Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bean Buddies

My friend CC and I are running today ~ first run of 2012!  The 2012 Battle of the Bean - Coffee versus Cocoa.  How fun is that?  Race chotchkees includes a mug and the long sleeved shirts are SUPER cute!  Thank god, we're gonna need 'em.  We must have picked THE coldest damn day of the winter thus far to be out running!!

Last year at this time I started my marathon training.  I loved running in the cold.  Well, let me clarify a tad bit:  36 to 48 degrees seemed to be my perfect running weather.  I could handle down to about 28 as long as the sun was shining on my face.  Anything lower and it takes a bit of a toll on my joints.

My most memorable run last winter had to be in February.  The actual temp wasn't too bad if I recall - maybe around 22?  My friend Nutt and I had a 10 mile run that Saturday morning, which caused us to need to get an early start.  We met at 6:00 am at our corner to begin our trek.

What we didn't realize until we stepped out was that during the night, a nice slow rain occurred putting a beautifully glassed layer of thin ice on the pavement.  Hmmm.  This might cause a bit of a challenge.

We took out (as all good runners know, the weather does NOT preclude you from getting in your miles!) and quickly realized our run was going to turn into a bit of an acrobatic routine.  Each single, solitary step had to be taken with light grace and forward motion.  No push offs.  That just wasn't in the cards unless we wanted to face plant.

We made it all the way to one of our turnarounds, mile 4, and stopped to regroup.  This was impossible.  We were most certainly faced with a sprain or break if we kept on much longer.  Our inner thighs were burning (not to mention arches) from trying to augment our steps so we wouldn't fall.  It was the first (and only time) we made the decision to quit moving forward and turn and run home. 

As we rounded a pretty sharp corner on a narrow two lane road we watched a minivan coming towards us, spinning out of control.  Stupid soccer mom.  Don't you realize you have no WEIGHT in that thing!  We both jumped off the road and onto the shoulder for safety.  Although she was across the street from us, we didn't want to take the chance.

We head back home and arrived unscathed.  Our 10 mile run turned into an 8 but we were so thankful to be off the road we didn't care.  Oh the things you will do to get in your miles.

Today's run will be much shorter, just a little 5k, but I'm excited to get back out there.  I do love running and how it makes me feel.  Mostly I appreciate how strong I feel when I'm finished!

So we're off ~ wish us luck!  The temp is 16 with a windchill of 6.  We must be nuts.  Of course, the run is called Battle of the Bean, of which we are both coffee drinkers.  I see a GIANT latte in my near future!

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