Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby...

Today is the day!  Oh fun.  It's the parental viewing of the human sexuality video for my little guy's grade.  I can hardly wait.

I'm going with a couple of friends so I'm sure it will no doubt be hilarious.  I'm wishing I would have bought hubs a flask for Christmas.  It would come in handy tonight.

Today's youth are exposed to so much information so quickly that we have to show them stuff like this.  Not to mention half of the parents don't want to have these conversations with their kiddos.  I sure wish I didn't have to do it.

Growing up I certainly did NOT have sex conversations with my parents.  Either one of them.  I didn't have the sit on the edge of the bed, holding hands with your mom conversation about menstruation, either.  I guess some girls have all the luck.  Lucky for me, I had a sleepover in 7th grade and a girlfriend of mine already had the experience and told all of us all about it.  Yeah, you know who you are, JD!  But honestly, had she not had that conversation with us I would have been completely and totally lost.  I just told my mom what I needed, she went to the store and bought it.  No conversation necessary.

I really don't even remember my parents ever saying to me anything about boys at all.  Not even the type of behavior that is appropriate or not appropriate or how I deserved to be treated.  Hubs and I have this conversation all the time with our kiddos.  I have always had an extremely open discussion with Bubba ~ he could ask me anything in the world and I would answer him honestly. 

One of the most awful conversations I had with Bubba was surrounding our wonderful President and his "allegations" with Monica Lewinski.  Yep, you know the incident... so I'm not even going to type it.  Bubba was in elementary school and his friends were talking about it.  He came to me and wanted to know what happened... "what did the President do with that girl that was so bad, mom?"  Oh my God.  I wanted to just die.  I remember exactly the moment ~ we were snuggled in his lower bunk of his bunk bed tucking in for bed on a Wednesday night.  Simple as can be (which it usually is).  Kiddos always throw the most uncomfortable questions whenever they are ready to talk, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

So I started to explain, treading lightly.  I didn't want to give him to much information but I also didn't want him to talk about it in front of his friends and be made fun of for not knowing something either.  Damn kids... they can be so mean!  I told him the basic facts as I understood them, but focused mostly on the fact that he was inappropriate with having an intimate relationship outside of his marriage.  Married men should not be intimate with other women.  They should save that for inside their sacred commitment.  In the end, he made a monumental mistake.  Humans do that a lot.

Okay, mom... I get it.  Kiss goodnight, lights off.  No further discussion about it.  But boy, I never forgot it!

I'm hoping that little guy will be as accepting with information as Bubba, but I highly doubt it.  He DIGS for more information constantly.  It's not enough to show him the coffee pot, he wants to know how they harvest the beans, how they get packaged and where, how my machine grinds them up and then spits them down into the basket, and how they coffee comes out of the grinds.  Future engineer in my house, I'm sure.  Or an accountant.  Or a rocket scientist.  Let's just say that psych and sociology won't be his favorite classes, I'm sure.

I fear I have a huge, hot mess on my hands.  Lord please give me strength.  At least I'm blessed to have friends struggling right along with me!

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