Sunday, January 08, 2012

Pain in the Ass

Oh holy hell.  Two days into P90x2 and I'm about to die.  I actually had to drop onto the toilet from about 2 feet above it because I can't squat to sit down.  I'm pathetic.

I remember my first true exercise event post little guy, which embarrassing to admit was when he was only about 3 years ago.  I had survived Bubba moving out, selling my family home and building a new home.  For the first time in a LONG time, I took a long hard look at myself.  Ugh.  What a mess!  I had totally let myself go and was squishy everywhere.  I met some great runners and athletes when moving into my new 'hood and felt compelled to join them.  Best decision I have ever made.

I've had a gym membership for over 10 years and openly admit a good 6 years of it I never graced the doors to the building.  Total slacker.  But I knew that if I was going to try this running thing, I would have to get in some extra exercising.  So I finally got up enough nerve and walked into a Turbo Kick class.

I had no idea what I was doing.  There should be entire support groups for people that get up enough nerve to join in a class at a gym.  Especially when you have no idea what is happening.  I felt much like I do right now after that first class - physically sore in every muscle on my body.

So after only two days, I hurt everywhere.  Advil won't cut it.  Took a jacuzzi tub so long that my skin totally  pruned and still got out sore.  I'm so thankful that tomorrow is a stretching day - there is no way I could endure this much three days in a row yet. And it doesn't help that I'm not drinking during my fat shredding phase.  Well, not as much anyway. :)

Hubs cooked up a storm today and together we made breakfast, lunches and snacks for next week.  We are working together to break the demon's cycle.  Of course he's down weight faster than me but I'm determined to catch him!  We are both running Warrior Dash in May and as competitive as we are with one another, one of us is going down.  Bring it on, tough guy!



    Momma - read her blog. She has some awesome ideas (maybe a bit neurotic) but I'm willing to give anything a shot now-a-days. She talks about an Epson Salt bath and helps b/c of the magnesium. I even started taking the vitamin d with a magnesium supplement. Seems to be helping my exhaustion.... I have tons of energy! Minus - the stuff the hand is taking out of me :)

  2. Awesome, you know I love good blogs! I'm on it!