Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Round 2

Here we go again!

Little guy has made it to the second round of the Spelling Bee at his school.  Such a HUGE deal, to him at least.  He was given 101 words to study in preparation of the Bee.  We tried memorizing them aloud but finally resorted to the good ole fashioned flashcard method.

He's so anxious about this.  By extension so am I.  It's funny how some things can be all consuming (one of his words) and overwhelming.  He has studied for weeks for this Bee.  He is determined to win.  And not just a little bit ~ he is fiercely (another one of his words) determined.

I have no idea where he gets this.

I do have to say that I don't remember knowing the word entrepreneur when I was 10 but maybe I did.  We had to look up half of his words to define them for him and help him learn to spell them.  I'm an adult and can barely remember how to spell etiquette or bouquet without really thinking hard.  

So once again, sending out extra love to my little guy today.  Praying for calm, patience and that underlying bit of determination to succeed to prevail.

Go get 'em, Scooter!

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  1. HE MADE IT, HE MADE IT, HE MADE IT!!! SO EXCITED!! Onward, little guy!