour but I've never wished an hour would be gone in my life.  There is a reason it is called Insanity.

The premise of the workout was to simulate Game Day, all types of sports.  We simulated movements of baseball, basketball, football, cross country skiing, surfing, swimming and the like.  It was impossible.  It puts your heart rate up within 3 minutes of starting and it never comes back down.  Calories burned?  About 1,400.  Holy crap.

Hubs was a STUD.  There's no other way to describe him.  He attacked each move with such intensity.  I was in awe at how determined he was to not only complete each move, but complete the reps this jackleg was counting off.  It was incredible to watch.

Oh, and then he ran a mile and a half.

I feel so bad for the time my hubs has lost due to his back injuries.  Between being a stay at home dad for 4 years with our little guy and the 4 years lost with the back, he really has lost a great deal of time to work on his body.  I didn't quite realize how frustrated he had become with that.  He is a rock, stoic and sometimes to accepting of his position in life.  As soon as Dr. Fantastic fixed his back and released him to "resume normal activity", he hit it with lightening speed.

I'm not sure I can keep up.  My determination level is low right now for some reason.  You would think he would be challenging me to get off my own ass and work harder to keep up with him - we are quite competitive that way with one another.  I've got to dig deep this week and find my mojo.  I'll tell you one thing.... we are both signed up for Warrior Dash in May and there is NO WAY I will let him beat me.  Not possible.  I will prevail one way or another!

I'm thinking I need to sneak in some Asylum workouts, too.  If he is going to train that hard I have GOT to get on the ball!

Pray for me... I may drop dead before finishing this program!!


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